Tuesday 5th April – Bunny Run 2

Tuesday 5th April – Bunny Run 2

Report from Andrew Robertshaw:

First the excuses… I left my ‘eyes‘ in Silsden & keys to the house in my car, & travelling in Caron’s car it was glasses or semi blindness, at least I had some studs to grip on the slippy muddy descents, not so unfortunately for Liam, of course without these excuses Otley would have had a 1,2 finish but hey ho 🙂

Bunny runs are laps rounds Penistone Country park, Haworth, a short fast, flattish, ‘egg stage‘ to start, followed by a large lap with a couple of steeper descents & climbs, finishing off with an extra bit of downhill, & climb before a short sprint down to the finish line.  As the route is a bit less than 3 miles the races are very popular with the juniors, whose enthusiasm at the start makes it difficult for veterans to keep up with, but hope to catch later on..

Star of the night for Otley was Graham Lake who had a great run to finish 21st, 18:12, (although brother Andrew to the family honours in 13th, 17:27).  I was 31st, 19:01 followed by Liam Dunne 38th, 19:27, (inc. a couple of falls), Caron Ralph was next home for Otley, 160th, 24:34, just ahead of Bob Baker 164th, 24:46 & a fast starting Rob Fearnley, 189th 25:51, (nearly 3 mins, faster than race 1).  Thoroughbred Don Buffham unluckily pulled a fetlock on the ‘Egg Stage‘ lap so wisely decided to call it a day.

Tom Adams, Ilkley H. was a clear winner, in 15:22,  just a couple of days after his emphatic victory at the Baildon Boundary Way, 1st lady was junior Erica Byram, Holmfirth H 19:19.

Bob Baker & Rob Fearnley both ran in last weeks Bunny run 1 finishing in times of 25:29 & 28:37,  a race also won by Mr Adams, 15:35.  1st lady Katie Walshaw, Holmfirth H. 18:26.   Lots of photos & results of the agony on Woodentops here.

6 thoughts on “Tuesday 5th April – Bunny Run 2

  1. I know, he gets better and better! Bunny runs are always good value-£2.50 to enter which includes a Creme Egg and soup in the pub after, ending with a chocolate throw out! Well done The Lake brothers and all other black and whites, I spent most of the race with Bob breathing down my neck, next time I think he will be in front. Brilliant run by Rob Fearnley-you know what you’re in for at number 3!

  2. I’m taking my first ever victory over Liam whether he had ice skates on or not! 😉 Planning on paying Caron to hide Andrews contact lenses next race too. Same again next week?

  3. Think you’ll be speedy without that Graham! Hopefully doing next Tuesday, never done the relay before so may attempt that too!

  4. you lot must be rabbitting on eggstatically. Well done to all, with Graham and Rob top hoppers.

  5. Nice report from Haworth by Andrew R. and his 19:01 done with glasses it is a strong run , Liam D with 19:27 is running with solid consistency and Graham L. nowadays is just flying his 18:12 is fabulous , Caron R. with 24:34 had a superb running in this Penistone muddy 3 miles lap. Well done to all who ran the Bunny Run 2.

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