Saturday 28th November – Weeton Handicap

Saturday 28th November – Weeton Handicap

After checking out the forecast last night the using flour markings were replaced with tape.  The rain and wind arrived a couple of hours late so other than being a little cold,  the conditions were pretty good for the penultimate handicap race of the year.  Carol took her first handicap win in nearly five years, holding off Ged Peacock by 12 seconds.  A good morning’s exercise for Carol, cycling to the start, winning the handicap & cycling back home.

Tom Lynch set off last and moved through to 6th setting the fastest time of the day, he also moved to the top of handicap table on 135.5 points, ahead of Chris Tomlinson 127 and Dominic 125. See the full 2015 handicap table here.

The final race of the year is the traditional christmas handicap the 27th ‘Ken Dixon‘, on Sunday 20th December, will Tom manage to hang on to his lead to take the 2015 Eric Smith Trophy?

Thanks to Tom Hannah and Pete McGouran for marshaling at the start of the Gallowgate Lane loop.

If you’re wondering how Steve finished 10th, but only got 1 point,  it was agreed that as he was in the middle of a long run he could set off a few minutes ahead of schedule and get a point.

Pos Time H’Cap Net Time Points
1 Carol Armitstead 49:28 05:00 44:28 16
2 Ged Peacock 49:40 08:00 41:40 15
3 David Cattanach 50:05 05:00 45:05 14
4 Louise Penny 50:46 03:00 47:46 13
5 Antonio Cardinale 51:10 00:00 51:10 12
6 Gemma Harrington 51:30 08:00 43:30 11
7 Tom Lynch 52:52 21:30 31:22 10
8 Billy Rayner 53:10 11:00 42:10 9
9 Christian Hosker 53:12 18:00 35:12 8
10 Steven Robinson 53:33 17:00 36:33 1
11 Andy Webster 54:27 17:00 37:27 7
12 Richard Hamer 54:32 13:00 41:32 6
13 Ursula McGouran 54:39 15:00 39:39 5
14 Dominic Egan 55:09 15:00 40:09 4
15 Ian Broadbent 55:29 17:00 38:29 3
16 Damian Hosker 55:53 18:00 37:53 Guest
17 Hugh Pearson 58:31 17:00 41:31 2

9 thoughts on “Saturday 28th November – Weeton Handicap

  1. Carol A. is back , Congratulations to Carol for winning the Weeton race with an excellent 44:28 , I am impress to see Carol so competitive , it is good to have her back as a competitor. Ursula M. with 39:29 ran strongly indeed . Also Gemma H. had a super ran with 43:30 that is fast . Louise P. ran well too with 47:46 . Well done to everyone .

  2. Typo for Antonio’s Time, 54 instead of 51, & if by magic Antonio’s back in his rightful place now.

  3. Not sure about them Antonio, but anyone got any ideas what the guy pulling the tyre round would have been training for…..??

  4. In the 60’s and 70’s professional Scottish sprinters used to train dragging tyres (weighted down with concrete to stop them bouncing around). They were reputed to have been breaking 10 seconds but of course that was never verified. I am sure I have seen Linford Christie doing the same thing and he was very very very muscley!
    Not heard distance runners doing it but maybe that is what will bring the next major breakthroughs.
    I take tyres when I go to races but then I park the car and run as light as I can!

  5. I agree with Howard on this one , yes Steve , the sprinters 100 and 200 meters used to drag a tyre in the 70’s , but I met this gentleman twice on the loop and to be honest he did not look like a sprinter to me , maybe more like the kind of man pulling the ropes at the local Weeton Gala . I tried to say hello to him but he just kept his head down .

  6. Sprinters still use tyres dragged behind them. Last time I saw it done was 2 years ago when I was coaching at John Charles Stadium. They used shot puts to provide extra weight and increase resistance.

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