Sunday 10th April – Manchester Marathon

Sunday 10th April – Manchester Marathon


Pos Chip Time Category Cat Pos Club
1 Steven Bayton 02:22:34 OVR 1 Hallamshire H
81 Kelly Crickmore 02:48:04 OVR 1 Stockport H
16 Scott Harrington 02:32:33 V35 1 Otley AC
1650 Christian Hosker 03:28:00 V35 319 Otley AC
2556 Andrew Webster 03:40:52 V40 458 Otley AC
6745 Gemma Harrington 04:35:51 V35 1702 Otley AC
6747 Charlotte Tomlinson 04:35:51 SEN 1704 Otley AC

Report from Gemma Harrington:

Scott on his way to a pb

It all started last year when I decided to celebrate my 3 year anniversary of running by entering a marathon! My original plan was to do London but with added pressure of having to raise a massive amount for charity as well as working, kids, life and training I decided to join Charlotte and do Manchester which she had already entered. Having not run much at all last year my training started back in October/November by just getting my fitness back and running 4 times a week. Training went well and managed to build up to 22miles without much of a problem with charlotte as my training partner and managed half marathon and 10k PB’s in the process. About 3 weeks to go and I started to get severe pain in my left knee every time I ran more than 2miles. It was not looking good and I thought I was going to have to pull out, gutted was not the word! I had sports physio and massage and with my leg taped up I made the decision with 5 days to go to give a go, how could I not after all the training?!

Race day came and with Scott (and Mike Jeffries from Richmond running club) we headed over to the dark side in what was perfect running conditions. The race itself is pretty flat on closed roads through greater Manchester. Race village was at Manchester cricket ground and was not particularly organised with massive queues for bag drop and toilets, but that’s another story! We started at 9am and charlotte & myself set off with a view to do 9:40min/miles which we managed quite well up to 10miles. We managed to see Scott twice quite early on as there were a couple of loops. We then headed out through Stretford and on to Altringham where there was a massive out and back from 9.5 to 17miles where we also saw Andrew Webster who looked good just behind the 3:30 pacer. From about 11miles my leg started to hurt but giving up and a DNF was not an option! With Charlotte’s continuous support, encouragement, slowing down slightly and stopping regularly to stretch my leg we battled on! Support from various family, Millie and Oliver, friends dotted around the route and Chris Char’s husband on his bike riding next to us a few times the miles left started going down! Chris even phoned Scott when we were about mile 19 on loud speaker so we could find out how he had got on! Scott got a massive PB of 2 minutes, finished 16th position in 2:32:33 and 1st V35!! This gave us a much needed boost! This was an amazing result with 9368 finishers and lots of others that didn’t finish. The weather had warmed up a bit and misplaced mile markers as well as pain certainly made me struggle! Charlotte was buzzing and really enjoyed the last 6miles and that got me through. The crowds and entertainment were brilliant and finally we were heading towards the finish line……hallelujah!! However the finish line wasn’t quite where we thought it should be according to our watches, and finally at 26.46 miles we were finished! (Have we completed an ultra then?! Social media has gone into meltdown with this issue). We got a refreshing pint of Erdinger beer when we finished (isotonic & alcohol free!!) a goody bag and a fabulous medal. Yay!! We had done it! Our time was 4:35:51 a bit slower than planned but an achievement nonetheless! We have also managed to raise money for 2 amazing charities in the process! (you can still sponsor Charlotte & myself via justgiving! 😉 )

I think a marathon is like childbirth, it takes 9months of preparation, hours to complete, emotional, very painful but the pain fades fast in your memory! Will I do another?! Quite possibly!……..

….and Andy Webster reports:

My second attempt at the Manchester marathon, and I think my 11th marathon (plus one race of 38 miles never to be repeated). The day did not start well, stuck in traffic for the official car park and getting lost in the road diversions, meant I had leave my wife to park the car while I walked a mile to the start. Arrived with about ten minutes to go, and needing a trip to the loo…but the queues were too long.

Did not see any of my fellow Otley AC runners so joined the group of runners behind the elites. I had a finish time of between 3:30-3:40 in my head so started of running at 7:50-8:00 miles. I saw Chris Hosker just behind as we looped back again in the first mile.

Unfortunately the need for the loo, did not go away so dashed into the toilets at around 5 miles, lost 50 seconds and some momentum. Chris Hosker caught up with me as he was running with the 3:29 pace group. I kept close to him for around 3-4 miles, but felt he was going slightly quicker than I felt comfortable. I saw Gemma and Charlotte as they were coming up to 12 miles and they were looking to be enjoying themselves. I got to 19 miles feeling very comfortable. Then at 20 miles I felt a slight slowdown dropping to 8:20 for a couple of miles. Unfortunately then despite a gel and reasonable hydration my legs fell apart kept moving but dropped to 9:40-10:20 pace. It meant I just finished outside my target time, but still reasonably happy, completed another marathon, and apart from stiff legs pretty good after.

I now have 2 weeks recovery before London marathon. I have previously done a marathon 2 weeks after the ultra (which was 4 weeks after London). I remember that my legs suffered then at the halfway stage. Not sure how I will approach the race. Will probably have a similar target, but be prepared to quickly modify if I start to struggle.

Well done to the rest of the Otley team it was a great effort.

5 thoughts on “Sunday 10th April – Manchester Marathon

  1. Well done Scott – a fine race with a brilliant result. Also good effort Christian, and everyone else.

  2. Amazing achievement, well done all but especially Charlotte & Gemma for completing your first marathons and raising so much for 2 very worthy charities.

  3. Just to go to the finish line with your troubled knee is a great achievement Gemma and 4:35 is a good result after all ,and Charlotte T. was a splendid running companion , also I really liked to read Gemma’s report from Manchester , also Andrew W. report is good , his 3:40 is a fast ran , Christian H. did well on the day with 3:28 . Compliments to Scott H .for the new PB done with a super race with 2:32, a superb performance .

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