Thursday 12th November: todmorden 5k

Thursday 12th November: todmorden 5k

Report from Tom Lynch

It was a dark and stormy night, so I decided to go for a run in a park in Todmorden, one of the wettest races I’ve had this year! The race is part of a 4 race series of 5k races round a 1 mile lap starting at Todmorden Cricket Club and looping round Centre Vale Park. The race starts at 18:45 and so is run in the dark with headtorches. The course is potentially a good flat PB course, although it has a few sharps turns. However, in the wind, ankle deep puddles and the lashing rain, not to mention the darkness, it didn’t really work out for me. I got round in a time of 19:38 and came 9th, the winner was Rob James in 17:15 and first woman was Kay Welsby in 20:45. The race series is fairly cheap to enter, £22 for 4 races, or £7 per race, and you get chip timing, but they are fairly difficult to get to due to the early start time, I might consider one of the others if the weather looks better. Almost as challenging as the race was the drive home over the tops via Bingley.
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4 thoughts on “Thursday 12th November: todmorden 5k

  1. Very scary, lots of Robertshaw’s in the cemetery down the road at Mytholmroyd! quiz question name your fellow competitor with a 61:04 Half pb done on a hilly course in South Yorkshire, & a 46 mins best for 10 miles

  2. Carl Thackery! Although I’m afraid my knowledge of the history of the sport is lacking, I guessed from the club and checked on power of 10, then Googled him. What do I win?!

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