Sunday 28th February – Tarpley 20

Sunday 28th February – Tarpley 20

Report from Scott Harrington:

Today I competed in the tarpley 20 mile road race in Suffolk as part of my Manchester marathon preparation, I finished 2nd in 1.53.10, in what was a close race between me and the winner, Alan Darby, Ely 1:52:56,  we both managed to beat the course record.

Full results on RunBritain here.

7 thoughts on “Sunday 28th February – Tarpley 20

  1. Ditto,great run, another 36 mins 49 seconds for the next 6.2 miles at Manchester would be nice eh..

  2. Excellent time Scott, it highlights the super run you did at the Spen 20m as sure this 20m race would not have been as hilly. Looks like the training is going well.

  3. I agree with all the positive comments about your super performance at the Tarpley 20 with the time of 1:52 , it is indeed a fast ran and the 2nd place on the podium it is like a victory .Well done Scott.

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