Saturday 9th January: The spine race

Saturday 9th January: The spine race

The clubs resident nutter Sarah Fuller is attempting the spine race starting on Saturday at 10am. The race  follows the length of the Pennine way (268 miles) and it’s rumoured to be a little damp underfoot and a bit chilly. Racers have 7 days to complete.

To follow her progress LIVE.THESPINERACE.COM

23 thoughts on “Saturday 9th January: The spine race

  1. All the best to Sarah Fuller to complete this incredible adventure , there is no harder race then this one , if she will go till the finish line , I will propose to the President Matt P. to give Sarah Fuller a gold medal .

  2. It is just amazing to see the race developing live on the map , our Sarah Fuller has already passed two check point Torside and Harrop Dale and she is now at Castleshow Moors running well .

  3. Go Sarah, Just humbling to watch her progress through god awful weather. Up above Haworth and heading north!

  4. I join our President Matt P. about giving encouragement to Sarah Fuller massive achievement , she has now passed the Hebden check point and she is now near the Keigley Moors Reservoir , Sarah is doing really well. If you wish to see what the Spine race is all about go on YouTube and type ‘ The Montane Spine race film official ‘ then at the end of this short film let it carry on automatically there will be others film about this extraordinary race .

  5. Managed to meet up with Sarah earlier at Cowling to offer support. Sarah was looking strong and looked in control. Fresh in comparison to others.

  6. Good effort Sean! Best of luck to her, weather looks a lot better tonight and I think she is going to rest at malham. Local turf for her tomorrow.

  7. I was also joined by Elaine, Niamh and Tom Pomfrett. Tom ventured back along the path to intercept and accompany Sarah (and he posse) to the checkpoint where we were parked.

  8. Already 14 runners have retired , just to prove what incredible tough race the Spine is . Sarah is running with consistency and a iron determination, she has passed Malham and now she reached the check point of Hawes , well done indeed .

  9. What brutal race the Spine is , now 25 runners have retired , and I have just seen the video showing the terrible weather condition and the uneven and rocky frozen footpath on the upper moors , what a warrior she is , she has just passed the Tarn Hill check point going up north . I agree with John D. that Sarah is still going strong .

  10. It’s addictive all this tracking-great to see the progress Sarah has made, top job! Up the black and whites!

  11. It is getting tougher by the hour , it was wild on Peny Y Ghent Sarah went through a blizzard , thick fog , atrocious climbing , several runner pull out of the race just because they have run out of energy , struggling even to walk . Sarah is a at Middleton checkpoint now , I hope she can have a good rest , she really needs it . Come on Sarah .

  12. Eoin Keith from Ireland has just arrived in Kirk Yetholm (the finish of the 268 mile Spine Race) to win the race in less than 4 days in a time of 95:17:18.

    Sarah is still going strong and currently heading towards Dufton.

  13. A friend of Sarah’s just posted this on Facebook.

    Hi everyone I just got a text off Sarah..she is is what she said…..Thanks Hun just in refuge hut it’s been very dangerous conditions on cross fell so lost a lot of time wallowing in thigh deep snow and blizzards I’m ok but still got to get off the hill and 8 miles to cp 4 which will be very very slow so don’t worry – can you let people know on FB so they don’t worry about our lack of progress ?!

  14. I just do not know how she does it , loads of runners pulling out for the atrocious weather condition and sheer exhaustion . Sarah now has passed Alston checkpoint and she is slowing down a bit because of heavy snow but she is doing great . Well done Sarah .

  15. The Spine is commonly regarded as one of the most masochistic events ever created by humankind. It wouldn’t get past the ethics committee of the most demeaning of Japanese TV shows. So what Sarah is about to achieve is incredible, and I for one can’t wait to hear her account. Well done lass!

  16. Latest update form the race director…..

    Conditions are very tough out on the Cheviots cold, ice and deep snow; Very slow going. Unfortunately, and with regret, following discussions with the safety team we have had adjust the cut off at Byrness. This means that there will be no more runners able to leave Byrness today. We understand the heartache that this is causing.

    Unfortunately Sarah did not make it past Bryness. Gutted for her but what an achievement and surely a place in the club’s history !!

  17. I am gutted as well that only the deep snow could stop Sarah to go until the finish line, and I agree with Simon A. about what Sarah is about to achieve is incredible and with Sean O. about surely a place in the club history ,and I wuold like to add as well for the unique, great , and tough but fabulous performance of 7 day of not stop of exhaustion efforts to the very limit , well done indeed Sarah.

  18. Thanks for all the comments and support during the week it meant a lot. Particular thanks to Tom and Sean who visited the race earlier in the week. As Sean says due to the severe conditions the cutoff time was brought forward by 6 hours which as I was aiming to get to Byrness 3 hours ahead of the normal cut off meant I was timed out. Hugely dissapointed to not have the chance to finish as I was feeling good but right decision by organisers. I go home proud that although I didn’t quite break the spine it sure as hell didn’t break me either 🙂

  19. I did not know that you were indeed this strong . I am still impressed by your tough hard 7 days non stop day and night race to exhaustion to the limit . You are made of steel Sarah , and you are right to be proud , because I can not see anybody around me able to the Spine race in the future .

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