Sunday 6th December – Frostbite (35) 30

Sunday 6th December – Frostbite (35) 30

Report from Matt Podd:

Well it was a dark and stormy early morning when the presidential limousine picked up Shane E and Jimmy S to go to Pateley Bridge for the Frostbite 30. Had the wipers on full strength and were nearly blown off the road on the way there. Good Parking, organisation and lots of banter before the start, Gilly W and Sara R showed up. So after Shane had changed shoes again off we went.

First a 12’ish mile loop south from Pateley climbing up Guisecliff, and then over to the Quarry in Geenhow ( if you haven’t been there – the viewing platform is a work of art), the rain eased up but it was still very windy. This leg was a lovely run and then back to Pateley to restock and off up the right hand side (east) of Nidderdale to Scarhouse Dam. The highlight of this was the two waist deep crossings of the Nidd (with  a safety rope, which was very useful). From Scarhouse we went over the top to Middlesmoor, passing a large group of off-roading Fiat Panda’s. By now the weather had improved dramatically with much less wind. So back down the other side of the valley and the long drag back into Pateley.  A very fine if wet and muddy underfoot outing.

Somebody won in around 5 hrs, Shane was first home for the B & W’s in a bit over 6hrs pleased to have done his first Ultra, Jim and I ran together and put the world to rights finishing in a bit over 7hrs, and Sara and Gilly were not back when we left(Guilt), but I wanted a bath.

Not everyone’s cup of tea, but it makes Tough Mudder look…….

Results: Joint 1st Ben Hamilton and Chris Singleton in 5.02.58, 1st Lady, Sally Fawcett in 5.36.49.   Shane 22nd in 6.13.45,  Jim 60th in 7.10.40,  Matt 62nd in 7.11.40,  Gilly & Sara 131/137 in 9.24.48.  Full results page 1, 2, 3.

Photos on SportSunday Photography, camera 1 here and camera 2 here

7 thoughts on “Sunday 6th December – Frostbite (35) 30

  1. A good report from our President Matt P. from one of the the hardest race in Yorkshire and beyond , a 34 miles course that can be ran only by super fit people . Compliments indeed to Shane E. to complete the Frostbite 30 around 6 hrs an extraordinary result for such difficult and hard race to finish. Well done to everyone .

  2. Well done everyone wanted to do this but had a date with the Pennine way instead!! Shane – Fellsman – 2 words : do it !!!

  3. I hear it was a very testing race so well done to you all. Sara and Gilly both managed to finish in just under 9.5 hours.

  4. Results are in:
    Gilly & Sara 131/137 in 9.24.48
    Matt 62nd in 7.11.40
    Jim 60th in 7.10.40
    Shane 22nd in 6.13.45

    Won by Ben Hamilton and Chris Singleton in 5.02.58, Sally Fawcett in 5.36.49.
    Photo’s on Sports Sunday.
    Great sense of achievement surviving this outing.

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