Saturday 6th February – Rombalds Stride

Saturday 6th February – Rombalds Stride

Report from President Matt Podd:

Well done to all who completed this today – it was challenging. Not sure if everyone got home safe as I was hypothermic and needed to lie in the bath for a long time.

Well we all met up at St Oswald, with a large Black and White contingent and as we were led out to the start it commenced with the rain – which was a feature of the day – some may say negative. Very wet and slippery round the course, with sleet at times and appalling visibility. Spent a lot of the time running in my own bubble, and I’m glad I know the route. Saw some friendly faces on the way round – cheers Mark and Graham – others saw Andrew. I’ve done this race a few time and today was special, but all praise to the marshals and feed stations – who were cheerful and fed us well.

Saw a few folk when I finished Mr Rombalds himself – it wasn’t his year, Shane, Ross, Tom P, and Kirsty arrived soon after me. Hope the others are not too traumatised – for a lot this is their longest outing.  Lots of photos on Sport Sunday here  🙂

Results: 1st Graham Pearce, P&B. 2:42, 1st Lady Rebecca Cesar De Sa, Skyrac, 3:23,  12th Edward Davies 3:04,  19th Shane Ewen 3:17,  49th Tom Pomfrett 3:44,  88th Matt Podd 4:13,  92nd Kirsty Pomfrett 4:18,  196th Liz Fawcett 5:30, 197th Sara Richard 5:30,  254th Laura Hind 6:26, 256th Sue Tupling 6:26, 257th Hannah Lupton 6:26,  330th Rob Fearnley 7:59.

15 thoughts on “Saturday 6th February – Rombalds Stride

  1. Well done everyone, those I saw looked to be going well, unfortunately I had to cut my morning run short as I had a malfunction with my walshes just after I saw Shane, and I had to walk & jog with just one shoe the 2 miles back to my car.

  2. Bet that was fun hopping in the bogs Andrew!

    Was a great morning in the mist and rain. Had a solid run; stronger first half over Baildon moor, tired a little from the swastika stone onwards. Slower than last year but the wet and muddy conditions probably account for that.

    Highlights include Dave Wilby welcoming runners to the top of the Chevin with a cowbell & jelly babies, the pea soup fog on Bingley moor, & a pleasant run with Graham Pilling from P&B. And the pie of course!

  3. Great event, well organised and great support at the check points but if I ever have to run 20+ miles through that kind of mud again I may cry. Not sure if I enjoyed it or not but I do know that without Sue and Laura it would have been far tougher. I wanted a challenge and I got it!

  4. Glad to hear the black and white’s female massive got back safe – great effort. That’s the worst conditions I’ve done it in. Suprised Mark H on the way through Menston.

  5. Yes, 1st thought was ‘oh dear’ 🙂 bit of a trek back from here! , in fact not too much difference, shoe-less/walshes on the flat boggy bits, just very wary on standing on any rogue rocks. Can now understand a bit the freedom of bare foot running, but just on a beach / sand dunes!
    & forgot to say there was a good cloud inversion in the wharfe valley when I ran on the millennium way to the pipers crag checkpoint & in the wet too, how does that work??, a first for me…

  6. Matt, when I saw you in Menston you looked to be enjoying it, chatting away or was that the onset of delirium & hypothermia or had you stopped at the Menston Arms?

  7. I ran back up the end of the route to shout words of encouragement, but I think I deflated some poor soaked runners who thought I’d finished and was going for a little jog back round the course! (I said nothing to steer them away from this view). Great effort everyone, and I can honestly say that maybe forgetting to send my entry in until late was maybe for the best!)

  8. It certainly was grim for you all, but lovely to see Liz Fawcett, Sara Richard, Hannah Lupton, Sue Tupling & Laura Hind all doing so fantastically well! Some of you even looked really happy!!! Well done to everybody for completing Rombalds in such atrocious weather, a really brilliant achievement?

  9. Mark, delerium, hypothermia (possibly hydrothermia) and mud poisoning accounted for that! The woman in blue I was chatting to went on to beat me. Well done racing on Sunday. I was stiif as a board and hungry.

  10. Well done everyone!! sounded like my kind of conditions and fun.
    With lots of members running in challenging conditions and mud recently, in a variety of races, i am hopeful for a a good turnout later in the year for the next XC season.

  11. It looks like the 2001 Rombalds that I ran in atrocious weather condition , similar to this year , with heavy rain , strong wind , and even snow . From the pictures it looks like hard , hard going , a tough day on the moors. It makes appreciate more what Sarah Fuller has done for 7 days non-stop night and day in similar weather condition , maybe it could have been much worse on Pennine Way. Well done to all who ran the Rombalds Stride 2016.

  12. Fabulous turn-out and glad everyone had cake, tea and got round in one piece! Can’t imagine doing anything so long-take my hat off to all of you-especially the first timers-well done

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