Saturday November 7th: Podium 5k

Saturday November 7th: Podium 5k

Report from Mark Hall:

The organisers claim that this is the fastest 5k in the UK and it would be hard to argue with this as it is 5 laps of a totally flat cycle circuit with a super smooth tarmac surface.

However, the evening I decided to do it (18.30 start!) it was raining and very windy, unfortunately, the wind was blowing down the long finishing straight which was not ideal for producing fast times. The event usually runs 2 races for fast and slower runners but due to a reduced entry there was only one race with a very small field. As a result unless you managed to get in a group you were alone for 5k and it was more of a time trial. This was my situation and I ran 5k alone and so was pleased with the result.

Zack Whitehead ran and recorded an excellent time finishing 14th in 16.08, not sure if this is a PB. Looking good for Abbey Dash.

Winner. Phil Sersman Blackheath 14.43
Mark Hall. 17.11 (20th)
Zack Whitehead. 16.08 (14th)
Number runners. 291

3 thoughts on “Saturday November 7th: Podium 5k

  1. Well done Mark & Zack, I’ve updated the club records again! 🙂 A good warm up for this Sunday, hopefully the wind will die down by then & there’ll be the usual host of fast times at the Abbey Dash.

  2. I agree with Andrew R. about you two running really fast, especially Mark H. with an extraordinary 17:11 done in such terrible weather and to finish 20th out of 291 runner it is a result indeed . Also Zack W. with 16:08 ran a super 5k.

  3. Sadly not a pb that would be 15.50, I thought a 15.40 was on the cards Saturday but sadly that wind was tough going. Well done mark

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