Sunday 21st February – Snake Lane 10

Sunday 21st February – Snake Lane 10

Report from Mark Hall:

Winner. Russ Best New Marske 52.40
First lady. Tanya Seagar Stainland 61.03
Mark Hall, 58.54 1st V55
Tom Midgeley 6053
936 finishers

When I ran for OAC in 2000-3 the club always turned out in numbers for this race. I can remember winning the team prize on several occasions with Julian and Ian, how things change. Today, I think there was only me and Tom, sorry if I missed anyone. However, like Brass Monkey, if you want to enter this event you have to be quick, it was full up in 80 minutes!

I was hoping to run at least a minute faster today to set a UK best but given the monster wind and nature of the circuit (undulating} it was not possible. The general opinion was that times were at least a minute down on last year due to the strong wind.

Tom had a good run and even though he was not as quick as previous years, however, he has been a little busy lately! so he should be pleased with his run in tough conditions.

I managed to take a few seconds off the V55 club record.

9 thoughts on “Sunday 21st February – Snake Lane 10

  1. Well done Mark on another record and Tom for dragging yourself away from the family. I think the fact that it sells out so quickly is the reason that not as many black & whites enter, I don’t think we are organised enough! It’s been a couple of years since I did it and I might give it a go next year if I can get an entry.

  2. I understand why people do not bother with events like SL & BM it is a chore to enter them and it was not intended to be a critism, I am not sure I will bother myself next year. In the early 2000s events did not fill up like now.

  3. Well done Mark !! Looking forward to joining you at some Yorkshire Vets races this year.
    I totally understand your frustration regarding team turnouts.

  4. excellent time mark, especially in that wind;

    like you i did the snake lane and brass monkey several times in the 90s and early 00s when there were many more road races available than there are now – these days there are so few decent road events they fill up too quickly…

  5. Well done Tom & Mark, 3 clubs records already this year & I think sub 60 @ V55 is outstanding, even more so in a lot less than perfect conditions.

  6. I agree with all the positive comments about Mark H. super performance at the Snake Lane 10 . Congratulations for the new club record done with 58:54 , also Tom M. had a strong ran with 60:63 that is a good result considering as well the strong wind . I agree as well with Mark and Phil, about that in the early 00s when I used to do almost 100 races every year , I used to enter on the day the most of them ,also my first Rombalds Stride 2001 I entered on the same morning . Nowadays most of the time I can not be bother to enter months in advanced races ,also always with the rush of the last few places left , and I hate as well when they say to hurry up, too much stress .

  7. Well done Mark, another great result and Tom too in a strong breeze.
    I happened to be training near Pocklington when the race began and can confirm it was indeed quite windy.
    I am interested in the comments about the difficulty of entering some of the popular races. I have had to revise my view a bit. There was a time when races were only possible because of die hard club runners (er…a bit like me) and they were cheap. Then…the races became popular ways of raising money… oft for charity which I am not knocking and some became ridiculously expensive. Not only that, if you weren’t at the computer to enter when the race opened you had your nose pushed out by thousands of Johnny come lately unattached runners, where were they for the 20 years before keeping the races afloat?
    Why have I revised my view? Out of 934 finishers at Snake Lane only 64 were unattached!! Amazing!! So if you want to be in you have to be quick. I still do think there are plenty of great races about as well though Phil

    Results here:

  8. If there were 934 finishers that means there were a lot of non starters the same applies to Brass Monkey there are always many non starters. The problem occurs when you need to enter an event 3 months in advance all kinds of issues can prevent people from competing, injury primarily but 3 months is a long time to predict what we will be doing, I struggle with next week!

  9. Since I arrived on December 2000 and joined our club a week later because before I have been running with clubs in Milan , the massive difference that I have notice in these years is the huge increase of people starting running , nowadays you can see people running at any time of the day , small town or big city you can see runners everywhere , running is indeed more popular then ever .

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