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PECO XC 14th of February

A small group of Juniors travelled to Roundhay Park to take part in the final race of the 2015/16 series.

See results below-

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Sunday 28th February – Bolton Abbey 10k Trail Race

Report from Stephen Boddy:

The inaugural (and unofficial) Bolton Abbey Duathlon comprised of a cycle ride from Otley to Bolton Abbey, a 10k run and a cycle ride back to O-Town. The ride started from right outside my garden (what are the chances!?). As the peloton snaked out towards Burley I soon found myself in the lead group which contained me and my mate Macca. We decided to share the work load and push on hard. We stayed out on our own all the way to Bolton Abbey taking it turns to give each other a tug. I thought I was going to enter transition in the lead but it turns out Macca is less of a scaredy cat over the cattle grids so stole valuable seconds before we ditched the bikes. Transition was slow as we queued for our cappuccini and visited the gents but we soon found the start of the run and set off. Due to the long wait at the café a load of runners had appeared from nowhere and all our hard work on the bike leg had been undone. I decided the best thing for it was to ignore my lack of training and poor fitness and set off like the proverbial clappers, the course was undulating, tiring and longer than advertised, three things that meant I was in a right old state when I finished the run. It was a great course set against a beautiful backdrop on a stunning day but enough eulogising for now. Back into T2 I ignored the perceived wisdom about quick transitions and settled down to refuelling in the Cavendish Pavillion with another cappuccino and an immense Brie and Pancetta pizza. Feeling sluggish reinvigorated, I set off on the third and final leg which was the bike ride home. After an hour spent in transition I knew I would be a one man gruppetto on the journey home and so it was thus. However, I peddled along merrily but sadly did come home as the laterne rouge.

Insert factual information about timings and stuff here…   to follow shortly


Sunday 28th February – Tarpley 20

Report from Scott Harrington:

Today I competed in the tarpley 20 mile road race in Suffolk as part of my Manchester marathon preparation, I finished 2nd in 1.53.10, in what was a close race between me and the winner, Alan Darby, Ely 1:52:56,  we both managed to beat the course record.

Full results on RunBritain here.


Sunday 28th February – Harewood Half Marathon

Report from Howard Jeffrey:

The trouble with looking at a route on a flat screen, or piece of paper, is that you can see whether it twists and turns, like a twisty turny thing which this route did but not if it ups and downs, like an up and downy thing which this one also did, in spades. The route was described as ‘challenging’ and having done the Harewood 10 many times, I thought I knew what I was in for but alas no. There were pre-race dire warnings about how wet and muddy the course might in places be but in fact generally the going was good to soft. At the start the sun was shining and there was a slight breeze, with the temperature about 4 to 5 degrees. I had my leggings long T shirt, T shirt, vest gloves and hat so I was fine and was able to marvel at the setting really. Harewood House stands in a large area of landscaped grass and woodland with, I found out later, a lovely secret swan lake. Enough of the ballet and on with the race. The announcer stated there were about 1400 starters and it was all in aid of heart research. Countdown from 10 and we were off. I had stationed myself fairly close to the front as I had intended to put some effort in today for a hard work-out. The first half mile was along a made up track with a few waterlogged divets but nothing you could not avoid quite easily. There was a bit of a surge of runners overtaking me but I was happy with the pace I was going. We went down ‘heartbreak hill’ which is the sting in the tail of the Harewood 10 which made a refreshing change, on nice tarmac too! Felt good so opened up a bit down to the bottom where you join one of the first tracks through the woods and then up the first hill. No problem. I caught site of an Otley vest in front so had the first mark to aim for. The route then just went down and up and down and up across the open grass, through the woods and along the trails. There were some bits of bog on the sheltered paths but nothing too drastic and some squelchy muddy bits on the grassy slopes. The worst bits for me were the paths through the woods with a lot of trips that were hard to see because the chilly air made your eyes water and the adverse camber on a lot of the sloping grass sections. There was one lengthy steep stretch of downhill, on some very uneven grass and I confess I went down gingerly, to avoid an ankle twist (of which I witnessed a few), so I will never be a fell runner!

I caught the Otley vest at about 5 miles and it turned out to be Andrew Barker doing his first half marathon. Take it from me, who has done probably the best part of 200 halves, that apart from Great Langdale, I can’t remember ever doing a tougher one! So a PB for Andrew and the rest should seem easy by comparison. We ran together for a couple of miles and I started to pull away because I felt pretty good today. The sun was out and I began to feel well over dressed for the day as it warmed up. The cycle training definitely helped me up the hills because I more than held my own which was good because from 8 to 9 was a tough wet grade. Then a short uneven down stretch and up again to 10. At 10 the route descends parallel to the Harrogate road and I was in my element piling down the hill to 11. Up again avoiding the many dog walkers and an ambulance, heading for some unfortunate further back in the field. You all turn back towards the 12 mile mark away from the House , where the finish is which was a bit disheartening. Although it was downhill the terrain seemed very sticky and hard work but I was still passing most people till the bottom approaching mile 13. There is a sting in the tale for this one as well, as the nice stone track drags up towards the house again and you finish on the lawns in front adjacent  to the start. It seemed like a very long 0.1 of a mile from 13 to the finish and I think it probably was. I crossed the line in 1.42.14 so was pleased to beat my Liversedge time on what was a much harder route. Andrew came in around 1.45/46 which was a good baptism. I bet he can hardly wait for the next one! Not aware of any other Otley runners and no sign of the general results just yet.

Results: 1st Martin Proctor, 1:17:28, 1st lady Rhiannon Parsons, 1:36:34,  107th Howard Jeffrey 1:42:14,  161st Andy Barker 1:46:05,  661st Jane Butler 2:12:33.  Full results here.


Saturday 27th February – English National Cross Country

Report from Sean O’Halloran:

On Saturday I travelled down the M1 to Donnington Park for the Saucony English National Cross Country Championship Race. This race was to be my 12th and final cross country race of the 2015/2016 season.Sean_NationalXC2016

This was by far the biggest race, in terms of club only runners, I have ever done and what a spectacle it was. Arrived nice and early and took in the atmosphere. We met up with my office buddy Chris Miller (Harrogate Harriers) and had a look around at the stalls and watched the earlier races.

Race time soon came round and following a good warm up and drills I made my way to my starting pen. I was joined by approx. 2000 senior men on the starting line, the line was 150m long and the starting straight to the first corner was approx. 800m. I have watch a few National XC starts on YouTube but to experience one is a totally different matter. Following the starting horn there was a massive charge down the field and I wanted to shout FREEDOM!

The race consisted of three laps (two laps for the senior ladies) with each lap being 4km (12k or 8 miles total). The first half of each lap was dry and spikes dug in nicely and made for fast racing, the second half was typical cross country mud which was sticky and heavy going even with spikes. The course itself was undulating with a few steep climbs but was runnable (even for me, hill session worked) and I particularly enjoyed the fast downhill sections. I was towards the back for the entire race, as expected, but on the last lap I played the game of catch the next person and managed to pick off three people which was deeply satisfying.

I felt good going into this race and I can honestly say I gave it my all. I am never going to win a race but I still race/run as hard as I can. Sometimes you finish a race and say to yourself “was that it” and feel unsatisfied knowing you could have given more. Occasionally you finish a race completely spent and wonder how you are going to make it back to the car. Well I was wondering how I was going to make it to the changing tent let alone the car.

What an enjoyable experience this whole cross country season has been, it’s not easy racing, there are no frills and/or goody bags just people who want to race hard and do the best they can. Saturday’s performance was my reward for the whole season, yes I’m still buzzing. I am now going to focus on gaining some road PB’s before switching to summer fells.  I also look forward to the cross country season starting again later in the year where I hope to be joined by plenty of fellow Otley members.

2016 National XC – Senior Women
1 0:30:35 Lillian Partridge (ALDERSHOT FARNHAM & DISTR)
2 0:30:45 Claire Duck (LEEDS CITY ATHLETIC CLUB)
3 0:30:54 Katie Holt (CITY OF STOKE AC)


2016 National XC – Senior Men
1 0:42:09 Jonathan Hay (ALDERSHOT FARNHAM & DISTR)
2 0:42:16 Adam Hickey (SOUTHEND ON SEA AC)
3 0:42:53 Nicholas Swinburn (MORPETH HARRIERS & AC)
1714 1:30:13 Sean O’Halloran (OTLEY AC)

Full results can be found here


Saturday 27th February – Eccup Alwoodley Lane Handicap

Another good turn out on a cold but still day.  James won by nearly a minute with an impressive time of 44:27,  ahead of Nicola who was also comfortably ahead of Tom Pomfrett in third.  Tom also recorded the fastest time of the day and moves to the top of the table on 38 points, ahead of Laura Hind and Phil Robinson both on 31.  See the full 2016 Handicap table here.

Pos Time H’Cap Net Time Points
1 James Kettleborough 01:03:27 00:19:00 00:44:27 17
2 Nicola Lee 01:04:36 00:19:00 00:45:36 16
3 Tom Pomfrett 01:05:36 00:26:00 00:39:36 15
4 Tom Lynch 01:06:01 00:26:00 00:40:01 14
5 Ben Kettleborough 01:06:56 00:23:00 00:43:56 13
6 Laura Hind 01:07:11 00:10:00 00:57:11 12
7 John Armitstead 01:07:11 00:23:00 00:44:11 11
8 Dominic Egan 01:07:19 00:15:00 00:52:19 10
9 Phil Robinson 01:07:52 00:15:00 00:52:52 9
10 Jackie Ackroyd 01:08:21 00:16:00 00:52:21 8
11 Rob Fearnley 01:08:31 00:16:00 00:52:31 7
12 Tom Hannah 01:09:17 00:11:00 00:58:17 6
13 Antonio Cardinale 01:10:03 00:00:00 01:10:03 5
14 Eriks Zvaigzne 01:10:32 00:16:00 00:54:32 4
15 Emma Thomson 01:15:28 00:09:00 01:06:28 3
16 Rogan Ashton 01:15:28 00:28:00 00:47:28 2
17 Hugh Pearson 01:16:39 00:20:00 00:56:39 1


Saturday 27th February – Park Runs

Woodhouse Moor:

Position Gender Position Parkrunner Club Run Time
1 1 Adam Simpson Unattached 00:16:46
20 1 Treena Johnson Dewsbury RR 00:19:07
311 103 Erin Fuller Otley AC 00:29:46
334 122 Sarah Fuller Otley AC 00:30:45
333 121 Skye Fuller Otley AC 00:30:45

Fountains Abbey:

1 1 Ben Pease Unattached 00:16:51
17 1 Michelle Nolan Gateshead H & AC 00:19:21
98 78 Peter Crowder Otley AC 00:24:08
105 82 Howard Jeffrey Otley AC 00:24:36


Saturday 20th February- Park runs

Woodhouse Moor parkrun:

1 Robert MANN Team Bath AC 00:17:05
Sophie LEE Hull Achilles AC 00:19:40
James KETTLEBOROUGH Otley AC 00:21:4

Natalie KETTLEBOROUGH Otley AC 00:28:53

Maidstone parkrun:

1 1 Stephan WENK Maidstone Harriers 00:16:38
22 1 Maddie CLARK Unattached 00:21:14
37 2 Nicola Lee Otley AC 00:21:50

York parkrun:

Harry HOLMES York Knavesmire Harriers 00:17:15

Sharon LYNN York Acorn RC 00:19:57

Howard Jeffrey Otley AC 00:21:06

Harrogate parkrun:

Alan WHITE Sale Harriers Manchester 00:17:32
Steph WILSON Saltaire Striders 00:22:48

Stephen SMALL Otley AC 00:25:03

Roundhay Parkrun:

Huw LIPPIATT Unattached 00:18:21

Sarah GRAHAM Morpeth Harriers & AC 00:21:06
Peter Andrew CROWDER Otley AC 27:06


Sunday 21st February – Ilkley Moor Fell Race

Tom Lynch writes: This race report could just consist of the word “WINDY”, but I will try and elaborate.

The race was a sell out a few days before, and there were no entries on the day, however the starting/finishing field was well down on this with about 80 people missing from the start line – the weather may have had something to do with this with almost strong winds and some drizzle prior to the start, thankfully the rain held off for the most part.
I wasn’t really expecting much from the race as I optimistically entered whilst I was injured, and I was only just back into fully fit condition, there were about 5 other Otley runners lined up at the start too. The start was the usual scramble to get position for the climb up to the Cow and Calf, where Andrew Robertshaw was waiting there to cheer us on. I got a pretty poor start, but it meant I actually overtook some people later in the race, which is unusual for me in this race, I never seem to have a particularly good time in it. As soon as the climb was over we were immediately exposed to strong winds blowing up the valley, and the race then basically consisted of either running into the strong wind, running downhill in treacherous muddy (even for Ilkley Moor) conditions and/or wind, or running uphill, sometimes into the wind. I felt quite strong this year, overtaking a few of my local rivals, but my watch was telling me another story, despite a good descent section on the final part of the race down from Badger Stone I was several minutes off last years’ time. It became clear after the race that pretty much everyone was at least several minutes down on their expected times due to the wind…….…Did I mention it was windy?

The winner of the race was Tom Adams (Ilkley Harriers) in 39.13, and first lady (and also first FU23) was Bronwen Jenkinson (Eryri Harriers) in 51.11. First in for Otley in 75th was Graham Lake in 53.00, then Rogan Ashton 94th 55.12, Tom Lynch 100th 55.27, Gary Johnson 208th 67.01, Andy Webster 225th 68.27 and Caron Ralph 264th 73.12, with 312 finishers. Results at

And also from Graham Lake:

Rather muddy and windy this one. Always good fun with some cracking descents, but there was no let-up this year as even on the flat you were teeth-in to a 50 mph gale. I personally found it tough, and was really struggling on the hills. I also managed to fall quite hard on what I thought was soft heather, but turned out to be hard rock.
The race was won by Tom Adams in 39.13 just ahead of last year’s winner Simon Bailey.
1st Lady was Bronwen Jenkinson of Eryri Harriers in 51.11.
For Otley were
Graham Lake 75th in 53.00
Rogan Ashton 94th in 55.12
Tom Lynch 100th in 55.27
Gary Johnson 208th in 67.01
Andy Webster 225th in 68.27
Caron Ralph 264th in 73.12

My time was 7 minutes slower than my course PB, mainly due to the wind, I guess most others found it pretty tricky too. We did get a nice Ilkley Fell Race Buff though.

Results and photos here


Sunday 21st February – Snake Lane 10

Report from Mark Hall:

Winner. Russ Best New Marske 52.40
First lady. Tanya Seagar Stainland 61.03
Mark Hall, 58.54 1st V55
Tom Midgeley 6053
936 finishers

When I ran for OAC in 2000-3 the club always turned out in numbers for this race. I can remember winning the team prize on several occasions with Julian and Ian, how things change. Today, I think there was only me and Tom, sorry if I missed anyone. However, like Brass Monkey, if you want to enter this event you have to be quick, it was full up in 80 minutes!

I was hoping to run at least a minute faster today to set a UK best but given the monster wind and nature of the circuit (undulating} it was not possible. The general opinion was that times were at least a minute down on last year due to the strong wind.

Tom had a good run and even though he was not as quick as previous years, however, he has been a little busy lately! so he should be pleased with his run in tough conditions.

I managed to take a few seconds off the V55 club record.