Sunday 17th April: Vale of York 10m

Sunday 17th April: Vale of York 10m

Report from Mark Hall:
This was my third 10m race this year after Snake Lane (poor weather) Thirsk (poor form) I decided to run in this new event, this despite it being a scandalous £18 to enter! It is advertised as flat but sure I ran up a few long drags this was confirmed by other runners and not me hallucinating! I mentioned this to the organiser and he said he had driven the circuit in a car and it was flat! My target was a UK best V55 at 10m, I had missed it by 9 seconds at Thirsk so I was pleased to lower it here by 6 seconds think I also managed to shave a few seconds off the club record ( sorry if all this sounds like an old bloke blowing his own trumpet!) Conditions were very good with only a light wind. There were 3 of us from OAC (see above). I did not see Rogan or Phil after the event so I am not sure if they are pleased with their runs. There were 767 finishers.
A note on the winner, he had part of his arm missing and appeared to have one eye either missing or severely damaged. a remarkable performance.

Winner:Wondiye Indelbu U/A 51.00

1st woman: Hannah Oldroyd, Saltaire Striders 60.59

Mark Hall, 11th, 58.07, 1st V55

Rogan Ashton, 52nd, 64.42

Phil Robinson, 334th, 83.33, 2nd V70


5 thoughts on “Sunday 17th April: Vale of York 10m

  1. cracking run mark, and well done Rogan – both improving on Thirsk;

    the best bits – great venue, loads of parking close by start and finish, well-organised, country lane course closed to traffic, perfect weather for running;
    the worst bits – long lines of multicoloured vests stretching into the far distance ahead, entry fee whopping £18.

  2. Congratulations to Mark H. for a new club record achieved with a super 58:07 and 11th out of 767 runners not bad at all , what a great performance ,and I agree on the 18 pounds to enter the race it is way too much , maybe the UK Athletics should intervene to moderate the entry fee at races , this is one reason why I do not enter anymore popular races because too much money to spend . Also Rogan A. ran strongly with a good 64:42 and Phil R. had a superb 10miles race with 83:33…I wish..

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