Sunday 1st May – Bluebell Trail Race

Sunday 1st May – Bluebell Trail Race

Report from Sara Elliott:

After enjoying the hills in Honley last week, I decided to enter the Bluebell Trail 10 (.3) mile race. It’s described as hilly and it certainly was.  I saw Jane Butler before the race and think we were the only black and whites there!!

A lovely mix of trails, footpaths, towpaths and roads through an area I didn’t know at all…thankfully with my navigation skills, there were plenty of enthusiastic marshals.
A bit of a long queue to get through a narrow gap in the wall at mile 1 was a little frustrating but from there on we were off…until we hit Trooper Lane hill!! It was pretty steep.
The biggest surprise for me however was the river crossing in the last 100 metres of the race. I’d assumed it was going to be a little paddle, not the near waist high wade with a rope to hang on to, which it turned out to be!! A final scramble up the banking with numb, shocked legs and we were at the finish line.

A super race, great goody bag (T-shirt, buff, Lion Bar and a banana!!) all for £11.

I can thoroughly recommend and it’s one I’ll do again.  Results to follow here.

7 thoughts on “Sunday 1st May – Bluebell Trail Race

  1. Tough Mudder – eat your heart out. Been waist deep in three races in the last 6 months. Maybe we should offer fording the Wharfe sessions. Good effort. I presume by your modesty that you won!

  2. Ha, obviously!! Sadly, it was a slow one for me (I blame that queue at 1 mile). Think Sean’s mate won in some ridiculous time around the 1:01:00 mark!

  3. Ben Mounsey (The winner) trains on trooper lane (0.5 miles long with 400ft of climb) almost daily. I think on race day it was his 132nd time up the hill this year.
    Great result Sara as I think you were 3rd FV40 !!

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