Sunday April 3rd – Blubberhouses 25

Sunday April 3rd – Blubberhouses 25

Report from President Podd: Six Black and Whites met up in Norwood Village Hall to test themselves on the LDWA Blubberhouses 25 on a fair day that improved to sun later. This was the first race I have done for ages, that I didn’t have my coat on – nice change. Tom and Kirsty Pomfrett went off ahead and had left before we finished. Sara R, Sarah F, Liz F and I ran together. I was happy not to race, but have a social run as I’m saving myself for the Fellsman in a fortnight and wanted to test out my legs. Luckily they worked well and niggles seem to have stopped. A lovely run with lots of laughs, chat and slippery mud . The food was up to it’s usual high standard. Home made cake at Rocking Hall and a full buffett below Beamsley Beacon, which set us up for the Round Hill bogs that tried to eat Sara.

We finished in 5 1/2 Hrs. These LDWA events are so friendly and well organised – and all for £7. Results will appear here

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  1. I wish I was there running with such lovely group and President Matt P. as well because the Blubberhouses 25 route is so beautiful , and what’s more , good food , home made cake , full buffett , and eating bogs , just a fantastic day. Well done everyone , also to Tom and Kirsty P. who ran strongly .

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