Sunday 20th March – Trimpell 20

Sunday 20th March – Trimpell 20

Report from Chris Hosker:

Andy Webster and I again headed for a Marathon build up race on Sunday, this time swapping the hills around Liversedge, for the pancake flatness of Lancaster’s Lune Valley. Having been slightly unnerved about what lay ahead the previous weekend when Andy arrived prepared with a washing up “sick bowl”, I was relieved to see he had left this behind and interpreted this as a sign that this course was going to be less of a challenge. I had gained an unwelcome lesson at Spen 20 when my fuel tanks dropped to zero and my stride became a stagger, then a shuffle, before I ground to a complete halt after 2 hours. Armed with some gels and with much better water support from the organisers (and no hills) things went a lot more smoothly in Lancaster and I managed to make it round in 169th in 2:33.

Andy Webster finished in 276th in 2:45

First male was Iraitz Arrospide, City of Sheffield in 1:52, with first female being Josia Zakrzewski, Durham City Harriers in 2:05

One thought on “Sunday 20th March – Trimpell 20

  1. What a difference one week makes Chris , your Trimpell 20 with 2:33 is indeed a good performance , although this one is a flat course with several water stations ,this time you have used all the experience done from the Spen 20 to race with consistency all the way till the finish line . Also Andy W. ran a good race with 2:45 , not bad at all . Well done both of you .

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