8th November – Harewood Trail Race

8th November – Harewood Trail Race

Otley AC Juniors braved the wind and rain last Sunday for the Harewood 2 mile trail race.

Jenson Brogden – 6th, 2nd in his age group in 12.37

Holly Davey – 12th, 1st in her age group in 13.41

Jake McBrinn – 14th, 3rd in his age group in 13.48

Aston Brogden – 18th, 1st in his age group in 14.17

Martin McBrinn – 51st, 3rd in his age group in 17.33

Special mention to Charlie Challoner, an aspiring Otley AC Junior who took part in his first race, earned himself a medal and thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience!!

This race is part of the Leeds Series and awards were given out to Holly Davey, Jenson Brogden and Aston Brogden for winning their age category in the 2014-2015 season.  Huge congratulations to these aspiring athletes and thank you for your commitment to the club.




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