Sunday 24th January: jolly holly jog

Sunday 24th January: jolly holly jog

Report from Howard:

According to Matthew, 20.16 ‘So the last will be first and the first will be last’ so it came to pass on the day of our Lord 24 January 2016 that the last race of 2015 the Jolly Holly Jog became the first race (for me anyway) of 2016. If it is not washed out again later this year it will also be the last of 2016! I was actually surprised that the race was possible so soon after the 40 days and 40 nights of rain but we got an email last week to say it was good to go. The day was very mild at 13 degrees and there was little wind so it was a good day for a run. They were able to accept entries on the day and there was a good turn out of 525 finishers and a DNF in position -1!
I did suspect that the ground would be waterlogged and muddy so the choice of shoe was my trusty chunky trail shoes. Sure enough the start across the field was slippery and churned up grass and mud, so a steady away start for most. There are a couple of sections of tarmac, otherwise I think spikes might have been better as the route across the fields was a bit of a quagmire and I saw a shoe or two come off with the suction. Some of the hills felt hard work and the thighs are a bit stiff today but all in all a reasonably solid run after a bit of a rest period to try and shift a persistent cough (since July ! Got a consultant on the case now as well )
The race was won by Tristan Learoyd of New Marske Harriers in 36.34. First Lady Sharon Barlow of Ripon Runners in 11th place in 40.45. I came in 81st in 49.28, Nicola Lee in 126th in 51.45 and Ursula McGouran in 151st in 53.16, all chip times

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  1. Around 1984 on a lovely day a bit windy , just afterwards finishing a cross country I met an old friend from a different club and we started chatting and I was still sweating a lot and although the sun was shining I could feel the wind getting me cold ,since then for over 5 months I had a persistent cough like yours that I could not get rid of and it ruined all my spring running season. Considering the muddy terrain your 49:28 is a good result Howard , Nicola L. with 51:45 had a solid ran and Ursula M. with 53:16 had a super performance at this 10k .

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