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Tuesday 31st May – Swaledale Harrogate League

Well done to Jamil in finishing second to former Harrogate League champion & 13 minute, 5000m runner Marc Scott from Richmond and Zack for a 7th place finish.  Sharon Barlow Hamilton was first lady in 17th 37:07.  See the full set of results on the Harrogate league site.  Unfortunately with quite a few people away on half term holidays and other commitments there was a smaller turn out than the first couple of races.

On the Otley AC sealed handicap side of things, the ladies of Kirsty, Laura and Joanna took to top three positions.  Tom Pomfrett retains a big lead in the overall table with 66 points ahead of John Armitstead and Nicola Lee 52 and Kirsty Pomfrett on 51.  See the full handicap table here

Race Pos. H’Cap Pos. Time H’Cap H’Cap Time H Cap Points
118 1 Kirsty Pomfrett 45:15 08:30 53:45 15
227 2 Laura Hind 53:07 01:00 54:07 14
229 3 Joanna Hobson 53:20 01:00 54:20 13
240 4 Tom Hannah 54:50 00:00 54:50 12
187 5 Eriks Zvaigzne 50:25 05:00 55:25 11
312 6 Jackie Ackroyd 51:09 04:30 55:39 10
7 7 Zack Whitehead 34:47 21:00 55:47 9
121 8 Nicola Lee 45:23 10:30 55:53 8
2 9 Jamil Parapia 32:31 23:30 56:01 7
38 10 Rogan Ashton 39:16 17:30 56:46 6
330 11 Rob Fearnley 52:46 04:30 57:16 5
161 12 Ian Broadbent 47:50 09:30 57:20 4
55 13 Tom Pomfrett 40:27 17:30 57:57 3


Tuesday 31st May – Kirkstall Vets Race

Report from Robin Outtersides: This race was the next as part of the vets race series, a series I started a few years back taking care of a climb or two over in Pudsey with Liam Dunne. That day I fell over and ran with Shane Ewen.

This race was set in the idyllic backdrop of the Abbey, and consisted of a 6 mile run through the abbey grounds to start with, followed by a trail section, a saunter through Horsforth and then a fastish road section down Kirkstall Road to the finish.

The race started and immediately I settled into a steady rhythm with Will Kerr leading us out. The route was well marshalled and I was in 5th ish. Following “that guy with the bald head” ( standard procedure for a Vets race ) I started to enjoy the run. The race winded its way through a forest section that was I have a say a bit magical. I was not too bothered about position, which is standard excuse for not having run enough miles probably through the week. I continued on my merry way and soon hit Horsforth. A bridge section and a few bollards later, one which I negotiated with Cristiano Ronaldo-like ease, I ran towards the finish. Liam was in 4th at this point and a glimmering black and white dot in the distance. I ran past an Off Licence, without going in, past Burley Rugby Club and sprinted down the track to the finish. I saw a guy who looked like Jonathan Brownlee and imagined passing him ( guffaw! )

I completed my third vets race in 8th position and Liam finished in 3rd spot.  Billy Raynor was around and looked sickeningly healthy at the finish. The guy who won it was disqualified but he had won the week before. Will Kerr, Saltaire Strider’s talisman triumphed overall. The series moves on to Whitby on the weekend and there are a few more to come.

I would recommend this race and series to men and women who are of a certain age and want to compete. The prizes are generous and the food and atmosphere is supportive.


Saturday 28th May: Kirkcudbright Half Marathon

Report from Mark Hall:
I lived in this area in the early 2000’s and competed in the KHM on a few occasions. It is a popular event that attracts a local field with a few people from England making the trip to SW Scotland. The last few years I have been promising myself a trip back to run this event again. This year I finally did, I left it very late so I ended up camping which is not the best race prep! The weather was unusually hot for Scotland with a strong wind.

I had planned to run the event at 6 minute pace which I managed. The race heads out along the Solway coast then turns inland (3 miles uphill) arriving at Twynholm, home village of David Coulthard. The final 3 miles is flat, however a headwind made this a hard run in. I broke away from a 4 man group at 5 miles and managed to hold on to a 30 seconds gap to win the race. In 2002 I was 2nd in this event with a time of 72 mins, however, I was a young pup (42yrs old!) so it is ironic that as a 56 yrs old I win it running 6 mins slower!

Winner: Mark Hall 78.37

If you fancy a nice weekend away in Scotland with a race included this is worth a visit.


Saturday 28th May – Ilkley Trail Race

Report from Graham Lake: On Saturday 28th May I decided to do the Ilkley Trail Race as I was going to miss a number of my favourite races due to being away at half term. It was perfect running weather, and a good turn out for the juniors before the main event. I didn’t really know the course, and only found out how far it was just before the start (about a mile too long for me!), but manfully lined up on the road with about 300 other keen runners.
The course has all the climb in the first half, and there’s a lovely section through some woods. I tried to start off fairly steady, but it was good to see ex-black and white Matt John chasing the ubiquitous Tom Adams up front.
The course really surprised me at how lovely the views are as you come off the moorland, and the running was all good after the dry spring we’ve had. I thought I’d catch a few on the descent, but it wasn’t that steep, and it didn’t really happen until the final blast out of the woods when I caught and passed the group of 4 who were just in front.
I was pleased with my position, results are as follows:
Winner Tom Adams in a course record of 38.44 (Matt John 2nd a couple of minutes back).
Ladies winner Hannah Oldroyd in 18th 45.55
14th Robin Outersides 45.20
21st Graham Lake 46.49
145th Andrew Webster 59.07
178th Hamish Ogilvie 1.01.43
257th Sara Richard 1.11.07
305th Antonio Cardinale 1.29.52

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Friday 27th May- European Sprint Triathlon Championships

Report from Howard Jeffrey: On Friday 27th May I competed in the European age group sprint triathlon championships in Lisbon. I actually tapered for this one rather than training through and was confident of a reasonable showing. The swim was in a closed sea harbour and the water a calm and balmy 19 degrees. I set off well and was having a good solid swim when I got banged and bashed a few times in close order. The open water races can be like being in a washing machine! I did not panic as such but my chest seized up ( remember Geneva?) and I thought with dismay it was a repeat of that. Thankfully I was able to stop and let the melee pull away a bit and after a few breast strokes and convincing myself I no longer had a chest problem I was able to get back into crawl and got motoring again. In fact I came out of the water much faster  than people I normally exit with. The 20 K on the bike went well although there were a couple of spells of gusting and in your face winds which you had to tough out. Off the bike and managed to put in a sprightly 5K run in 20 minutes or so. I finished 14th in the age group and the floundering cost me about a minute which in turn cost a top ten finish and auto qualification for next year. I think I still have a residual chest issue and rather more easy to solve, my wetsuit may just be a bit tight, having developed some previously non-existent swimming muscles!

There is always another race, as they say and on Sunday 5th June, after a week holiday in the Spanish mountains, I was lined up at the start of the age group world championship standard duathlon in Aviles. I had confidence again of a good showing since, apart from the minor hiccough in the previous swim which was not an issue for the duathlon, the training was in the bag. I had a week of tick over exercise and acclimatisation which came in handy as after a couple of days of overcast and coolish weather the sun came up for the race. I have usually been able to perform quite well in the heat, whilst many around me suffer with exhaustion. I did feel leaden in the warm up (I often do and sometimes it all comes good in the race) and the heat was great. Off went the gun and most people seemed to shoot off enthusiastically. I don’t often break rule number one which is don’t set off too fast, and I spent fifteen to twenty minutes slowly building up to a reasonable pace for the conditions. The route was a pleasant path by the riverside although not much shade and hardly any breeze. The spectators were out in force  and the atmosphere was great as the Spanish are a knowledgeable and enthusiastic triathlon nation and were generous with their support. There were plenty of water stations and I took some at every opportunity. I settled into a solid pace and began to overhaul, people from France, Germany, Australia, Canada, Spain, UK and the USA. I caught Graham who you will remember from previous encounters at first transition and he was flagging.

I had a smooth transition onto the bike and the roads were traffic free and undulating and I felt really strong on the bike and was able to pass people I would not have previously expected to. I took every water bottle handed to me and was not aware of the heat on the bike which was two and a half laps round the town and race centre so support was phenomenal. It must have been hot as I have the outline of my tri-suit emblazoned in red scorch marks on my back! After the last turn a head wind had sprung up from nowhere and for a thigh aching five minutes to the end of the ride it was hard work. A couple of the GB team were within sight behind me coming into transition so it was going to be a duel over the final 5K. I felt nowhere near as ghastly as I have done in the second run of previous duathlons but it I was digging deep on the first lap. I managed to keep up the pace for the second lap despite my right thigh temporarily having a slight seizure (!!??) but I was aware another GB rival was slowly gaining on me. My thoughts were if I don’t slow he has to go even faster to catch me and coming into the stadium for the last 400 meters I was bracing myself for a ‘sprint’ finish which I think I could have just about managed if needed. Not today as I crossed the line 4 seconds ahead which as I found at later put me as third GB finisher in the age group in 10th position. So what I had just missed at Lisbon I achieved at Alviles. Prequalified for next year which is in Canada on the west coast, so might have to think about that one!

Next one is closer to home in Leeds this weekend. Saturday is the English age group aquathlon championships (750m swim in Roundhay park lake followed by a 5K run). Sunday I am doing the sprint distance  triathlon



Tuesday 24th May – Nidd Valley Harrogate League

Provisional results from last night,  another fantastic turnout from Otley, if missing a few of the fast boys.  Less than a week to wait for the next race organised by Swaledale, which incorporates the Otley AC handicap race for May.  Unfortunately the handicapper will away for this so the tense wait for handicap results will have to wait for a couple of days.

Pos Bib Name Category Cat. Pos Club Time
1 229 Jack Wood MSEN 1 Ilkley Harriers 00:29:03
16 431 Sharon Barlow Hamilton FV35 1 Ripon Runners 00:32:09
8 339 Zack Whitehead MSEN 6 Otley  AC 00:30:49
13 293 Andrew Robertshaw MV45 3 Otley  AC 00:31:29
20 350 Tom Midgley MSEN 12 Otley  AC 00:32:30
37 333 Rogan Ashton MV45 6 Otley  AC 00:34:15
40 328 Tom Lynch MSEN 23 Otley  AC 00:34:39
43 321 Tom Pomfrett MSEN 25 Otley  AC 00:34:52
55 323 Tom Paget MSEN 29 Otley  AC 00:35:38
78 299 Steven Robinson MV40 12 Otley  AC 00:36:12
111 291 Michael Hastings MSEN 43 Otley  AC 00:38:19
123 353 Stephen Boddy MSEN 45 Otley  AC 00:39:03
124 355 Vikki Butler FSEN 5 Otley  AC 00:39:12
141 322 Kirsty Pomfrett FSEN 9 Otley  AC 00:40:00
154 304 Ian Broadbent MV45 20 Otley  AC 00:40:53
157 310 Nicola Lee FV35 6 Otley  AC 00:41:04
179 294 Sara Elliott FV40 8 Otley  AC 00:42:12
180 311 Paul Clifford MV45 24 Otley  AC 00:42:13
201 332 Chris Brunold FV50 9 Otley  AC 00:43:19
216 340 Serena Blackburn FV50 11 Otley  AC 00:44:12
219 336 Daniel Mundet MV40 26 Otley  AC 00:44:26
233 298 Erik Zvaigzne MV60 9 Otley  AC 00:45:03
239 317 Andrew Rayner MV50 26 Otley  AC 00:45:21
241 302 Sally White FSEN 20 Otley  AC 00:45:31
244 300 Bethany Leitch FSEN 21 Otley  AC 00:45:36
249 347 Liz Fawcett FV45 12 Otley  AC 00:45:50
250 312 Jackie Ackroyd FV55 5 Otley  AC 00:45:54
254 313 Philip Robinson MV70 1 Otley  AC 00:46:03
257 348 Ann Yeadon FV45 13 Otley  AC 00:46:10
267 334 Hannah Lupton FV35 16 Otley  AC 00:47:01
268 295 Sue Tupling FV45 16 Otley  AC 00:47:02
270 318 Tom Hannah MV65 5 Otley  AC 00:47:18
275 314 Laura Hind FV35 17 Otley  AC 00:47:35
276 326 Joanna Hobson FV45 18 Otley  AC 00:47:39
293 341 Charlotte Tomlinson FSEN 25 Otley  AC 00:49:06
299 331 Anna Murtough FV40 14 Otley  AC 00:49:34
307 320 Emma Thomson FSEN 27 Otley  AC 00:50:09
321 292 Claire Hastings FSEN 29 Otley  AC 00:51:21


Sunday 22nd – Driffield Sprint Triathlon

Report from Howard Jeffrey:

I had intended to do the British sprint triathlon championships last week as a ‘primer’ for the European event next Friday. That was before Jacque got some of her toes crushed by a three quarter ton Friesian horse (Ouch!!). Big one broken in three places and the next one crushed beyond repair and partially lost. Anyway she’s on the mend now and we are packed ready to head off to Lisbon tomorrow. I had ‘trained through’ all the recent races so was not sharp as I was aiming to race better at Lisbon and then the following week the World standard duathlon championships in Northern Spain. There was still the need to do a race sharpener so I entered the Driffield sprint triathlon with a view to throttling back in the week before and then giving that a blast. It is a fairly low key event  with a pool swim of 400m followed by 18K bike then a 5K run.

HowardDriffieldTriThe weather turned out to be just about perfect with a nice warm sun for registration and then into the pool for a 10.48 start for my group which went by anticipated swim times. The lanes in the pool were quite narrow but thankfully there were only four of us at 5 second intervals in my lane. I felt in pretty good shape and was aiming for an 8 minute swim. Got into the rhythm immediately and within a couple of lengths had caught up one of the other guys. You have to wait till the end of the length to pass so that sort of forced a steady pace. A couple more lengths and one of the others had overcooked it and was breast stroking so the same again. The other guy was off and gone so I then had a pretty clear run in the latter lengths and had to keep in check and save a bit for the later stages. Left the pool in 7.38 with gas in the tank! Quite a long jog to transition to pick up the bike then onto some nice country roads. It was pleasantly undulating (if a bit windy at times) and again I felt all the turbo training was paying off as I held my own and better against what looked like ‘real cyclists’. I had my second line bike in action as the TT is on its way to Lisbon and it has a speedo on it. I was surprised to find I was pushing 27 mph on the flat and touching 30 on occasion. Again I held a bit in reserve as I was aiming for a 22 minute 5k. Out of transition 2 and the run was three laps around the school and leisure centre so was a bit twisty, turny and long stretches on grass. Solid run in a time of 22.55 which wasn’t bad considering the route and the heat. One of the guys said his Garmin clocked 5.25K which I can well believe. I know it was low key but I was pleased to finish within 10 minutes of the race winner in 33rd out of 280 competitors first in age group and in fact beat all the age group below as well. Hope to maintain the momentum for Friday which is 750m open water swim, 20k bike and 5K run, all accurately measured.


Sunday 22nd May – Windermere Marathon

Report from Gemma!ScottWindermere3

ScottWindermere2Seen as I am unable to run let alone race I have decided to write a spectators report instead of runners report!

Scott had decided to enter Windermere marathon after a few people had recommended it to him! Having only ran Manchester marathon 6 weeks ago there wasn’t much time for additional long training runs (thank god as that means less household duties done!!) so he just kept ticking over!

It was an early start as Scott, the kids, Scott’s auntie and myself set off on the day over to the Lakes. Weather looked pretty good for running and with tree shade round the lake Scott was feeling positive when we dropped him off early at Brathay Hall which was just past Ambleside on the north shore of Lake Windermere. The route ScottWindermere1consists of an anti-clockwise loop of the lake taking in small villages on the west shore and more busy, touristy areas on the east. We managed to see Scott at approx miles 4, 7 and 11 while on the west side. He looked like he was buzzing and said he felt good following the lead car. He had overtaken the first place leader at approx 2.5miles and had been leading since. Zack and Racheal were following Scott on their bikes and was lovely to keep seeing them also supporting Scott!Scott_and_JossNaylor The peaceful Lake District villages were no more as us rowdy Otley lot drove through with car horns blaring, fog horns, clappers, screaming and shouting at Scott and other runners!!!! Well it did encourage them……right?!

As we hit the east shore unfortunately there were massive road closures so we had to leave Scott and take a 35mile detour to re-join him about 22miles. He was still leading and enjoying it. This was Scott’s main aim, to enjoy it as a PB was out due to the undulating nature of the course.

The finish was back at Brathay Hall. They had organised a family fun day so you don’t actually have to leave the grounds if you don’t want! There is all sorts going on including inflatables, games, barbecue, licenScottWindermerePrizesed bar etc! We only just made It back to the finish and parked up before Scott was finishing in 2:36:33 in first place!! There was other races also going on, the first half marathon and also the 10 in 10. (10x round Lake Windermere in 10 days, today being the final day! TOTAL respect!!) Scott won an array of prizes which he was chuffed to bits with! Also from Otley was Andrew Rayner (Billy) who finished 4:57:04 (well done!). Scott saw Billy at the start but unfortunately we didn’t see him finish despite looking out for him (sorry Billy!). There was a total of 526 finishers in the full marathon.

I am a very proud wife and the kids are very proud of their daddy as well!


Saturday 21st May – Old County Tops Fell Race

Report from Tom Lynch:

Tom Pomfrett and I ran the Old County Tops Fell Race on Saturday. For those not familiar with the race, it’s a paired event of roughly 56 km and over 3000 metres of climbing, taking in the highest points of the old counties of the Lake District – Helvellyn (Cumberland), Scafell Pike (Westmorland) and Coniston Old Man (Lancashire). As the event starts early on the Saturday in Langdale we camped the night before in Chapel Stile, it rained continuously from setting up the tent the night before until just before the race start when we got a brief respite and was also gusting with strong winds on and off.

You are free to pick your own route on the race with the main checkpoints on the summits, and some intermediate locations, with the exception of some small flagged sections. However, most people follow a generally accepted route, with minor route variations along the way. One of the more major choices being the descent off Scafell Pike to Great Moss, going either straight down via Dow Crag, or the easier but longer double back to Little Narrowcove. The race route takes you from the start in Langdale, traversing round to Grasmere, then up Helvellyn, a descent to the well-stocked Wythburn feed station and then follows the boggy valley of Wythburn up towards Angle Tarn. From Angle Tarn the route goes up Scafell Pike via Esk Hause, and then descends to another feed station at Cockley Beck which has a cut off time of 4pm. After Cockley Beck the route climbs up to Coniston Old Man, before doubling back to head back towards the Langdale finish via Three Shires Stone and Blea Tarn.

We were rained on for about 5 hours solidly as far as we can remember, pretty much from the start of the race, one of the lowest points was the slow boggy climb up to the aptly named ‘The Bog’ at the top of Wythburn valley in torrential rain. It was also gusting wind on and off, but thankfully the forecast 50 mph gusts on the summits didn’t seem to materialise. We also had a bit of navigation wobble at the top of Scafell Pike in the fog after stopping for a brief rest and refuel, and almost wandered off to the out of bounds Mickledore route. Thankfully we happened on a small group who had also made the same mistake and followed them down the quicker route straight off the Dow Crag side of Scafell Pike, an interesting ascent down scree and angular boulders, which apparently reaches over 45 degrees at times!

We both had low points in the race trying to keep energy levels up, and ironically trying to keep hydrated, but running as a pair helped keep up the motivation, seeing an easy escape route to the car and the pub down Mickelden valley before the Scafell climb (25 km in) definitely didn’t help though! We entered the race for the challenge, and to get the fabled t-shirt only awarded to finishers, and so getting a fast time was not so high on our list of priorities. We reached the Cockley Beck checkpoint about 45 minutes before the cut off time, but managed to finish about an hour and half before the 8pm cut off time. The results are only in grainy Facebook picture form at the moment, I think we finished in 10:30:54, 69th of 93 finishing teams, and the winners were Paul Tierney and Matt Reedy from Ambleside AC in 6:53:51. At least 126 teams were registered, so a high number of DNFs/DNSs looks likely. Full results for all categories to follow here.


Saturday 21st May – Park Runs


Position Gender Position parkrunner Club Run Time
1 1 Sam Clegg Idle AC 00:17:07
22 22 James Rawstron Otley AC 00:21:30
27 1 Julie Thornton Bingley H. & AC 00:21:44
99 85 Eriks Zvaigzne Otley AC 00:25:30
137 114 John Davis Otley AC 00:26:40
187 150 Reid Haddow Otley AC 00:28:50

Fountains Abbey:

Position Gender Position parkrunner Club Run Time
1 1 Ben Pease Ripon Runners 00:16:58
29 1 Emma Sorby Ripon Runners 00:21:12
34 33 Peter Crowder Otley AC 00:21:23
95 78 Andrew Ackroyd Otley AC 00:25:15
111 24 Jackie Ackroyd Otley AC 00:26:03

Woodhouse Moor:

Position Gender Position parkrunner Club Run Time
1 1 Dale Worton Wakefield D. H & AC 00:16:47
2 2 Robin Outtersides Otley AC 00:17:17
14 1 Sophie Lee City of Hull AC 00:18:51
68 61 James Kettleborough Otley AC 00:21:38

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