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Sunday 13th March – Spen 20

Report from Andy Webster:  It was a perfect Spring day for the Spen 20 race. Chris Hosker and myself were the only Otley runners who made the start line.

This was my third attempt so I had memory of the undulating nature of the course. Chris had stayed just behind me for the first mile and a half. Then he sped off in the distance. I have not raced much this year so was planning on running steadily as part of my marathon preparations.

The miles sped by, just as I started my second loop at around 13 miles the 2 leaders were entering the last couple of miles and heading off to the finish. At about 15 miles just at the last long climb, I could see Chris in the distance walking. He was struggling for energy, so I donated my last gel on the way past.

The last few miles went reasonably smoothly, though was tiring myself. There is a lack of water stations on this route so stopped for two glasses at the last stop. Finally reached the stadium where you have a nice finish on the athletic track.

I finished 140 in 2:48:20 slower than last year but still happy.

Chris Hosker had a second wind and finished in 2:51:27

John Hobbs from Valley Striders came in first 1:56:56
Hannah Oldroyd, Saltaire was first female in 2:12:30,  see full results here.

This weekend have Trimpell 20 to get around which is a much flatter course thankfully.

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11/13th March – FRA Fell Navigational Course

Report from Steve Robinson: The FRA run the same navigational course twice a year, Kettlewell in the spring and Elterwater in the Autumn.  Around 35-40 people attend the course with enough instructors to teach small groups of 4.  So I arrived at around 7.30pm on Friday night and left Sunday afternoon, so £75 for 2 nights in the Youth Hostel with full board and the course itself was pretty good value.
I’ve not really done much map reading and compass work since I was in cubs about 30 years ago!, I have been slowly doing more AM and AL fell races recently so I felt I needed to put that right.  The course is pretty full on with early morning runs prior to the course starting, on the fells all day and then down the pub till late (I was shattered when I got home).
Briefly, the course included map reading, using the compass, night navigation and a solo 10k with controls (checkpoints).  I would recommend this course to anyone as you meet loads of like minded people, spend the whole weekend in the fells and come away with a lot more confidence if things go wrong and the fog comes down………


Sunday 13th March – Silverstone Half Marathon

Report from Sean O Halloran: On Sunday I travelled down the M1 again but this time to Silverstone Race Circuit for the Silverstone Half Marathon. This was to be my first pure road race in 18 months and I can confirm I still much prefer off-road running and racing.

I had done this race twice before and knew what to expect, a flat course in appearance but total elevation gain was just under 300 feet, so not pancake flat. Before the start the weather conditions were cold and foggy, however with 30mins to go the sun broke through and we were bathed warm in sunshine for the whole race (sun burn to prove it).

There were about 7000 runners on the day and an elite wheelchair race. I slotted in around the 2hr mark, this was my target. I was bang on pace for a 1:58 finish time up until mile 7-8, I tried to remain on pace but it was not to be on the day. Slightly disheartened with not finishing under 2hrs (have to do another road half now and try again) I was determined to get a PB. The final miles were not pleasant but I did manage a PB of over 2 mins so relatively happy. The highlight of the day was meeting up with family and friends and watching my brother complete his first half marathon in 02:30:54, nice one Shane !!

In the men’s wheelchair race David Weir took the win in 46:53 while Jade Jones smashed her own course record as she won the women’s wheelchair race in 58:55.

The winner was Michael Aldridge of Wootton Road Runners in a time of 73:07. The first woman to finish was Nicki Nealon of Huncote Harriers in 83:00.

I finished in 4397th in a time of 02:12:20.

That’s one road PB ticked off this year, next week in Thirsk 10 and fingers crossed for another PB.



Sunday 13th March – Bedford Duathlon

Report from Howard Jeffrey: The much awaited sequel to last week’s attempt to qualify for the world age group sprint duathlon finals in Aviles, Spain, started with a 3.00am alarm and a 160 mile drive mostly through fog. No problem! I had ‘rested’ during the week with a couple of short tempo runs and no swimming or biking and no Park run yesterday. You can’t get better in a week before an important race but you can get a lot worse. I had thought this was a make or break for Aviles but I had overlooked I had entered for the standard distance qualifiers as well in the next fortnight. No matter I had set out my stall to do an ‘eyeballs out’ today and make the other contenders take my place from me!

The venue is an old airfield, now with a car race circuit and it was shrouded in a thick, cold mist and visibility was down to about 100 yards. The temperature was just above freezing so it was a might chilly waiting for the start. I had warmed up and kept breaking off the line to stay loose. It was like being young again, I was full of zip and bounce, just got to reign it in to last the course! Back on the start I was surrounded by shivering youngsters and I was glad I had kept moving. The hooter sounded and the usual breakers of rule number one (don’t set off too fast) zoomed off along the tarmac. Two or three minutes in and I was high stepping past them in droves, I felt great. Two laps of the track to do 5K in a solid 20.20. Into transition and with beany hat, windjammer quickly pulled on and a weird cycle helmet perched atop and like Andy from Little Britain, ‘I looked like a Pillock’. No worries, armed against the bleak conditions (cold, damp and a bit of a breeze along the straights which somehow did not blow away the mist) I hit the 20K bike circuit. This was again draft legal which today worked in my favour in two ways. Some of the better bikers caught me up and I was able to dig in and draft behind them. I also lost count of the laps and thought I still had a couple to do (I said it was cold) probably because of the concentration on the wheels in front. Luckily I knew one of the guys who I have always passed on the last run leg and he turned into second transition so I followed the group in, otherwise I would probably still be out there lost in ‘The Mist’ (remember that film?..Spooky). The day was quite eerie with the shroud of mist silencing everything and the barely visible shadows of riders and runners on other parts of the course.

I overshot my bike rack which cost a few seconds but no places as I bounded off for the second 2.5K run, still feeling pretty perky (11.33). Was it all worth it Amigos?…Si, Yo voy a Aviles!!  I came in 5th in the group and 3rd qualifier within 5% (has to be within 15%) of the winning time in the age group for automatic qualification, so the tickets and hotel I had (rather optimistically) already booked will come in dead handy!

I am pitching at the standard as well because if the training goes well I can usually give those foreign gentlemen a better run for their money in the longer distance.


Saturday 12th March – Park Runs

Woodhouse Moor parkrun

A total of 391 runners took part.

View full results for Woodhouse Moor parkrun event #446


Position  ↓ Gender Position  ↓ parkrunner  ↓ Club  ↓ Run Time  ↓
1 1 Phillip TEDD Thames Hare & Hounds 00:16:49
19 1 Treena JOHNSON Dewsbury Road Runners 00:18:56
297 93 Alice WEBSTER Otley AC 00:29:57


Bradford parkrun

A total of 363 runners took part.

View full results for Bradford parkrun event #301


Position  ↓ Gender Position  ↓ parkrunner  ↓ Club  ↓ Run Time  ↓
1 1 Martin FILLINGHAM Saltaire Striders 00:17:51
10 1 Sarah PICKERING Ilkley Harriers AC 00:19:58
168 38 Nicola GILL Otley AC 00:27:57


Fountains Abbey parkrun

A total of 315 runners took part.

View full results for Fountains Abbey parkrun event #104


Position  ↓ Gender Position  ↓ parkrunner  ↓ Club  ↓ Run Time  ↓
1 1 Andrew WALKER Reigate Priory AC 00:16:49
19 1 Donna RIDDLER Ripon Runners 00:20:09
26 24 Peter Andrew CROWDER Otley AC 00:20:35


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Ilkley Moor Fell Race 21st Feb 2016

Well done to the Juniors who braved the mud and the wind for this tough race. The Juniors are set off in age groups with a minute gap between groups. The difficulty with this race is getting to the first climb as soon as you can to avoid the bottle neck. All the Juniors ran really well but a big shout out to Alice Webster for finishing the race this year!

See below for a link to the results and words from the race organiser.

From 2016 race organiser Jane McCarthy…….. Congratulations to all the 228 finishers at the Ilkley Junior Fell Race in very MUDDY conditions – what a superb turnout! Congratulations to Finn Kerry of Holmfirth Harriers as 1st U16 boy. Apologies for missing the result. All results are correct with times adjusted for age categories. See you all next year!!. 2016 Results. Well done and many thanks to Jane and all the volunteers involved with the organisation on the day.

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Saturday 27th February: Bolton Abbey half marathon trail race

Report from Andy Webster:

It was a cold day, but I was looking toward to running around Bolton Abbey. Started at 12:30 small field of about 70 runners. Have been marathon training so my legs are in a permanent state of fatigue.

The route started from Cavendish Pavillions went up to Barden Bridge, down to Bolton Abbey loop around some boggy fields and then a further loop around Cavendish Pavillions up to Barden Bridge and back to Cavendish Pavillions to finish on my watch in 1:53:22. No official times as the timings all went wrong.

Anyway another run down and back to the 20 mile training runs.


Sunday 6th March: Oulton park duathlon

Report from Howard:

The Oulton Park duathlon is one of only two late qualifiers for the world championships in Aviles in Spain in June. With almost the ‘arrogance’ of Steve Ovett (see youtube ‘arrogance personified’) I had already booked to go to Aviles in anticipation! I am in Lisbon doing the Euro tri champs the previous weekend, so Jacque and I are making a holiday of the whole thing rather than come back. I knew qualification was going to be a tough ask on several levels. First the finals are geographically close, so a lot of people will want to go. There are only two late qualifiers separated by one week and there are often four, widely spaced and also the sport of du and triathlons is increasing in popularity exponentially. The last reason being I have had chronic bronchitis since last June, remember me complaining about a constant cough. I finally pressured the doctors, three of whom did not think I had a chest infection, into doing some proper tests. Guess what .. a chest infection! Anyway armed with the right antibiotics I made the start line without a rattling chest for the first time in 9 months.
On the drive over the Pennines the weather was doing weird and wonderful things. It was an early start so the sun came up like a spectacular desert sunrise and because the ground was cold and damp the hills were shrouded in an ethereal mist. It was like I was on my way to I told myself, I am on my way to Aviles! Then that all went away and the snow came down and the wind gusted and it was -5 going over the top. It was going to be a tough day at the races. It got so bad at some points that I thought it would be abandoned but when I got to the venue the sun came out and apart from the cold and stiff breeze not bad at all.
We lined up at the start on the racing circuit and off we went with the usual mad surge of people starting too fast. I found a steady pace straight away and did the first run leg of 4.3K in 18.33. This relates to 20.48 for 5K which is about as fast as I can manage at the moment. The cycle leg was the first time draft legal so I had been a bit nervous about inexperienced cyclists, including myself, causing problems. In the event it made no difference except to the front end racers. It did of course mean I had to go back to my trusty Boardman road bike instead of my fast TT. It was cool and the breeze was strong but I managed to get within a minute of my previous fastest bike time on this course, so I must be improving on the bike. I still felt good at the start of the second run and unbelievably did 18.33 for the second run as well, after a hard ride, so very pleased with that. The total time was 1.23.54 which was less than 3 minutes down on my best time here two years ago and I could not have done any more.
The first four in each age group get automatic qualification and two more provided they are all within 115% of the winners time in that group. I was 7th by about 35 seconds but I could not have even found another 3 but whether I had or not was academic as the winner in our group was ridiculously fast and set the bar very high with 1.10.20! Only three others were within 115% and I was about 118%. I got home and immediately entered the only other qualifier at Bedford aerodrome next Sunday to have another go. It will be a tall order again for the same reasons and I think the only way I will make it, unless I have a blinder next week, is by the discretion of the GB team management. I have hopes because there were only two qualification races and not the usual three or four, I have a solid track record and the winner in this race is obviously of a world class standard and set the bar very high which you might expect for a world championship anyway! I think the team management want as many people in the team for the finances but not to be embarrassed by too low performances. I am really looking forward to mixing it with the best next week but at the moment I think I have more chance of getting to Avalon!


Sunday March 6th: Norton 9

Report from Joanna:

On Sunday, some of the Otley ladies took a trip down to Norton to do the Norton 9 road race. This was a lovely scenic rural 9 mile run around the countryside in North/South Yorkshire taking in several local villages. The route was flat for the most part, with some undulating & hilly bits, so accommodated all of our preferred running styles & we all did really well! This was the first race for Louise who has recently progressed from couch to 5k to a very impressive 9 mile road race time. Some of us had done the race last year and were pleased to shave off a massive chunk off our 9 mile PBs!! Thankfully, the weather was much kinder – NO EVIL WIND – and running conditions were perfect!
Results are 1st male Gareth Sampson 48.19, 1st female Jennifer Rich 56.21

Ann Yeadon 79.51, Laura Hind 79.53, Joanna Hobson 80.02, Emma Thomson 86.03, Louise Penny 87.22


Saturday 5th March: Podium 5k

Report from Mark Hall:

This race took place in Barrowford not far from Colne. It uses a purpose built 1km cycle racing circuit to be run 5 times and is very fast and flat. It is unusual in that the start time is 18.30 on a Saturday evening. There are 2 races, the B race is for runners with a fastest time of 17.30. The A race any runner faster than this. I opted for the faster race in the hope of getting pulled along to a faster time. The front end of the race attracted some quality runners with excellent times. Elish McColgan and Helen Clitheroe were in the womens field. I started as fast as I could and tried to hold on for 5k, no other way to run such a short event and was pleased to get under 17 minutes which was my target. I finished 36th from a field of 40! 39th place was17.41!

This event generally only attracts racers and did not see any fun runners (this is not disrespectful to fun runners just fact and promise I am not being elitist!) The field is small and fast. It’s £5 to enter, no changing rooms, no t shirt, medal or prizes, unless you win. It is a super atmosphere as everyone anticipates fast times. The organisation is excellent and very relaxed. If you want a PB this is for you the next event is in June.

I took a few seconds off the club record and also set a V55 UK best alongside my 10k and half marathon UK bests (Power of 10)

Winner: Chris Parr, Gateshead Harriers 14.43, Mark Hall: 16.57 (36th) 40 runners, 1st V55