Sunday 24th January: PECO xc

Sunday 24th January: PECO xc

Report from Sean:

On Sunday I travelled just up the road to Golden Acre Park to run in the fourth race of this winters PECO series.

The race was approx. 4.2 miles and run within the grounds of Golden Acre park. This was a two lap race consisting energy zapping muddy sections, fast flat sections, short sharpe inclines and declines and some nice long uphill sections.

Being the fourth race in the series you start to recognise people and little battles get formed each race. Today I was strong through the mud and on the long up hill sections and won some of the battles. Even saved something for an impressive sprint finish (video on Facebook).

It was also good to see the usual junior contingent, In their age groups: Aston Brogden finished 15th (B4-6), Bjoern Koerdt finished 6th (B7-9), Jenson Brogden finished 8th (B7-9), Holly Davey finished 9th (G7-9) and Kieran Green finished 22nd (B7-9). Times to be confirmed only placings available at present.

The winner of the men’s race was Terry Forest from Ackworth RR in 25:53 and the ladies winner was Bronwen Jenkinson from Leeds University CC in 30:21

Sean O’Halloran finished in 45:29.

Full results can be found here.

Looking forward now to next weekend’s Northen XC Championships in Blackburn.

2 thoughts on “Sunday 24th January: PECO xc

  1. Well said Sean. You don’t have to win the race or your age group as there are always races within races and some you win, some you don’t but that is the fun

  2. We did this Peco series in the Golden Acre Park in 2003 and it was just the same like in 2016 , two laps, loads of muddy ground and off inside the woodland . 45:29 is a super performance Sean , not bad at all . Well done to all the junior runners who ran at this cross country with good results .

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