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Friday 25th March: Calder valley 10

Hi, I did the Calder Vale 10 mile on Good Friday over near Garstang which I do every year with my sister, nephew and niece. It’s a tough 10 miler with about 6-7 miles of climbing up and over Oakenclough with a couple of miles of steep descent thrown in.

It was a warm sunny day with a good turn out and I managed just under 82 minutes which I was happy with as my first race since last October.

However I retained the Broadbent family trophy again, and most importantly I managed a PB of sorts, the organisers put on pie and peas afterwards and I managed two portions this year!



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Sunday 27th March: Guiseley Gallop

Report from Howard:
I am writing this report with ice on a slightly swollen ankle. Not, as you might imagine, achieved on the muddy bumps of the race route but walking the dog up the track afterwards! Went over on it, not once but twice, what a dibble! Anyway, as for the race, the route was altered from previous years due to storm damage to the rickety single track suspension bridge over the river. There were two laps, mainly within the woods on, as I have mentioned, quite a lot of wet muddy bumps and trips. The worst for me, was the thought of having to go up a bit of a nightmare hill, not once but twice. Those who know the normal course will also know where I mean and it is one of those where you might walk up pushing your knees, if you’re not a strong uphill runner. Thankfully we went beyond the usual turn off point, in previous years, you approached it from the other direction, so the hill was up to the same elevation but on a far more gradual ascent.
I was pleased that today, I lined up at the start feeling OK and the task for today was to beat, from my age group, the much improved David Wormesley from Hyde Park Harriers. My training is up to about half my normal amount so it was going to be a challenge which I relish. You have to be fairly close to the start in this race, as the first few hundred yards are down a steep stony bank and you need space to see where your feet go. The route then narrows through the woods although there are places to pass if you take a detour or two around trees. David set off a few yards in front but I overtook him going downhill towards the level stretch along the canal. I had expected to pull away but found he had tucked in behind for a while and then, with the confidence of some-one improving and going faster, overtook! Not so fast, I thought and tucked in behind which is always a benefit. The route then went up the hill, previously described and I could sense he was trying to shake me off. Well ha ha, I have not spent hours in a lather on the turbo, to be cut loose that easily. The hill grinds on and up and round before you get the respite of a great downhill stretch. Those familiar with my previous reports will remember I still fancy I can storm downhill. In the words of Woody Allen, it was ‘so long sucker’ and off I shot. At the bottom of the hill you did the same again and I think he was surprised he did not catch me up again on the canal stretch as my race form has been pretty suspect recently (for a known and rectified cause). I kept checking uphill through the woods that the gap was enough and sealed it on the downhill stretch. At the bottom of the descent the route climbs back up quite steeply again to the finish and half way up some-one passed me, no not David but I guessed another in my age group and he was flying compared to me. Never one to miss the opportunity to race, I mustered what strength I had left and held on to the top of the hill about 15 yards adrift. The course then has a short downhill, then turns up to the towards the finish. Made up 5 yards on the downhill, 5 more going up the hill, running out of track so switched up a gear 5 more yards, shoulder to shoulder! He looks up, I think a bit surprised to see me, and damn, he changes up a gear too. Not far to the finish and I can hear the ‘come on Otley’ cries, up on my toes now and it’s ‘so long sucker’ for the second time as I as I leave him in my wake and edge it by 2 seconds at the line. The winner of our age group was a couple of minutes ahead which did not surprise me. What did was that I came second, so not a bad day at the office. The race was won in 36.50 by Chris Miller of Harrogate Harriers and first lady was Emma Clayton of Leeds City in 40.14.



And from Graham:

I think the Guiseley Gallop was the first off-road race I did back in the day, and being walking distance from my house I thought I’d give it another go. Due to the flooding, the footbridge across the Aire was out of action (permanently?) so they’d decided on two laps of Esholt woods instead. This sounded better to me anyway, as the canal bit is pretty boring/painful.

The race started down a fast track through the woods, then a sharp right along by the old water works and along the road. I’d settled into a pace with Ed and Shaun Wilkinson of Keighley and Craven with Emma Clayton (international mountain runner medalist) pulling away a bit. Cutting up-hill for the first time through esholt woods we kept up a decent pace, but it was quite pleasant running through the woods. I’d tried to push on a bit on the descent, but on lap two as we hit the road Ed went in to road-runner mode and quietly slipped away, gaining maybe 20 metres by the woods. I gave up trying to catch him, but had two yellow vests to chase care of Skyrac and Pudsey. I’d been saving myself a bit for the final pull back up to Guiseley, but it wasn’t that bad. I didn’t quite catch the Pudsey vest, finishing in 13th place 40.44. Winner was Chris Miller of Harrogate with Ed finishing a great 8th in 40.10. Emma Clayton was 1st female in 10th, 40.14.

Great results all round. There were plenty of Otley AC guys and gals and the results were out really quickly considering there weren’t electronic timing chips, so here they are:

Pos “”Num “”M “”F “”Name “”Cat “”Cat Pos””Club “”Time 8 427 008 Edward Davies M (005/067) Otley AC 00:40:10 13 201 012 Graham Lake M35 (006/034) Otley AC 00:40:44 20 274 019 Robin Outtersides M35 (007/034) Otley AC 00:42:01 50 183 048 Gary Johnson M (017/067) Otley AC 00:44:51 73 484 070 Steven Robinson M40 (011/032) Otley AC 00:47:27 101 179 092 Howard Jeffrey M60 (002/021) Otley AC 00:49:15 158 449 017 Nicola Lee F35 (004/028) Otley AC 00:53:11 270 34 213 Colin Best M60 (013/021) Otley AC 00:59:13 293 306 224 Philip Robinson M70 (003/003) Otley AC 01:00:45 376 448 252 Sean O’Halloran M35 (033/034) Otley AC 01:08:45 394 7 137 Gloria Jackson F55 (007/009) Otley AC 01:10:59

Rest of results here:

Lots of photos c/o


Sunday 20th March – Trimpell 20

Report from Chris Hosker:

Andy Webster and I again headed for a Marathon build up race on Sunday, this time swapping the hills around Liversedge, for the pancake flatness of Lancaster’s Lune Valley. Having been slightly unnerved about what lay ahead the previous weekend when Andy arrived prepared with a washing up “sick bowl”, I was relieved to see he had left this behind and interpreted this as a sign that this course was going to be less of a challenge. I had gained an unwelcome lesson at Spen 20 when my fuel tanks dropped to zero and my stride became a stagger, then a shuffle, before I ground to a complete halt after 2 hours. Armed with some gels and with much better water support from the organisers (and no hills) things went a lot more smoothly in Lancaster and I managed to make it round in 169th in 2:33.

Andy Webster finished in 276th in 2:45

First male was Iraitz Arrospide, City of Sheffield in 1:52, with first female being Josia Zakrzewski, Durham City Harriers in 2:05

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Sunday 20th March – The Major Series Bramham Park

Report from Stephen Boddy:

I write this report fully aware of its implications. I will accept the condemnation and ostracising that may follow. I will hang my head in shame as I read the reports of more worthy, more pure and (almost certainly) cheaper races that people ran this weekend. I understand that big business obstacle course races are mocked and vilified within the running fraternity and I too have scoffed at them on many occasions. So here is my excuse, sorry my report;

It aStephenBoddyMajorSeriesll began in the pub. A few of my mates were discussing how to get fit in the bloated post-Christmas period and we decided to enter the Major Series. I helpfully pointed on we could get ten entries to the Ilkley Fell Race for the price of one entry to the major series but this fell on deaf ears. So I decided to do the obstacle course with an open mind and I have to say it was a lot of fun.

We did the course as a group of five and stuck together all the way round which took the pressure off and meant it was pretty easy going. The obstacles were cold, wet, muddy, sadistic but, at times, quite funny.(so in many ways, like a fell race)

The main criticism was that there was way too much queuing at certain obstacles which is common complaint but it gave us a chance to have a bit of a chat. I would advocate doing this with a group of mates as we had a great time but if you’re after a 10k PB I’d pick the Abbey Dash over this. Saying that, I did get a course PB on Sunday.


Sunday 20th March – Thirsk 10

Report from Sean O’Halloran:Thirsk10

Road races are like busses for me, nothing for ages and then two in quick succession.

This time I travelled to Thirsk to take part in the Thirsk 10 mile road race, billed as being flat and fast and doubling up as a Yorkshire Vets race.

There was a tremendous Team turnout from Otley with 18 of us on the start line and race conditions were near perfect, sunny with a nip in the air.

I was not sure how the race would go for me having done a half marathon the weekend before but a was hopeful for a PB.

I set off nice and steady and all the way round I tried to catch David the gap closed but never quite managed it. I was pleased to cross the finish line in 01:34:06 and obtain a new PB of just over 9 minutes, I am well chuffed and actually ran better than the week before.

A massive well done to all it was pleasing to see a Team on the start line ! and well done to Emma in completing her first 10 mile race and her longest race to date.

Otley got 3rd team prize! Scott and Mark 1st in their age categories while Joanna (with a new PB of over 13mins) & Philip got 2nd vets trophies for their age categories.

The winner was Jonathan Taylor from Morpeth Harriers AC in 00:49:43 and the first lady was Amelia Pettitt from Billingham Marsh House Harriers in 00:58:07.

For Otley:

Position Name Club Chip Time Gun Time
5 Scott Harrington Otley AC 00:53:44 00:53:44
36 Mark Hall Otley AC 00:58:22 00:58:24
58 Liam Dunne Otley AC 00:59:43 00:59:45
71 Thomas Midgley Otley AC 01:00:42 01:00:44
144 Rogan Ashton Otley AC 01:06:49 01:06:56
242 Steven Robinson Otley AC 01:12:28 01:12:40
287 Nicola Lee Otley AC 01:14:07 01:14:21
384 Sara Elliott Otley AC 01:18:00 01:18:39
459 Stephen Small Otley AC 01:21:15 01:22:16
489 Philip Robinson Otley AC 01:23:37 01:23:55
497 Colin Best Otley AC 01:23:44 01:24:25
498 Andrew Rayner Otley AC 01:23:48 01:24:28
568 Charlotte Tomlinson Otley AC 01:27:17 01:27:44
576 Joanna Hobson Otley AC 01:27:20 01:28:01
662 Gemma Harrington Otley AC 01:32:43 01:33:10
681 David Cattanach Otley AC 01:33:16 01:34:00
699 Sean O’Halloran Otley AC 01:34:06 01:34:54
765 Emma Thomson Otley AC 01:38:40 01:39:28


Sunday 20th March – Heptonstall Fell Race

Report from Tom Pomfrett:

It was a cracking day for a fell race on Sunday so Kirsty and I headed over to Heptonstall to get our fill of the South Pennines. It’s a 15 mile course and the vast majority is flagged which means you can concentrate on running rather than nav. I’d definitely recommend it to anyone who is new(ish) to fell running but fancies taking on a longer race.

After a quick blessing from the local priest (I think all prayers should end with a starters horn!) we were off and in typical fell racing fashion I started way too quickly. The ups were very steep and the downs technical in places and there was even a river crossing thrown in due to a footbridge washed away in the recent floods. The last few miles were pretty brutal with a 30% hill up to the finish but the flapjacks at the end made it worth the effort.

There were 254 runners in total. The winner was Karl Gray from Calder Valley in 1:49:05, first lady was Victoria Wilkinson from Bingley in 2:03:59. Just the two of us from Otley; Tom Pomfrett 75th in 2:31:16 and Kirsty Pomfrett 212th in 3:18:04.


Sunday 20th March – Rivock Edge Fell Race

Report from Andrew Robertshaw:

Although this is my local fell race in Silsden, it’s been quite a while, (8 yrs), since I’ve done this race.  The route is 7 miles with approx. 900ft of ascent to the summit of Rivock Edge, on the edge of Ilkley moor.  I didn’t pay much attention, (read this as “none”), to the route map, thinking it was much the same as the last time I ran.  However after a couple of miles the climb up to the summit cairn has changed a bit.  Not being in a navigational frame of mind & isolated from those ahead I made a few minor errors en-route to the top & another couple on the way back too,  even though it was well flagged all of the way round….

After a fast opening mile on the canal, I moved clear in third & stayed in that position to the end, reasonably pleased with a time I think of 54:45.  Chris Miller, Harrogate Harriers was well clear in first in 50:25, followed by Wharfedale Harrier & first local Jonny Bradshaw a couple of minutes behind.  First lady was Helen Glover, Keighley & Craven in, I think 6th overall.   Bob Baker, Don Buffham & Antonio Cardinale also enjoyed the sunshine.

More details to follow when the results are available.


Saturday 19th March – Clumber Park Standard Duathlon

Report from Howard Jeffrey:

This race was a qualifier for the European championships in 2017 at a venue yet to be decided and also for the World championships in Aviles in June this year. Having dug deep last week and made the cut for the Aviles sprint it was going to be hard to raise my game again less than a week later. I also trained normally again during the week, so no ‘saving it for the weekend’. I looked at the competitors again and there was less competition for places at this race, so if I had a reasonable day I should get the place required to qualify. Even a category win if it all came good. Clumber Park is a beautiful place and I have done a few races here so knew the course. Steady away for the first 10K  (44.04) and I was feeling OK with a known rival (Graham) following until we approached transition where he pulled away slightly. I was however first out of transition (in my age group as it turned out) as it was decision time about what to wear for the 40K bike stretch. I pulled on a windproof suggesting the wind chill on the bike was going to be bad. He decided to do the same and was doing that as I hit the bike. I have normally been a couple of minutes faster on the bike and had a reasonable first 30K. The wind then seemed to get very strong and cold and I could feel myself losing it. Graham caught up at about 37K and went past quite strongly. I cycled in slow motion to the transition and was not too far behind not to be able to catch up on the last 5K run stage on the right day. Not the right day however as another in the age group who I can usually beat went past out of transition. I could not even keep up, let alone catch up and pass, as my legs felt heavy, cold and powerless. Had to remember all the hard  races I have ever done to keep from being swamped in the last few kilometres and managed to hold station and finish third in the age group (24.33). The rest of them were not far behind but I can now decide long or short in Aviles and look forward to hearing the venue for the Euro standard in 2017. Wouldn’t it be good if it were Leeds?


Saturday 19th March – Post Hill Challenge

Report from Graham Lake:

I’d planned to do Heptonstall fell race on Sunday this weekend, but with my wife doing a swimathon I looked at what else was available and decided to do this local race. It’s in the wilds of Pudsey and could pass for a short fell race really. It’s a sort of figure 8 course around a wooded hillside with two ascents of the titular hill, an old motorbike hill-climb which was the ‘challengey’ bit.

About 100 runners lined up, and after a lap of the field to thin the numbers we headed up the hill. It’s not too bad actually, runnable apart from the very top. I set off quite sensibly, but found myself in top 10 by the top, and kicked on quickly through the woods taking a few more places. Hitting the second climb I was in 4th, but got passed by a very speedy Neil Armitage of local club Pudsey & Bramley. I managed to keep up with him for a while and he dragged me up to a Pudsey Pacer as we slipped through the semi-reconstructed trails of the country park. I was feeling strong, I reckon thanks to the hill and speed sessions lately (cheers Liam), and managed to pull away from the Pudsey Pacer chap to finish in 4th place 21.50. The winner was Jonathan Johnson of Harrogate who was a fair way in front of the rest of us in 20.08. Rachel Pilling was first lady in 24.43 (this was just a nice gentle warm up before Heptonstall the next day for her).

Results here:


Saturday 19th March – Park Runs

PB’s all round this week for Otley runners at Woodhouse moor, (ps Robin you need to update your club details on the Park run www…)


Position Gender Position Parkrunner Club Run Time
1 1 Graham Corbett Saltaire Striders 00:17:59
3 1 Eleanor Robinson Keighley & Craven AC 00:18:42
38 35 James Rawstron Otley AC 00:22:11
139 18 Laura Taylor Otley AC 00:26:20
230 184 John Davis Otley AC 00:30:14

Fountains Abbey:

Position Gender Position Parkrunner Club Run Time
1 1 Alex Fawcett Ripon Runners 00:17:37
15 15 Peter Crowder Otley AC 00:20:17
17 1 Chloe Dalton Ripon Runners 00:20:25

Woodhouse Moor:

Position Gender Position Parkrunner Club Run Time
1 1 Jonathan Goringe Birchfield Harriers 00:16:26
3 3 Robin Outtersides Otley AC 00:17:20
38 38 James Kettleborough Otley AC 00:20:47
54 1 Michelle Woodrow Leeds & Bradford Tri Club 00:21:18
213 49 Natalie Kettleborough Otley AC 00:27:20

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