Sunday March 6th: Norton 9

Sunday March 6th: Norton 9

Report from Joanna:

On Sunday, some of the Otley ladies took a trip down to Norton to do the Norton 9 road race. This was a lovely scenic rural 9 mile run around the countryside in North/South Yorkshire taking in several local villages. The route was flat for the most part, with some undulating & hilly bits, so accommodated all of our preferred running styles & we all did really well! This was the first race for Louise who has recently progressed from couch to 5k to a very impressive 9 mile road race time. Some of us had done the race last year and were pleased to shave off a massive chunk off our 9 mile PBs!! Thankfully, the weather was much kinder – NO EVIL WIND – and running conditions were perfect!
Results are 1st male Gareth Sampson 48.19, 1st female Jennifer Rich 56.21

Ann Yeadon 79.51, Laura Hind 79.53, Joanna Hobson 80.02, Emma Thomson 86.03, Louise Penny 87.22

6 thoughts on “Sunday March 6th: Norton 9

  1. Well done to the OAC ladies team, also, really good to see OAC members race out of W Yorks and show the vest. I have done Norton on several ocassions. It is a friendly event but not on an easy circuit. You might want to look at the Askern 10k & 10m in the same area.

  2. I agree with Mark, good showing. I more remember the flat bits as not being level, so always a testing race

  3. Thanks Mark and Howard for the race recommendations I’ll check them out. Yes, you’re right about the terrain, it was “Otley flat” rather than “race track flat”!

  4. Compliments to Louise P. for doing her first 9 miles with 87:22 that is a brilliant result indeed , also Joanna H. ran well in 80:02 in this Norton Road Race and Ann Y.with 79 :51 was the first back home for Otley . Laura H. and Emma T. ran well too on this 9 miles. It is indeed a peculiar distance to organize a race .

  5. Was very proud to cheer our ladies back home in such a great time, think I’ve got some training to do! Was very impressed by Louise and I suspect she’s going to be one to watch this year as she will undoubtedly get stronger and quicker.

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