Tuesday 19th April: Bunny run relays

Tuesday 19th April: Bunny run relays

Report from Graham:

Lovely warmish evening for some relay action on the Haworth moors. We had two teams in action, Bob Baker, Sean O’Halloran and Caron Ralph made up ‘Otley’s Finest’ and myself and Andrew Robertshaw went under Otley Oeufs. The race is basically three of the longer circuits from the Bunny Runs, so only 1.5miles per leg. Easy eh? Dunno about that; I don’t think my lungs have hurt so much after a race, it’s absolutely flat-out pain all the way round. Andrew was running 2 legs, and handed over first leg just behind a couple of other teams. I managed to overtake 3 (juniors) very early on, then there was a big gap to the Barlick team in front, so it was tough going closing very slowly as we negotiated the moorland and quarry. I finished just behind Barlick and another runner, handing the egg over to Andrew who shot off after Bunny Relay record holder Katie Walshaw, overtaking her on the rocky descent and managing to pull away over the lap which was some effort. We finished in 8th place in a respectable 31.52. Andrew ran two very fast and consistent legs of 10.41 and 10.38, so thoroughly deserved his two Creme Eggs. I can’t tell you the ins and outs of the other team’r run, but they finished in 82nd in 46.13 and we all thoroughly enjoyed the evening.
The winning team was Tom Corrigan, James Craig and Luke Maud in 28.43.


Lots of piccies:

bunny1 bunny2

3 thoughts on “Tuesday 19th April: Bunny run relays

  1. Nowadays Andrew R. is flying , leg 1 in 10:48 and leg 3 in 10:38 that is indeed fast running , and Graham L. is like a fighter jet , his leg 2 in 10:33 is fabulous. Also the Otley’s Finest with Bob B. , Sean O’ and Caron R. ran well and from the picture , you can tell they are happy with their racing at this Bunny relays .

  2. Brutal! Enjoyable evening though and thanks to Bob who had the foresight to put our fresh egg baton on a glove, made changeovers less precarious! My ongoing battle with Bob is still going-think he’s beaten me more times than I’ve beaten him though….

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