Sunday 28th February – Bolton Abbey 10k Trail Race

Sunday 28th February – Bolton Abbey 10k Trail Race

Report from Stephen Boddy:

The inaugural (and unofficial) Bolton Abbey Duathlon comprised of a cycle ride from Otley to Bolton Abbey, a 10k run and a cycle ride back to O-Town. The ride started from right outside my garden (what are the chances!?). As the peloton snaked out towards Burley I soon found myself in the lead group which contained me and my mate Macca. We decided to share the work load and push on hard. We stayed out on our own all the way to Bolton Abbey taking it turns to give each other a tug. I thought I was going to enter transition in the lead but it turns out Macca is less of a scaredy cat over the cattle grids so stole valuable seconds before we ditched the bikes. Transition was slow as we queued for our cappuccini and visited the gents but we soon found the start of the run and set off. Due to the long wait at the café a load of runners had appeared from nowhere and all our hard work on the bike leg had been undone. I decided the best thing for it was to ignore my lack of training and poor fitness and set off like the proverbial clappers, the course was undulating, tiring and longer than advertised, three things that meant I was in a right old state when I finished the run. It was a great course set against a beautiful backdrop on a stunning day but enough eulogising for now. Back into T2 I ignored the perceived wisdom about quick transitions and settled down to refuelling in the Cavendish Pavillion with another cappuccino and an immense Brie and Pancetta pizza. Feeling sluggish reinvigorated, I set off on the third and final leg which was the bike ride home. After an hour spent in transition I knew I would be a one man gruppetto on the journey home and so it was thus. However, I peddled along merrily but sadly did come home as the laterne rouge.

Insert factual information about timings and stuff here…   to follow shortly

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