Sunday 17th January – Stanbury Splash

Sunday 17th January – Stanbury Splash

Report from Colin Best:

Today’s Stanbury splash was once again changed to the stoop route. Think it would have been no worse to run the proper route shame as was looking forward to wading thorough icy water.  Still had to settle for having to extract myself from bottomless bog instead. Just not cold enough to freeze over.  Still all good fun. Excellent run from Tom Pomfrett. Close packing from Bob Baker Kirsty Pomfrett and myself. Could have been closer if I could learn to tie shoelaces.  Managed to hold of Don Buffham though.

Results: 1st Tom Adams 31.14, 1st Lady Helen Berry 39.03,  68th Tom Pomfrett 42.14,  213th Bob Baker 52.55,  216th Kirsty Pomfrett 53.09,  223rd Colin Best 53.22,  249th Don Buffham 57.20.  Photos and results on Woodentops here.

2 thoughts on “Sunday 17th January – Stanbury Splash

  1. Top job Colin-think the oven gloves on your hands may hinder the shoelace tying! Well run everyone….I wonder why Bob didn’t wear his Jester suit again?…

  2. My friend Donald B ran well at this Stanbury Splash with 57:20 a good result , also Colin B. 53:22 did a good performance in a challenging terrain ,and Kirsty P. with 53:09 had a strong ran on this 7 mile fell race . Well done everybody .

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