Sunday 17th January – Brass Monkey Half Marathon

Sunday 17th January – Brass Monkey Half Marathon

Report from Sara Elliott:

The 2016 Brass Monkey half marathon lived up to its name yet again on Sunday in freezing temperatures. Thankfully there was no repeat of last year’s black ice issue, thanks to some great gritting, and it meant conditions were pretty much perfect for this flat, fast course.

It’s notoriously difficult to get a place in this popular race and as a result there was a pretty small group of black and whites-Billy, Mark Hall, Scott, Gemma and me. (Jamil being 2nd claim OAC).

Anyway, some super results with Scott home first for Otley in 1:10:25 (new PB), Mark Hall 1:16:43 (1st V55), Sara Elliott 1:39:35 (PB), Andrew Rayner 1:53:42, Gemma Harrington 1:55:14 (PB).  See full list of results here

Jamil finished 4th in an amazing 1:09:05, Well done everyone!!

6 thoughts on “Sunday 17th January – Brass Monkey Half Marathon

  1. It was a cold day but conditions were very good. Think Gemma and Sara had good runs to do PBs and sure they can go even quicker. Andrew ran well considering he has not been running over 10m in training. Scott ran very well now he has returned to the training that suits him. Jamil prepared methodically for this event and was rewarded with a big PB. As Sara wrote it is not easy to enter this event so well done to the OAC runners.

  2. Fantastic run with PB from Sara E. 1:39 is a superb result indeed , also Gemma H. had a good performance with PB 1:55 in this flat course , and Scott H .as well had PB with 1:10 that is an excellent time , Billy had a nice day in York 1:53 a good result and Mark H. was awesome with1:16. Well done everyone.

  3. Also Jamil had a fantastic ran with 1:09 a super result indeed …I was astonished to learn that now he is a first claim Leeds city runner , although Otley AC has got the like as Scott H , Zack W , Liam D. , Julian M. , Mark H… unique Ian Fisher … Ed D. .. Frank B. ..and a competitor like the vet Howard J. and the new legend Sarah Fuller …and hundreds of good runners ..

  4. Forgot to mention set a new V55 half marathon club record at BM, hope that does not make me a legend, I am more than happy to be no more than a club runner.

  5. Not to mention the strong Rogan A. and what about Andrew Robertshow the power machine that won the Jack Bloor race and the Rombalds Stride ….and yes also the new legend of the V55 Mark Hall that he is an extraordinary runner indeed…and all the Otley AC’s runners that makes our club one of the most competitive running club in the entire Yorkshire .

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