Sunday 24th April – London Marathon

Sunday 24th April – London Marathon

Report from Andrew Webster: I have learnt today the marathon is a race you need to respect. Had completed Manchester two weeks before, and had only run 9 miles since over two runs.

I did not know what to expect at all today. Arrived at Blackheath for just before 9 AM completed all my race preparations and felt relaxed. I was really unsure on my race strategy today, did not know whether my legs had recovered and whether the previous 26 miles set me up.
I had started Manchester at 8 minute mile pace, and felt comfortable to 20. Thought try the same again so could ease back if necessary. Got to 13 miles bang on pace 1:45 felt ok. Next 2-3 miles felt I was becoming tired and eased off reset my goals and dropped to 8.20-30 pace. By 16 miles I suddenly felt awful and my mile times dropped dramatically around 14 minute miles at one point. I was suddenly looking at a 4.30 finish potentially.  Had a bag of jelly babies and a fudge piece, I was slightly better but only improved to 11 minute miles, and legs never really got better. At mile 23 I saw the collapsed runner, who looked in a bad way and was being treated by course medical team. Persevered to the end, and managed to finish in 4:13:57. Not what I had hoped, but glad I finished. I won’t run another back to back marathon again, but the experience was worth it, however unpleasant at the time.

Walking to meet and greet though I was going to collapse. A helpful policeman got me to the Meet and great, and lent me his phone to call Helen who was at A! Not W. Kindly given Sprite a chair and jelly babies by children’s cancer charity. Hobbled back to the tube, and resting up in St Albans at my brother in law. Not been put off, planning to do Chester in October hopefully.

6 thoughts on “Sunday 24th April – London Marathon

  1. Woah! I didn’t believe Mary H when she said you were doing London… Well done, that’s some achievement

  2. Can’t believe u even had the energy but well done! Was a hard thing to do and you’ve come out the other side more knowledgable

  3. Wowzers, sounds like you had quite an experience!!
    A huge well done for completing (in a bloody decent time too!)

  4. You must be nuts to do two marathons so close together so well done on finishing London in what I would still class as a great time. I asked Alice how you were yesterday and she said you were dead. I hope not!

  5. Old men need rest and recovery. Fewer races – better performances.
    Did anyone else from the club compete.

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