Saturday 26th December – Chevin Chase

Saturday 26th December – Chevin Chase

Results see below, (Wot no Brownlee!), full results here, report of a very wet race anyone?  Well done everyone,  particularly Laura 1st in her category.

Here’s a rather good video from the day and lots of photos here.

Pos Name Cat. Pos. Chip Time
1 John Franklin 1/128 Serpentine RC 00:40:39
5 Frank Beresford 3/128 00:42:39
8 Liam Dunne 2/83 00:43:38
13 Tom Midgley 7/128 00:44:18
18 Georgia Malir 1/70 Leeds City AC 00:45:45
26 Robin Outtersides 6/87 00:46:48
56 Rogan Ashton 8/85 00:49:33
114 Tom Paget 33/87 00:52:58
176 Laura Martin 1/40 00:55:52
205 Chris Stacey 28/85 00:57:47
253 Simon Anderson 42/83 00:59:26
257 Stephen Boddy 54/87 00:59:41
260 Andy Webster 43/83 00:59:45
398 Chris Tomlinson 63/87 01:05:08
442 Mary Hampshire 12/40 01:06:07
471 Chris Brunold 14/40 01:06:54
476 Hugh Pearson 45/70 01:07:05
493 Ged Peacock 32/41 01:07:34
501 Colin Best 16/37 01:07:54
525 Philip Robinson 17/37 01:08:57
533 Martin Gaskin 35/41 01:09:39
590 Sean O’Halloran 80/87 01:12:58
662 Hannah Lupton 30/42 01:17:09
664 Joanna Hobson 5/14 01:17:13
720 Anna Murtough 37/46 01:23:21
761 Gloria Jackson 11/14 01:28:55

13 thoughts on “Saturday 26th December – Chevin Chase

  1. Not the mud fest I was expecting but plenty of water (falling, standing and flowing) to wet the appetite. A very enjoyable race and a great turnout from Otley. Great atmosphere and support from those braving the conditions and cheering along the route, thanks for the encouragement !
    Pleased to come away with a course PB.

  2. Good effort Sean & everyone, I was just about stranded in Ilkley, Addingham the only road out, & not prepared to take the long detour!

  3. It was great fun, although just looked at my trainers and trainers that were nearing the end of their life but I think the cc has killed them. Gutted, good job the sales are on!!

  4. Well done to all who braved it. I wimped out because of the weather, sure in the knowledge that the Jolly Hilly Bog the following day would be in glorious sunshine. Sunshine there was but the race was postponed!!

  5. Incredible running by everyone in those conditions. Nice to see a amateur runner win this race. Having pro’s takes the edge off for leading contender’s I think. Local cyclist Steve Bottomley coming off his bike down those water like rapids is memorable. Plus Frank having a great running in road shoes would have expended loads of energy on the slippery climbs.

  6. This was my first Chevin Chase, & despite a bit of rain I absolutely loved it! There was a great team turnout but special thanks must go to Hannah who sacrificed her own time to stay with me & help me through the “technical” bits – a real true team mate! Some fantastic times from Otley – well done everybody :))

  7. Always feel proud running on home turf! Well done to everyone, and a big thank you to the marshals and supporters who braved the wet conditions. The cheers along the way really do lift the spirits! I’m also proud of my friend’s son Miles who made that film!!!!

  8. I used to run every year the Chevin Chase , at the time when Ian Fisher did win this race several time . 1:09:25 is running strongly in such wet condition , Richard although you could not get your registration number , your performance was super , also Laura M . with 55:52 had a superb run and a fantastic result with the first position in V45. Well done everybody.

  9. It is a splendid photo of Joanna H. and Hannah L. happy with their 1:17 done in such terrible wet footpaths with real true mates happy after the finish line . Also Liam D. with 43:38 had an awesome ran in a very difficult terrain with a good result 2th in V40. It is good to see Simon A. back racing with a not bad at all 59:26 considering the swimming as well. Well done to all.

  10. Andrew R. was not the only runner blocked on A65 by flooding , around 100 runners could not make it , especially from the Skipton area. Still i think there were part of the course too dangerous for fast running , you can see from the video few runners falling down badly on the ground , I bet several runners after the race , had some legs problem , especially knees. Also Tom P. had a strong ran with 52:38 that is good result..and Gloria J. had a good run as well with consistency . Well done all.

  11. Well done everyone, wish I could have done it. If you click on an individual’s results, there’s a video of the end of the race.
    Interesting that Liam seems to come in 4 or 5 seconds ahead of next runner, but given same time?

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