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Sunday 14th February: PECO XC

Report from Sean:

On Sunday I travelled just up the road to Roundhay Park to run in the fifth and final race of this winters PECO XC series which also meant I had managed to run all 5 races.
The race was approx. 5 miles and run within the grounds of Roundhay Park, including the notorious hill 60. For once this was a single lap race, with clear blue skies and sunshine and with limited mud (very un-cross country like). However having sustained an Achilles injury at Wednesdays conditioning session I was using this race as a test and was not running at race pace. Pleased to report the Achilles was fine and my half marathon training will resume this week.
It was also good to see the usual junior contingent, In their age groups: In the one mile race Aston Brogden finished 12th (B4-6) in 09;19. In the two mile Bjoern Koerdt finished 7th (B7-9) in 13:51, Jenson Brogden finished 9th (B7-9) in 14:10, Holly Davey finished 4th (G7-9) in 15:21 and Kieran Green finished 21nd (B7-9) in 20:22.
The winner of the men’s race was Jamie Parkinson from Pudsey & Bramley AC in 27:48 and the ladies winner was Bronwen Jenkinson from Leeds University CC in 33:02
Sean O’Halloran finished in 52:37
Full results can be found here.


Sunday 14th February: Liversedge Half

Report from Howard:

I think I have previously recorded that in my early running career I raced so hard my teeth would hurt at the finish. Although last week at Dewsbury I had not raced that hard but my teeth (or to be more precise a wisdom tooth), did hurt. So much so I had an ‘emergency’ extraction on Wednesday. That coupled with a thick head cold…moan, moan, (the moan factor increases logarithmically after the age of 40) meant I was languishing for most of the week. On the bright side the rest had done me good so taking note of the dire weather warnings but then ignoring them turned up at the start. Glorious clear sunshine, no breeze although a nip in the air, perfect conditions. I had intended to do this half (the 21st rendition) to ‘get the distance in’ since I think my last half was Leeds in May. This one is pretty hilly with only two level stretches around miles 6 and 8. So a tricky one to pace consistently but a rate of 8 minute miling ought to get me in around 1.45.00 so that was the target for today. I lined up and chatted with fellow black and whites and we were suddenly off. The start is quite narrow so you have to go with the flow till it opens up a bit after a few hundred yards. At 200 yards a lady getting carried away at the start tried to barge me out of the way and with nowhere to go I kept my ground. She said sorry and then said there was no need to push!! Er… Yeh. Anyway off she shot for about half a mile till we got to the downhill…blown!
The first mile and a half can draw the unsuspecting into a false sense of pace. It is a lovely downhill stretch which is great for warming up so I used it for that. You all then turn onto the Huddersfield road and it drags up, not too steeply with a short downhill stretch, to Windy Bank Lane (which says it all… although not today) cross the motorway (M62) at mile 4. You are then at Hartshead Moor top and there is a fabulous (if you like downhill) descent for another mile and a half to the mile of level. The route was changed a few years ago and although the hill up to mile 7 is a tester it is ‘easy’ compared to the previous hill. A chance to recover a bit around 8 miles and beyond then another taxing hill along Highmoor Lane! The ten mile mark is again on the same motorway bridge crossing and a turn back onto Windy Bank hill in the opposite direction. There is a right turn opposite where we joined earlier in the race and from this bit of the road we were rewarded with a fantastic vista of the sunlit hills. I normally don’t have much spare energy to enjoy the view but today I did and it was great to be part of it. I don’t know if anyone else noticed but at mile 12 the air was fresh with spring and it was truly invigorating. Normally in this race I am flagging and hanging on to the finish which is uphill for most of the last mile. Today I had managed the 8 minute mile pace all the way so today it felt very comfortable. I got to the finish in 1.45.12 (it took me a few seconds to get to the chip matt) in 198th place out of 483 finishers. The race was won by Joe Sagar of Spenborough AC in 1.13.39. I do suspect ‘Martin Hall of Spenborough AC’ to be our very own Mark Hall ‘incognito’ as first MV55 in 8th place in 1.20.22 (correct me if I am wrong but to be incognito you need to go much slower!!) Julian Mawson in 12th first MV45 in 1.22.52. Jenny Latham of Wakefield Harriers was first lady home in 1.24.41 in 23rd. Sara Elliott in 1.48.20 in 227th and Garry Cochrane in 298th place in 1.54.38


Saturday 13th February – Carnethy 5 Hill Race

Report from Caron Ralph:


Runners on Scald Law climb, photo courtesy Matthew Curry

It was cold and snowy!

Having entered this race last year and unable to do it due to injury, Andrew and I decided to try again this year (what better way to spend Valentines weekend) although the weather this year was decidedly different to the sunny day this time last year!  By the time the race started-13 minutes late-my feet were like blocks of ice and i was starting to wonder if it had been a good idea to enter.  Off we went over 2 bogs to the first climb Scald Law,  I knew the 1st and 5th climb were going to be long and steep so I didn’t set off too fast and having Andrew running with me (he had been full of cold so decided to run around with me) was really encouraging.  After a leg sapping climb of about 20 minutes we had a bit of a respite running along a ridge to the next one, 2nd 3rd summits South Blackhill  and East Kip were windy and at times very hard to see anything as snow was so hard and really cut your face. West Kip was the 4th summit and a bit steeper than the others but a hilarious bum slide down part of it made it more fun!  A mile or so run across to the final climb Carnethy Hill and I was feeling ok but knew this one was worse than the first-and I wasn’t wrong!  It seemed to go on forever and it was ages before we were able to see the summit, finally at the top we started an ankle breaker descent made up of ankle tangling heather with a lot of snow on top!  I think I bounced rather than ran down this and weirdly took more out of my legs than the uphills, but managed to pass a few along the bottom towards the finish.  Over the bogs again back to a welcome cup of hot coffee in the tent.  Although a short race (6 miles) it’s definitely packs a punch but I would do it all over again next year as I thoroughly enjoyed it, I was expecting to be in the last 10 or so people and was surprised to find there was 80 runners behind me so all in all a fairly good day considering the snow had slowed us down.

The 1st man was Prasad Prasad, Squadra Porcini, 54:08,  1st Lady Charlotte Morgan, Carnethy H. 01:01:30, 409th, Andrew Robertshaw 1:36:46, 410th Caron Ralph 1:36:47.

Lots more photos from Matthew here, Youtube video (24 mins..) here, West Kip bum slide @ ~ 22 mins.



Saturday 13th February – ParkRuns


Position Gender Position Parkrunner Club Run Time
1 1 Sam Clegg Unattached 00:17:07
44 1 Laura Knowles Keighley & Craven AC 00:22:53
125 114 Eriks Zvaigzne Otley AC 00:26:42

Fountains Abbey:

Position Gender Position Parkrunner Club Run Time
1 1 Ben Pease Unattached 00:16:40
23 1 Laura Bosomworth Thirsk & Sowerby H 00:19:46
145 113 Peter Crowder Otley AC 00:26:03


Position Gender Position Parkrunner Club Run Time
1 1 Huw Lippiatt Unattached 00:18:35
9 1 Sarah Graham Morpeth H & AC 00:21:12
176 39 Emma Thomson Otley AC 00:29:29

Woodhouse Moor:

Position Gender Position Parkrunner Club Run Time
1 1 Nathan Marsh Tonbridge AC 00:15:58
19 1 Becky Rigby Preston Harriers 00:18:34
21 20 Graham Lake Otley AC 00:18:47
287 73 Alice Webster Otley AC 00:29:11
289 215 Andrew Webster Otley AC 00:29:16


Position Gender Position Parkrunner Club Run Time
1 1 John Sanderson Guildford & Godalming AC 00:15:30
12 1 Scout Adkin Moorfoot Runners 00:18:55
173 149 Howard Jeffrey Otley AC 00:24:44

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Runner of the Month for January

<a target=Tom Pomfrett at Stanbury Splash 2016" width="250" height="290" srcset=" 258w, 129w, 458w" sizes="(max-width: 250px) 100vw, 250px" />

Photo courtesy of Woodentops

GemmaHarringtonTom Pomfrett and Gemma Harrington were chosen as last month’s runner of the month.

Tom for his excellent runs at the Stanbury Splash and the John Cowan Handicap.

Gemma for her pb at the Brass Monkey Half Marathon.


Sunday 7th February – Dewsbury 10k

Report from Howard Jeffrey:

I must have been on the computer when the entries opened for this race (in its 30th year) because I was issued with Number 1. I quite liked being Numero Uno for a while but it was a very, very tall order to live up to, even for a category win today. Another, was to match last years’ time of 40.34 but I was thinking 42.30 at best to 45.00 at worst. The day did start well with a clear starlit sky while I walked the dog and bright sunshine on the way to the race although I was conscious of a bit of a blustery wind on the way there. The route is a straight out, slightly uphill through built up Batley but not unpleasant for that, to halfway, round some cones and straight back.  My pace was slightly off on the way to the turn but I was motivated by the sight of Jamil, Scott, Mark and Peter all storming back to the finish. I was not able to pick up quite enough on the way back, the wind was not wholly in its usual ‘back to the finish’ direction.

All in all a great day for a race and I made the finish in 335th place in 43.54, chip time behind Mohamed Abu-Rezeq in first place in a blistering 30.06, Jamil Parapia in 4th in an awesome 31.37, Scott Harrington 6th in a scorching 32.42. First lady Charlene Thomas from Wakefield 16th overall in an impressive 33.33, Mark Hall an inspiring 35.00, 1st MV55 in 30th place, shaving 10 seconds off his club record, Peter Crowder in an enviable 39.03 in 130th. Other Otley finishers were Phil Robinson who was aiming for a sub 50.00 clocking and got 49.37 for 610th place, Charlotte Tomlinson 51.15, 693rd, Gemma Harrington 51.57, 709th, Andrew Rayner 52.37, 734th, Emma Thomson 57.28, 865th (all chip times). See full results here.  The race was full with 1300 entries and 1084 finishers. I saw a few people dropped out but where are and what happened to over 200 no-shows ?????

When I got home Mick had brought my trophy for the runner of the year 2nd place as well as the accolade for best report writer of last year, for which I thank you all (ish?). I have been concentrating on triathlon at the expense of running training recently so I am pleased to have hung on to second behind Mark, who I repeat is inspiring. I hope enough rubs off for me to sub 40.00 again for 10K. Watch this space!


Saturday 6th February – Rombalds Stride

Report from President Matt Podd:

Well done to all who completed this today – it was challenging. Not sure if everyone got home safe as I was hypothermic and needed to lie in the bath for a long time.

Well we all met up at St Oswald, with a large Black and White contingent and as we were led out to the start it commenced with the rain – which was a feature of the day – some may say negative. Very wet and slippery round the course, with sleet at times and appalling visibility. Spent a lot of the time running in my own bubble, and I’m glad I know the route. Saw some friendly faces on the way round – cheers Mark and Graham – others saw Andrew. I’ve done this race a few time and today was special, but all praise to the marshals and feed stations – who were cheerful and fed us well.

Saw a few folk when I finished Mr Rombalds himself – it wasn’t his year, Shane, Ross, Tom P, and Kirsty arrived soon after me. Hope the others are not too traumatised – for a lot this is their longest outing.  Lots of photos on Sport Sunday here  🙂

Results: 1st Graham Pearce, P&B. 2:42, 1st Lady Rebecca Cesar De Sa, Skyrac, 3:23,  12th Edward Davies 3:04,  19th Shane Ewen 3:17,  49th Tom Pomfrett 3:44,  88th Matt Podd 4:13,  92nd Kirsty Pomfrett 4:18,  196th Liz Fawcett 5:30, 197th Sara Richard 5:30,  254th Laura Hind 6:26, 256th Sue Tupling 6:26, 257th Hannah Lupton 6:26,  330th Rob Fearnley 7:59.


Saturday 6th February – Park Runs

Lots of Park run results this week with a few pb’s too.

Alice Holt

Position Gender Position Parkrunner Club Run Time
1 1 Sarah Hill Farnham Runners 19:57
2 1 Luke Bone Unattached 20:08
95 75 Sean O’Halloran Otley AC 28:58

Bradford,  pb for Ann

Position Gender Position Parkrunner Club Run Time
1 1 Will Kerr Saltaire Striders 17:51
19 1 Lesley Watson Bingley H&AC 20:55
76 70 Stephen Small Otley AC 23:45
114 13 Ann Yeadon Otley AC 25:15
128 110 Eriks Zvaigzne Otley AC 25:40

Fountains Abbey

Position Gender Position Parkrunner Club Run Time
1 1 Toby Osman Ripon Runners 16:53
8 1 Hannah Oldroyd Airedale Dodgers 18:18
80 68 Peter Crowder Otley AC 24:49

Harrogate,  pb for Jenson

Position Gender Position Parkrunner Club Run Time
1 1 Joe Gresty Unattached 18:35
11 11 Jenson Brogden Otley AC 21:32
18 1 Sharon Hardcastle Unattached 21:53
48 3 Holly Davey Otley AC 23:46
190 52 Gloria Jackson Otley AC 33:18

Woodhouse Moor,  pb for Natalie

Position Gender Position parkrunner Club Run Time
1 1 Ben Douglas Durham Uni. AC 16:14
7 1 Laura Dransfield Roundhay Runners 18:19
69 60 Andrew Webster Otley AC 22:38
214 49 Natalie Kettleborough Otley AC 27:58


Position Gender Position Parkrunner Club Run Time
1 1 Nathan Veall York Triathlon Club 17:13
31 1 Sharon Lynn York Acorn RC 20:15
195 168 Howard Jeffrey Otley AC 25:01

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Friday 29th January – Presidential Presentation Awards Address

For those of you unable to attend – or remember – the Strictly Come Drink and Dine with Otley AC, brought to you by Toblerone, held at Korks last friday, this is what President Podd said in honour of the very great and good Black and Whites!

“This [award giving] was a great idea and saved me writing a speech. Thanks for all the responses – some of the more libellous or vindictive have had to be removed on the advice of my attorney.

  • Runners’ Runner of the year

Sara Richard, Sara sneaks under the radar but does an awful lots of races and performs well and mixing it on and off road. Last year Sara did 10K’s, 7, 9, 10 and 20 miles, three half marathons, a full marathon and two ultra-marathons, not forgetting the Millennium Relay.

Honourable mentions: 

Liam. A top performance in the London Marathon, then he eased of a bit due to work commitments and at some point in the late summer he reappeared. Often in the shadow of the fast lads but up there with them. And he can drink.

Sarah Fuller for doing the Spine Challenger and Hardmoors 110 in one year, both of which make me feel sick just thinking about attempting.

Antonio cos he always turns up and runs with a big smile on his face

Frank with a proper try-again attitude to coming second in Rombalds and not breaking 2hr30 for the marathon.

Howard! Out there practically every week in an OtleyAC vest

Mark Hall for breaking age group records, even uk best in his age category.

Scott Harrington – some brilliant performances and came back well after injury.


  • Performance of the year – who ran out of their skin in a race

Jamil for one of his 2 PBs this year, 5k and 1/2 marathon. No mean feat for someone who’s run well while younger, and still getting PBs into old age!

Honourable mentions:

Can’t decide between Jamil at Abbey Dash or Mark Hall at pretty much every race he’s entered, he’s amazing!

Sean for running any and every XC race he can find, always tries so hard

Frank Beresford London Marathon

Sarah Fuller; you know why!

Team win in John Carr

Derek’s Bob Graham


  • Club member of the year – who has done the most to help/support the club

Old war horse, Andrew Robertshaw -quietly gets on with stuff; tirelessly devoted service; constantly committed, good reports, race/route/website guru and we wouldn’t have a hotly contested handicap otherwise. Oh and runs a fair few races pretty well.

Honourable mentions:

Sara E, she is giving up a lot of her time to support the club, coach to 5k, training sessions, represents the club at races, the new conditioning session, committee, the list goes on. She is very supportive of everyone and can be relied upon to help out.

The commitment, support and energy Hannah Lupton gives to the club is unparalleled. She encourages everyone irrespective of their abilities. She praises all and is an asset to the club. She does volunteer but ultimately must spend hours on club things despite everything else she has had going on?

Colin Best


  • Best report writer on the website

Runners questioned why I had this as a prize, but I’m justified by the response, love clicking on the website and finding an erudite yet amusing race report. Self-aggrandisement or deprecation is a skill. Personally I like a description of the landscape passed through!

Howard Jeffrey by a mile! His reports are amusing, detailed and very well written. A pleasure to read,  a treat.

Honourable mentions:

Graham Lake

Steve Boddy – dry, like a boilerman’s throat.

Andrew Robertshaw


• Improver of the year

Nicola Lee has grafted in 2015 in what is her second full year at the club. In 2015 Nicola gained substantial PB’s at 5k and 10k but also did her first 10 mile and half marathon in respectable times.  Nicola Lee x1 x1

Honourable mentions:

Tom Lynch

Sean has put in a massive effort to improve his fitness and lose weight which has seen him get pb’s and he’s running really well

Tom Midegley for knocking 15 mins of his marathon time

Gemma Harrington. Her marathon training has paid off and she has had a fab year.

Joanna Hobson


  • Wackiest race a member completed

Gathering Winter Fools. Fancy dress in freezing conditions and it’s not even a race!!

Honourable mentions:

Gilly Wright, The Hardmoors Rosedale Marathon, a tough race in its self but Gilly decided to run it with her dog Max. Gilly has subsequently completed more races in 2015 with Max, one being the Paras10 and coming 3rd cannicross female.

Anything entered by Sarah Fuller


  • Buffoon of the year

Tom Hannah for his training blunder on top of the Chevin resulting in a broken shoulder, so near a pub too! Thankfully he’s back running again although slowed his drinking for a bit.

Honourable mentions:

Emma Jones, broken nose and hand falling along the river path,

Sara E.  and Louise probably for going wrong on just about every route..

Robin for dressing as a nun at Pudsey Pain Barrier

Frying in the Palma 10k


  • Anyone else who deserves a mention

Hugh for all the work with the juniors

Andrew Rayner (Billy), always at training (unless on holiday) and often doing back to back sessions supporting the beginners and the bridging group at main club. A regular racer and all round nice guy.

I think Colin needs a special mention for sorting out Otley 10 every year, it’s a huge under taking and he does an amazing job

Also, thanks to Tom H for organising the training weekend year in year out, must be a challenge trying to organise everyone and keep us all happy!

The team organising both the efforts sessions and the conditioning sessions – great addition to the club offering

Antonio! he keeps on turning out for us: at xc no less – so brave! and always comments positively on the website.

Richard Hamer’s social media reporting and information is very much laughed at.

Neil Charlton for web work [when it’s done]

Chris Carver…all those emails must do his head in!!!

Flash (Caron’s bassett hound – he’s always there at cross country, relays and, oddly, anywhere that Caron is racing)

Christian Hosker stopping to offer help to a stricken athlete at Leeds half.

The beginners who’ve moved up-Louise Penny, Rob Fearnley, Claire Hastings, the lovely Isla and Beth.

Everybody & anybody who turns up for training sessions/races & social events making this a great club

All our families who allow and help us to do this

The woman with the Bacon Sandwich at Baildon Boundary way”


Saturday 30th January – Park Runs

Bradford parkrun

A total of 437 runners took part.

View full results for Bradford parkrun event #295


Position  ↓ Gender Position  ↓ parkrunner  ↓ Club  ↓ Run Time  ↓
1 1 Marcin SOSZKA Saltaire Striders 00:18:24
22 1 Jen WILLINGHAM Saltaire Striders 00:21:38
80 71 Stephen SMALL Otley AC 00:24:31


Roundhay parkrun

A total of 318 runners took part.

View full results for Roundhay parkrun event #251


Position  ↓ Gender Position  ↓ parkrunner  ↓ Club  ↓ Run Time  ↓
1 1 Jonathan SMYTH Valley Striders AC 00:17:48
27 1 Kathryn FISK Horsforth Fellandale Club 00:21:05
142 121 Michael Jeffrey Otley AC 00:26:43
212 51 Emma THOMSON Otley AC 00:29:38


Fountains Abbey parkrun

A total of 271 runners took part.

View full results for Fountains Abbey parkrun event #98


Position  ↓ Gender Position  ↓ parkrunner  ↓ Club  ↓ Run Time  ↓
1 1 Ben PEASE Unattached 00:17:04
13 13 Peter Andrew CROWDER Otley AC 00:19:03
24 1 Emma SORBY Ripon Runners 00:20:46
35 32 Howard Jeffrey Otley AC 00:21:47

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