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Saturday 30th April – 3 Peaks Fell Race

Report from Tom Lynch:

The interesting weather in the week leading up to the 62nd Three Peaks Race meant that all 3 Peaks had a dusting of snow at the start of the race on Saturday. Conditions were pretty chilly, but the sun was out for the start, and it seemed like it was going to be perfect running weather, however the forecast indicated it was going to turn grim around midday. Otley’s team consisted of me and Ed Davies, although I didn’t actually manage to catch Ed at any point before, during or after the race.

I had a good start and felt comfortable on the climb and descent of Pen-y-Ghent with the fresh snow actually providing better descending conditions than slippery mud. On the run over to High Birkwith/Ribblehead I developed a bit of stitch, but kept going on a sub-4hr pace, with the hope of it easing. By the time I reached the foot of Whernside and after I had taken on some food, I realised the stitch really wasn’t going anywhere and I was going to have to manage it as best I could. The climb of Whernside is tough, not made any easier by the snow, nevertheless I still felt OK coming over the top. The weather turned to sideways hail/snow on the top of Whernside, and the slush and poor visibility made descending difficult, although I managed to take back a few of the places I had lost on the way up. I only realised afterwards but this is the closest I came to catching Ed, coming within a minute or two of him on the descent, although it was a long way from his best performance as he was struggling with feeling a bit under the weather. On the way down I saw the mountain rescue ambulances heading up with flashing lights, hopefully everyone was OK, I haven’t heard of any incidents.

View of the final climb of the day

View of the final climb of the day

I was still feeling OK at Hill Inn, but after I had left, on the early slopes going up to Ingleborough I really started to feel out of energy, having had trouble eating much. I pretty much crawled up the first steep face of Ingleborough, and by the top was wondering how I was going to carry on with the second extra climb to the actual summit still to come. As is tradition Andrew Robertshaw was waiting with some Jelly Babies at this point, and I think these pretty much salvaged my race, the effect was almost instant and I summoned the energy to carry on to the summit check point. Andrew told me that at this point Ed had about 8 minutes lead on me. I wasn’t feeling great on the descent back into Horton, but I don’t think anyone ever is, and with another handful of Jelly Babies collected on the way back from the check point I managed to make relatively good time back to the finish.

The winner of the race was Marc Lauenstein (Team Salomon) in a time of 2:48:58, with a 1-2-3 for the Salomon team, and the women’s winner was Victoria Wilkinson (Bingley) in 3:26:47, Ed came in at 4:02:54, and I followed around 8 minutes back in 4:10:53. The race was also the 2016 Yorkshire Fell Championships, the Men’s was won by Karl Gray (Calder Valley), 2nd Jack Wood (Ilkley) and Otley resident Adam Osborne (Leeds City) 3rd. Victoria Wilkinson was 1st for the women, followed by Helen Berry (Holmfirth) and Julie Briscoe (Wakefield).

Full (provisional) results here:

And lots of free photos here:


Saturday 30th April – ParkRuns


Position Gender Position parkrunner Club Run Time
1 1 Sam Clegg Idle AC 00:17:42
6 1 Hannah Oldroyd Airedale Dodgers 00:18:49
94 86 Eriks Zvaigzne Otley AC 00:24:50
255 185 Reid Haddow Otley AC 00:31:05


Position Gender Position parkrunner Club Run Time
1 1 Daniel Robinson Birmingham Athletics and Tri 00:16:26
8 1 Kate Wright Stratford-upon-Avon AC 00:18:06
44 43 Richard Clarke Otley AC 00:21:00

Fountains Abbey:

Position Gender Position parkrunner Club Run Time
1 1 Ben Pease Ripon Runners 00:16:55
6 6 Peter Crowder Otley AC 00:18:28
32 1 Emma Sorby Ripon Runners 00:21:07

Horton Park:

Position Gender Position parkrunner Club Run Time
1 1 Oliver Carter Spenborough & D AC 00:19:08
5 1 Maria Rhodes Queensbury RC 00:23:00
6 5 Michael Hastings Otley AC 00:23:01
18 3 Claire Hastings Otley AC 00:28:24

Woodhouse Moor:

Position Gender Position parkrunner Club Run Time
1 1 John Hobbs Valley Striders AC 00:16:29
9 1 Sophie Lee City of Hull AC 00:18:51
34 33 Christian Hosker Otley AC 00:20:44
395 140 Gloria Jackson Otley AC 00:32:22

and last week (23 April) here.

Bradford: Caron Ralph 24:09, Eriks Zvaigzne 25:16, Stephen Small 25:21, John Davis 26:58 (PB).   Fountains Abbey: Peter Crowder 18:28 (PB).   Roundhay: Sarah Jones 29:47.   Wetherby: Howard Jeffrey 25:26

and the 16th April here 

Bradford: James Rawstron 21:15, John Davis 28:39.   Cross Flatts: Jenson Brogden 21:12, Holly Davey 22:14.   Fountains Abbey: Peter Crowder 20:48.   Harrogate: Rachel Morrison 35:01.   Horton Park: Claire Hastings 28:20.   Sewerby: Stephen Small 23:37.   Woodhouse Moor: 1st Robin Outtersides 17:23, Zack Whitehead 17:58, James Kettleborough 21:16, Nicola Lee 22:25,  Natalie Ketteborough 27:59.

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Thursday 28th April – Dick Hudson Fell Race

Report from Stephen Boddy: I signed up for the Dick Hudson Fell Race with high hopes and a spring in my step, the recent lengthening of the evening light had made me drop my guard and tricked me into thinking this would be a nice pleasant run up the moors with views a plenty. We arrived amid a hail/snow/sleet storm (it was white) and it was bitingly cold. I was just starting to worry that my three layers might not be sufficient when up bounded Liam in short shorts and a T-shirt. I quietly chided myself on my lack of fell toughness whilst simultaneously putting my hat and gloves on.

Despite Robin Outtersides and I arriving at the start with about 25 mins to spare before the 7pm start, I waited until 6.59pm to find a ‘toilet’ thus nearly missing the start. The starter’s announcement was simple; “You can go any way you want to Dick Hudson’s, and come any way you want back.” Sensing an opportunity for adventure and navigational gains, I promptly followed the crowd along the obvious path. Opportunity missed.

The race started with the very steep climb past White Wells which drained my legs completely, the constant clag and mud that followed meant it was hard to get any energy back in them and I felt I was battling with myself all the way to the pub and back until the fantastic descent back to the start. I was lucky to be following at a distance someone who picked a great line down the hill and I felt like Earnest Dalzell coming down into the finish.

Not too sure how other people did but Robin, Sam Stell and Bob Addey were at the finish when I got there, they all looked like they’d been there a while. Liam was in third when he came past me on the way back but there was talk of a few of the lead runners taking a wrong turn on the way home. Results



Sunday 24th April – Yorkshire Vets Grand Prix at Honley

Report from Graham Lake: Seven intrepid ‘Veterans’ headed through the maze of Huddersfield to Honley for the first YVAA Grand Prix Race. It was 6 mile-ish race up  a loooong climb through some woods and up an old lane before crossing some fields (lots of styles, not much style) and a mad dash down through the woods (avoiding the over friendly Alpacas) to the finish.
Sara Elliott was our only female representative and finished 24th in 55.30 Ladies winner Tanya Seager finished 7 minutes (!) ahead of 2nd place lady in 40.57.
Mens winner was Gavin Mulholland of Stainland Lions in 39.14
Liam Dunne was first back for Otley in 3rd 40.06 and 2nd M40
Graham Lake in 6th 42.40 3rd M35 (it’s rare I ever win anything, so my out of date sportshoe voucher was very exciting)
Rob Fearnley 75th 59.02
Phil Robinson 76th 59.14
Billy Rayner 78th 60.07
David Cattanach 86th 67.37
Next race in series is West Park, then one in Kirkstall which are obviously much closer to home!

Report from Liam Dunne:  Seven Otley AC members made the trip over to Honley on Sunday for the first of the Yorkshire Vets Grand Prix series. Weather conditions were a little cool but good for this tough, mainly off-road event, consisting of almost 6miles and 290m of ascent.

The event started on the field next to the Holmfirth Harriers clubhouse and after nearly two laps of the field we began the long gradual winding climbs. The course was mainly made up fairly dry tracks and trails with a little road and a lot of stiles to negotiate. Nearly all the climbing was done in the first half of the race, and despite the heavy legs, this made for a fast and pleasant run through to the finish.

First home was M40 man Gavin Mulholland of local club Stainland Lions in a time of 39.14 and for the ladies it was F40 Tanya Seagar also of Stainland Lions who romped home 1st in an impressive time of 40.57 to take the first lady prize and 5th overall. Back in the clubhouse there was a good friendly atmosphere with the welcome sight of lots of tea and cakes for all whilst the presentation was taking place. Well done all!Full results from



Sunday 24th April – London Marathon

Report from Andrew Webster: I have learnt today the marathon is a race you need to respect. Had completed Manchester two weeks before, and had only run 9 miles since over two runs.

I did not know what to expect at all today. Arrived at Blackheath for just before 9 AM completed all my race preparations and felt relaxed. I was really unsure on my race strategy today, did not know whether my legs had recovered and whether the previous 26 miles set me up.
I had started Manchester at 8 minute mile pace, and felt comfortable to 20. Thought try the same again so could ease back if necessary. Got to 13 miles bang on pace 1:45 felt ok. Next 2-3 miles felt I was becoming tired and eased off reset my goals and dropped to 8.20-30 pace. By 16 miles I suddenly felt awful and my mile times dropped dramatically around 14 minute miles at one point. I was suddenly looking at a 4.30 finish potentially.  Had a bag of jelly babies and a fudge piece, I was slightly better but only improved to 11 minute miles, and legs never really got better. At mile 23 I saw the collapsed runner, who looked in a bad way and was being treated by course medical team. Persevered to the end, and managed to finish in 4:13:57. Not what I had hoped, but glad I finished. I won’t run another back to back marathon again, but the experience was worth it, however unpleasant at the time.

Walking to meet and greet though I was going to collapse. A helpful policeman got me to the Meet and great, and lent me his phone to call Helen who was at A! Not W. Kindly given Sprite a chair and jelly babies by children’s cancer charity. Hobbled back to the tube, and resting up in St Albans at my brother in law. Not been put off, planning to do Chester in October hopefully.


Thursday 21st April – Race 4 Eric Smith Handicap Trophy – Fewston

The fourth race of the year saw Daniel Mundet, running his first handicap, finish well clear of handicap veteran David Cattanach.  Holly Davey crossed the line in a fine third, just beating coach Hugh Pearson in fourth.

However I mistakenly sent off Holly and Sara 30 seconds ahead of schedule and Stephen Boddy 90 seconds late together with Rob arriving a little late.  So after all of these adjustments the results show Rob and Stephen in 3rd and 4th.  Some rogue flour sent a few off into the woods losing about 5 minutes,  so I’ve decided to give 5 points to Ian, Dominic, Sara and Stephen Small.  Jenson unfortunately had retire hurt after a fall on the steps.

Scott showed no signs of post marathon fatigue recording the fastest time on the night of 21:43, Robin and Graham also sped round with sub 24 minute times.

Top of the handicap table hasn’t changed too much with Tom Pomfrett still leading on 63 points,  11 ahead of John Armitstead and 13 on David Cattanach who leapt to 3rd after finishing second on the night, see the full handicap table here.

The handicap for May is a ‘sealed’ handicap using the Swaledale Harrogate League race, Tues. 31st May.

Pos Time H’Cap Net Time Points
1 Daniel Mundet 39:29 06:30 32:59 28
2 David Cattanach 41:11 05:00 36:11 27
3 Rob Fearnley 41:38 10:00 31:38 26
4 Stephen Boddy 41:54 13:30 28:24 25
5 Hugh Pearson 41:59 11:30 30:29 24
6 Antonio Cardinale 42:05 00:00 42:05 23
7 Holly Davey 42:10 13:00 29:10 22
8 Rogan Ashton 42:19 17:30 24:49 21
9 Madeleine Delucchi 42:32 07:30 35:02 20
10 Graham Lake 42:50 19:30 23:20 19
11 Ann Yeadon 42:52 09:30 33:22 18
12 Steve Robinson 42:53 16:30 26:23 17
13 Tom Lynch 42:55 18:00 24:55 16
14 Tom Hannah 42:58 06:30 36:28 15
15 Tom Pomfrett 43:03 18:30 24:33 14
16 Carol Armitstead 43:11 09:00 34:11 13
17 Ged Peacock 43:11 09:00 34:11 13
18 Michael Pickard 43:12 15:00 28:12 11
19 Scott Harrington 43:13 21:30 21:43 10
20 John Armitstead 43:19 15:30 27:49 9
21 Lisa Maughan 43:20 07:30 35:50 8
22 Robin Outtersides 43:26 20:30 22:56 7
23 Nicola Lee 43:39 14:30 29:09 6
24 Ian Broadbent 48:05 13:30 34:35 5
25 Dominic Egan 48:39 10:30 38:09 5
26 Sara Elliott 48:40 13:00 35:40 5
27 Stephen Small 48:44 13:30 35:14 5
28 Jenson Brogden  dnf  due to  a fall


Tuesday 19th April: Bunny run relays

Report from Graham:

Lovely warmish evening for some relay action on the Haworth moors. We had two teams in action, Bob Baker, Sean O’Halloran and Caron Ralph made up ‘Otley’s Finest’ and myself and Andrew Robertshaw went under Otley Oeufs. The race is basically three of the longer circuits from the Bunny Runs, so only 1.5miles per leg. Easy eh? Dunno about that; I don’t think my lungs have hurt so much after a race, it’s absolutely flat-out pain all the way round. Andrew was running 2 legs, and handed over first leg just behind a couple of other teams. I managed to overtake 3 (juniors) very early on, then there was a big gap to the Barlick team in front, so it was tough going closing very slowly as we negotiated the moorland and quarry. I finished just behind Barlick and another runner, handing the egg over to Andrew who shot off after Bunny Relay record holder Katie Walshaw, overtaking her on the rocky descent and managing to pull away over the lap which was some effort. We finished in 8th place in a respectable 31.52. Andrew ran two very fast and consistent legs of 10.41 and 10.38, so thoroughly deserved his two Creme Eggs. I can’t tell you the ins and outs of the other team’r run, but they finished in 82nd in 46.13 and we all thoroughly enjoyed the evening.
The winning team was Tom Corrigan, James Craig and Luke Maud in 28.43.


Lots of piccies:

bunny1 bunny2


Sunday 17th April: Vale of York 10m

Report from Mark Hall:
This was my third 10m race this year after Snake Lane (poor weather) Thirsk (poor form) I decided to run in this new event, this despite it being a scandalous £18 to enter! It is advertised as flat but sure I ran up a few long drags this was confirmed by other runners and not me hallucinating! I mentioned this to the organiser and he said he had driven the circuit in a car and it was flat! My target was a UK best V55 at 10m, I had missed it by 9 seconds at Thirsk so I was pleased to lower it here by 6 seconds think I also managed to shave a few seconds off the club record ( sorry if all this sounds like an old bloke blowing his own trumpet!) Conditions were very good with only a light wind. There were 3 of us from OAC (see above). I did not see Rogan or Phil after the event so I am not sure if they are pleased with their runs. There were 767 finishers.
A note on the winner, he had part of his arm missing and appeared to have one eye either missing or severely damaged. a remarkable performance.

Winner:Wondiye Indelbu U/A 51.00

1st woman: Hannah Oldroyd, Saltaire Striders 60.59

Mark Hall, 11th, 58.07, 1st V55

Rogan Ashton, 52nd, 64.42

Phil Robinson, 334th, 83.33, 2nd V70



Sunday April 17th: RAB mini mountain marathon

Report from Hannah:

As I’m turning 40 this year I’ve decided to do things that push me out of my comfort zone and being friends with Sarah Fuller eventually means that the events she enters start to sound normal(ish). Last year she told me about the mini RABs that cater for newbies as well as elite and I was hooked on the idea of entering one. So that’s what I did and after my initial victim ended up with an injury I roped in Sara Richard as she’s as daft as me.

For those that don’t know what one is it’s basically a treasure hunt to collect points within a time limit. This one was on Grasmere Common in the Lakes and we had 4 hours from receiving our map with check points on to plan our route to get as many points as possible and get back to base. Otherwise the points we had collected would start to be reduced depending on how late we were, 30 mins late and all points were lost. No pressure then.

We picked our route with contingencies in case we were running out of time or got lost, thanks for that tip Sarah, and off we went. We easily found the first two checkpoints and picked up 30 points, no mishaps apart from me losing one leg in a bog but what’s new we’re all used to that these days!

Read the rest of this entry »


Saturday 16th April:European Sprint Duathlon Championships

Report from Howard:

The latest adventure to finish in front of as many Germans as possible on their home patch in Kalkar started at 5.00am on Thursday at the Wetherby motorway services followed by a 15 hour coach journey! Not quite as gruelling as it sounds as it was one of these long haul ‘luxury’ (a bus?) vehicles which had facilities on board and acres of space. The ferry crossing was also super smooth and the accommodation, when we got there at midnight, was in a converted power station that (they say!) had never been commissioned. It is now some kind of family theme park with snow-capped mountains (a nice touch) painted on the cooling tower, in an otherwise pancake flat but pretty landscape by the Rhine. Well organised event as you would expect in Germany and all the usual routine of picking up numbers, reccying the course passed Friday. My event started at 6.00pm on the Saturday so I watched the Standard races from 13.00 to pass the time. The weather was grim with strong gusts of wind and some wicked squalls one or two of which appeared to be hail ( I was watching out of my hotel window by that time!). Nothing like as bad as the event last year but enough for me to be glad I was doing the short race.

Come 6.00 pm the rain had gone and the wind was a bit less strong and I lined up feeling about as sharp as I could given the reduced training schedule of late. The first 5 K went out and back along the bank of the Rhine and I managed 21.35 and was within myself comfortably for that. The transition was indoors so although ideal my transition was a bit sluggish compared to some of the others (time to re-evaluate), had a pretty strong 20K bike leg and was upper middle of the group in terms of time. There were two laps of flat smooth tarmac with a couple of technical corners but the wind was strong, cross, face and gusting, so I was glad again I had chosen the short race. Another ‘leisurely’ transition for me again and I was struck with a calf cramp whilst pulling on my running shoe. Disaster? I thought oh no I have not had cramp in a race for 20 years and I am going to have to limp to the finish after getting to this point quite solidly. As luck would have it I was able to stretch and massage the wooden calf back into life and had a brisk 11.36 final 2.5K to the finish.
How many Germans did I finish in front of?? None… in my age group (one from a younger age group though, so that counts), a solitary Belgian and half a dozen other Brits. This time I was 16th out of 23 but half the field was spread over less than 4 minutes. I can gain those by shedding the 8lbs over race weight I have been carrying because of the lack of training and discipline, plus a bit more focus (and practice) in transition without any more actual training which I hope to gradually increase over the summer so looking forward to moving up the field a bit.
Next weekend is the English National Championships for the Standard duathlon at Stockton (no Germans there!) and then the European Long distance duathlon in Copenhagen (flying to that one) the following weekend to lock horns with some more of our Euro-brothers.

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