Sunday 31st January – Meltham “Tough” 10k

Sunday 31st January – Meltham “Tough” 10k

Report from Phil Robinson: 9.30am, 2oC, drizzly sleet, but conditions much better than last year (a local runner told me) when several competitors were hospitalised with hypothermia. I was glad to have full body cover unlike a rugged few in singlets and skimpy shorts. The route is just a series of climbs and descents, so for me it was into survival mode from the off, trying to avoid black thoughts whilst grinding slowly up the hills. The last exhilarating mile – all downhill – cleared the cobwebs and put a smile back on (almost) everyone’s face. A severe test but great fun – once it was over. The only other runner in my age group was Tim Cock, who finished a few minutes behind.

Results –

1 Matthew Pierson Stainland 34.25

2 Tom Kaye u/a 34.58

3 Philip Eccleston Burnden RR 35.57

160 Phil Robinson Otley 54.50

221 finished.

2 thoughts on “Sunday 31st January – Meltham “Tough” 10k

  1. If Mr H. Jeffrey, Mr F. Beresford and Mr D. Egan would like to arrange with me to collect their massive trophies. Better than the lottery big one!

  2. From your report Phil , it sounds indeed a tough 10k and for you to run in full body cover , it means it was really cold weather and it is best not to risk to feel cold on the hills , your 54:50 is a super time considering a lot of climbs and the final hard climb to the finish line . Well ran Phil .

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