Thursday December 31st: Auld Lang syne fell race

Thursday December 31st: Auld Lang syne fell race

Report from Graham Lake:

The third fell race of the Christmas break for me was back up on the moors above Howarth. No Brownlees this year due to something called the ‘Olympics’ later in the year and not wanting to do anything daft. Speaking of daft, there were lots of folk in fancy dress, plenty of pics here…
The race was won by Chris Farrell, Horwich RMI in 41.19, narrowly beating Ilkley’s Tom Adams. First lady was Katie Walshaw, Holmfirth in 27th and 49.04.
I really enjoyed the race, especially the descents, and finished in 56th place, 52.13.
Also for Otley were:
Shane Ewen 100 – 56.09
Chris Stacey 204 – 63.09
Andrew Webster 228 – 64.57
Caron Ralph 306 – 70.26
Christine Brunold 334 – 73.20

Full results here –

3 thoughts on “Thursday December 31st: Auld Lang syne fell race

  1. December 2000 , I just arrived and this fell race was the first one and it was a shock for me ‘a road runner’ used to the flat tarmac of Milan, Emma P. was there as well , ,no mud at all this time , only snow , a desert of snow , with freezing wind blowing in your face. Well done everyone , especially Christine B. with 73:20 had a good ran and Caron R. with 70:26 had super performance with a good result , also Shane E. with 56:O9 did a great effort considering the red uniform and hat .

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