Sunday 15th November – Leeds Abbey Dash

Sunday 15th November – Leeds Abbey Dash

Report from Howard Jeffrey:

My Abbey Dash Hell… by Al  Abowtmee

How can I perform at my best when there are 12,000 other entrants jostling for the attention I am expecting.  Also what is left of my hair did not look good in the strong wind and pouring rain either.  Getting to the start dahlings was a nightmare with no-one letting me through.  That is until we got to the VIP start bin where the orange and light blue numbers were being selected.  At last some semblance of order. Many old (!) friends enquiring what time I am expecting.  The anticipated start time placard said 35 minutes… so pretty obvious, although my modesty imposed upon me to suggest between 42 and 45 minutes. The ‘gun’ went exactly on time and….a few chaps at the front set off and for what seemed like forever we just stood there… I ask you!  Finally the throng, for that it had become, slowly edged toward the start line.  Away we went and comfortably got to 2K in less than 8 minutes round a dogleg into the retail estate off Kirkstall lane.  Turning back onto Kirkstall Lane I could feel my left hamstring.  Oh no its going to be a DNF… Moi?  Unheard of!  Eased off a bit and the stiffness slacked off but so did the pace.  Approaching the Abbey and I happened upon a chap who said he had a sore hamstring. Shorten the stride and take short mincing steps I suggested.  What kind of steps he asked.  Mincing… stops the hamstring extending and contracting too much whilst you can still go forward.  We can support each other to the finish he said as he was being sponsored…then promptly had to pull up.  I continued to mince along (in a manly way) to half way which I got to in about 22.30 so slowing drastically.

The rain had stopped at some stage and it was unseasonably warm (15 degrees?) and it was a pleasure for all those others to accompany me back to the Town Hall.  The hamstring held out to the finish but was definitely a bit stiff as I crossed the finish line. 45.26 by my watch so the chip time when it comes will be interesting.

SERIOUSLY. Hats off to Abbey runners for another top event well organised and phenomenally successful. Lots of other Otley vests on show but the results are to follow so I am not sure who they were or who won or whatever.

Results:, please comment if you know of any Otley AC members who’ve been missed from the results.  1st Dan Studley,  Bristol & West 29:43 ,  1st Lady, Charlotte Arter, Cardiff  33:00.

Jamil Parapia, (2nd claim), 31:44,  Frank Beresford,  33:04,  Scott Harrington,  33:39,  Racheal Bamford, (2nd claim), 35:03,  Tom Midgley 36:08,  Jeremy Stewart  37:35,  Graham Lake  38:24,  Steven Robinson,  40:52,  Christian Hosker 43:32,  Cadan Hoare 42:36,  Howard Jeffrey 44:57,  Chris Batley 43:35,  Nicola Lee 46:59,  Sara Elliott 46:18,  Andy Webster 46:35,  Chris Tomlinson 48:14,  Mary Hampshire 48:32,  Andrew Rayner 49:38,  Melvin Hoare 50:28,  Neil Reed 50:58,  Ged Peacock 53:24,  Charlotte Tomlinson 54:30,  Martin Gaskin  54:29,  Jenna Wood 57:41 and a big well done to all of Billy & Sara’s beginners who took part 🙂

14 thoughts on “Sunday 15th November – Leeds Abbey Dash

  1. Some missing Otley names
    Jamil Parapia in an eye-watering 31.44
    Tom Midgley 36.08
    Ged Peacock 53,24
    Jenna Wood 57.41

    9036 finishers ( nearly 3000 no shows!!)

  2. Really enjoyed the race thanks Howard. I had written a short report but your write up will suffice.

    My first race for Otley AC was the Abbey Dash in 2004 when I ran in my Ron Hill leggings (I didn’t have any shorts) and got ridiculed by Mike Brooks of Richmond and Zetland. It has given me immense pride representing the club at this race. The support has been amazing. One year Julian, Matt Cox and I appeared in the Runner’s World photo of the race for the “Best 10k in the UK” article. We had no idea at the time.

    Out of the 6 Dashes I have done for the “Black and Whites”, yesterday was my joint second fastest and believe me I threw everything at it for the club.

    Well done to everyone who took part. Just getting out of bed on Sunday morning was bravery!

  3. Jamil, my first Abbey Dash was 2004 (although wasn’t a black and white then). I didn’t know if I could even run 10k back then. Just checked all my results, and I’m hoping I’m not on a steady decline just yet!
    2004 – 53.44
    2005 – 47.13
    2006 – 44.55
    2007 – 43.48
    2009 – 43.23
    2010 – 39.58
    2011 – 38.57
    2013 – 36.15
    2014 – 37.03
    2015 – 38.24

  4. what a great turnout from the club and some excellent results on what I understand was a very wet and windy weekend!

  5. Not eating pies and drinking beer I guess Graham 😉

    Only ran this once; was more than enough!

    But I have a respect for those who return year after year; it takes a great effort to run eyeballs out and not high 5 everyone on the way back in (I did a bit of that in 2011).

  6. Great report by Howard J. from the Abbey Dash and his 44:57 nowadays is a good result considering as well the bad weather. Jamil P.( 2nd claim ) an extraordinary race with 31:44 it is a fabulous result , he deserve a medal for such a result , would be better 1 claim for Otley he would throw also the sink and indeed could go under 31 minutes . Racheal B. with 35:03 did a fantastic race , also Jenna W. ran strongly with 57:41 not bad at all . Well done everyone .

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