Saturday 12th December – Gathering Winter Fools’s Relay

Saturday 12th December – Gathering Winter Fools’s Relay

Lovely weather for fairies
Lovely weather for fairies

Photo courtesy of Woodentops

Report from Matt Podd: This feels a bit disconnected as I didn’t see many of you, but we put together an unbroken chain and Jackie Ackroyd and I finished what Sara Elliott and Nicola Lee started. Hope everyone is ok and now warm – it was a foul day. Jackie and I had to run down into Keighley in a river, and then the bit along the River Worth had 100 m of waterfall coming in from the side. Mind you, Andrew saw a Kingfisher!

Well done everyone and thanks.


6 thoughts on “Saturday 12th December – Gathering Winter Fools’s Relay

  1. Thank again everybody! We did exceptionally well to get a team out in horrid weather. Nicola’s suggestion of superheroes next could go down well…..

  2. I have just seen the pics from the WoodenTops and I agree with Nicola L. about superheroes runners , the weather condition were terrible to say the least , you all deserve a gold medal to run yesterday with such heavy rain . Well done everybody .

  3. I was out on the Chevin in shorts on Saturday morning, and couldn’t feel my legs when I got back in, so kudos for getting out there and getting round. I guess you had to keep the pace up to keep warm!

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