10th of April 2016 Great Ireland Mini and Junior Runs in Dublin

10th of April 2016 Great Ireland Mini and Junior Runs in Dublin

After seeing an advert for this race in Athletics Weekly we decided to book a mini break to Dublin and let the boys enter the race. The race was due to take place in Phoenix Park so on Saturday when we arrived we checked out the course and the park. The park was beautiful and the boys were happy with the course.

When race day arrived the weather was dry but freezing! We arrived at the park early to warm up and watch the earlier races. The atmosphere was amazing and the boys were eager to get going! Aston was up first in the Great Ireland Mini Race and although he was now frozen solid he insisted he was fine and went to the start line. Aston had no idea about the abilities of the other runners so knew he had to go all out. Go all out he did! A boy who has won this race many times and was the favourite led and tried blocking Aston all the way. Aston kept his cool and didn’t let the blocking put him off and when he was ready he moved in front and stayed there to win the race! As for the other boy, well Aston wore him down and he was 4th.

To say we are proud is an understatement! Aston’s race was amazing and he said the 3rd place boy thanked him for pushing the other boy to wear him out as he had never been able to beat him and get on the podium!

So with all the excitement of Aston’s win there was hardly time to wish Jenson luck before his race. Normally Jenson needs to know exactly where we are and where we will meet him afterwards but today he just took himself off to the start line with confidence! He did pass comment however on the other runners.

” You should see the size of some of those big kids legs!” said Jenson.

Not put off too much by the big kids Jenson was ready. The race was split into two waves and Jenson was in the second wave. The older first wave went off strong and they all looked keen! After a gap of a couple of minutes Jenson was off and hunting down the wave one runners. After a good race Jenson came a close 4th in his wave and had passed a lot of the wave one runners to finish 19th overall out of 321 runners! Amazing!



We had a great time at the race and were super proud of  The Brogden Brothers and Dublin was lovely too!





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