Thursday 28th April – Dick Hudson Fell Race

Thursday 28th April – Dick Hudson Fell Race

Report from Stephen Boddy: I signed up for the Dick Hudson Fell Race with high hopes and a spring in my step, the recent lengthening of the evening light had made me drop my guard and tricked me into thinking this would be a nice pleasant run up the moors with views a plenty. We arrived amid a hail/snow/sleet storm (it was white) and it was bitingly cold. I was just starting to worry that my three layers might not be sufficient when up bounded Liam in short shorts and a T-shirt. I quietly chided myself on my lack of fell toughness whilst simultaneously putting my hat and gloves on.

Despite Robin Outtersides and I arriving at the start with about 25 mins to spare before the 7pm start, I waited until 6.59pm to find a ‘toilet’ thus nearly missing the start. The starter’s announcement was simple; “You can go any way you want to Dick Hudson’s, and come any way you want back.” Sensing an opportunity for adventure and navigational gains, I promptly followed the crowd along the obvious path. Opportunity missed.

The race started with the very steep climb past White Wells which drained my legs completely, the constant clag and mud that followed meant it was hard to get any energy back in them and I felt I was battling with myself all the way to the pub and back until the fantastic descent back to the start. I was lucky to be following at a distance someone who picked a great line down the hill and I felt like Earnest Dalzell coming down into the finish.

Not too sure how other people did but Robin, Sam Stell and Bob Addey were at the finish when I got there, they all looked like they’d been there a while. Liam was in third when he came past me on the way back but there was talk of a few of the lead runners taking a wrong turn on the way home. Results


3 thoughts on “Thursday 28th April – Dick Hudson Fell Race

  1. Top effort & report Stephen, a deceptively hard one, v. fast going after the hard start. We used to have a phrase in the club about navigation, “The Mick Barton/Trevor Lambert School of navigation” for route finding mishaps, I think it may need an update after recent efforts by some club members 🙂
    Well done everyone on such a horrible evening, I thought better of it..

  2. I agree with Andrew R. about this fell is a hard one , I was there and I intended to race it , but because of the sleet storm, and as well I could not see any slow runner not even David C. so I backed off, also with the soggy footpath it would took me too long to go to the finish line , so I went back to my usual Thursday’s Ilkley Harriers run on the moors. Stephen B. had an excellent race in 1:04 is a great result and I liked the report as well . Robin O. had a super performance in 53:50 a superb result with the 7th position well deserved . Also Liam D. ran strongly in 58:21 not bad at all, considering the wrong turn taken.

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