Saturday 21st November – Harriers v Cyclists

Saturday 21st November – Harriers v Cyclists

Report from the Hon. Handicapper:

Bob Baker (Bob & Don are regular supporters of the H vs C )

A good turnout of Black & White vests at this unusual race for both runners and cyclists, roughly split 75% to 25% between runners and cyclists.  It starts in fields next to the Leeds Liverpool canal near the Fishermans Inn, crossing Shipley Glen and up to the summit cairn of Baildon moor.  Once on the top there’s a short loop before you retrace your tracks back to the canal.

Don Buffham (both photos courtesy Woodentops)

The popularity of the event delayed the start a little, but this didn’t stop a mad sprint up the steep climb straight off the start line, an old work horse isn’t exactly designed for such things!  Unsurprisingly those fast starters were soon flagging in the next couple of muddy fields, but not Liam who was surging ahead into the distance.  I passed a couple of runners & Andy Peace, 2nd cyclist on the climb off Shipley Glen to the summit, spurred on by the lots of support on the road crossing half way up.  After that I had a relatively uneventful race, finishing just behind Andy Peace who’d overtaken on the fast cycling section before the return crossing of the Glen.

The slippy conditions were very much in favour of the runners this year as only 2 cyclists finished in the top 20, where as last year it was 4 in the first 6.  Tom Adams continued his winning ways, recording a course record of 34:35, first cyclist was Ian Taylor,  in 10th 39:13,  Annabel Mason, Wakefield was first lady, 45:47, Nina Benson, Ilkley C. 58:08 1st cyclist .  Liam had a fantastic run to finish 11th, 39:47,  I was 20th, 41:00, followed shortly after by Sam Stell, 26th, 41:37,  Rogan Ashton 46th 44:13,  Steve Robinson 95th 48:01, Christian Hosker 168th 53:51,  Neil Reed 191st 55:51,  Bob Baker 224th 59:43,  Don Buffham 271st 1:10:24 and Antonio Cardinale 277th 1:24:52.

Full Results.  Lots of photos on Woodentops here and SportSunday here and a YouTube video shortly here.

8 thoughts on “Saturday 21st November – Harriers v Cyclists

  1. Great Photo’s as ever from Wooden tops give a real picture of this race. Liam looks to have had a great run, and well done everyone. Good shots of cyclists falling off in deep mud.

  2. Was sorry to miss my annual battle with Bob Baker this year. Unfortunately I was in full Otley AC kit asleep on Andrews car! Good performances all round for the Black and Whites, especially on a bitterly cold day.

  3. A great report from Bingley and a solid performance by Andrew R. and I agree with him about Liam D. having a fantastic run indeed . Also Don B. with his bike he was all over the place but he had a cracking race with 1:10. At the same moment that I crossed Andrew R. on the way back , Andy Peace almost ran me over with his bike , he missed me just by a inch and he said ‘wow’ because he thought that he could not avoid me , you can see it by the pics . Well done everybody .

  4. some good photos, wish I could have been there. My bro came in not long after Liam; anyone know the number for WADA?

  5. looks like you all had great fun as usual, I should come and watch next year, might persuade Gav to enter it on his bike. Shame you missed it Caron.

  6. It was my first attempt at this event and it seems popular with many OAC’ers. More hilly and muddy than expected but enjoyed the course. Word has it Antonio, that you were playing ‘Chicken’ with Andy Peace…sounds like you won! Thanks for report Andy and well done all including Graham’s brother who really wasn’t too far away.

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