Sunday 7th February – Dewsbury 10k

Sunday 7th February – Dewsbury 10k

Report from Howard Jeffrey:

I must have been on the computer when the entries opened for this race (in its 30th year) because I was issued with Number 1. I quite liked being Numero Uno for a while but it was a very, very tall order to live up to, even for a category win today. Another, was to match last years’ time of 40.34 but I was thinking 42.30 at best to 45.00 at worst. The day did start well with a clear starlit sky while I walked the dog and bright sunshine on the way to the race although I was conscious of a bit of a blustery wind on the way there. The route is a straight out, slightly uphill through built up Batley but not unpleasant for that, to halfway, round some cones and straight back.  My pace was slightly off on the way to the turn but I was motivated by the sight of Jamil, Scott, Mark and Peter all storming back to the finish. I was not able to pick up quite enough on the way back, the wind was not wholly in its usual ‘back to the finish’ direction.

All in all a great day for a race and I made the finish in 335th place in 43.54, chip time behind Mohamed Abu-Rezeq in first place in a blistering 30.06, Jamil Parapia in 4th in an awesome 31.37, Scott Harrington 6th in a scorching 32.42. First lady Charlene Thomas from Wakefield 16th overall in an impressive 33.33, Mark Hall an inspiring 35.00, 1st MV55 in 30th place, shaving 10 seconds off his club record, Peter Crowder in an enviable 39.03 in 130th. Other Otley finishers were Phil Robinson who was aiming for a sub 50.00 clocking and got 49.37 for 610th place, Charlotte Tomlinson 51.15, 693rd, Gemma Harrington 51.57, 709th, Andrew Rayner 52.37, 734th, Emma Thomson 57.28, 865th (all chip times). See full results here.  The race was full with 1300 entries and 1084 finishers. I saw a few people dropped out but where are and what happened to over 200 no-shows ?????

When I got home Mick had brought my trophy for the runner of the year 2nd place as well as the accolade for best report writer of last year, for which I thank you all (ish?). I have been concentrating on triathlon at the expense of running training recently so I am pleased to have hung on to second behind Mark, who I repeat is inspiring. I hope enough rubs off for me to sub 40.00 again for 10K. Watch this space!

5 thoughts on “Sunday 7th February – Dewsbury 10k

  1. Thanks Howard for your kind words. I think your desire to race is insatiable and sure if you concentrated on running you would achieve your potential. Well done to all OAC runners Excellent results at the front end. Well done to Gemma think she is improving quickly, you been training with Scott?

  2. Also the computer knows that you are an Award winner Howard and gave you a number 1 to race with , your 43:54 is a result . Compliments to Mark H. for the new club record with a fantastic 35 minutes , what a competitor he is . Gemma had a super race with 51:57 beating our Billy by 40 seconds , I agree with Mark that she is running faster . Well done everybody .

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