Friday 25th March: Calder valley 10

Friday 25th March: Calder valley 10

Hi, I did the Calder Vale 10 mile on Good Friday over near Garstang which I do every year with my sister, nephew and niece. It’s a tough 10 miler with about 6-7 miles of climbing up and over Oakenclough with a couple of miles of steep descent thrown in.

It was a warm sunny day with a good turn out and I managed just under 82 minutes which I was happy with as my first race since last October.

However I retained the Broadbent family trophy again, and most importantly I managed a PB of sorts, the organisers put on pie and peas afterwards and I managed two portions this year!



One thought on “Friday 25th March: Calder valley 10

  1. With about 6-7 miles of climbing this Calder Valley 10 it is indeed hard , and considering the endless hill , your 82 minutes it is a good time , from the pic you show that you are happy with your performance and with your food . Compliments to Ian B. for the PB.

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