Sunday 1st May – Keswick Half Marathon

Sunday 1st May – Keswick Half Marathon

Report from Howard Jeffrey:

My slippers were stuck together with a couple of half sucked Werthers Originals (you know those ‘sweets’ invented for old people who can’t remember they had never heard of them when they were young) so I had to get out and do a hard half marathon again. I had entered Keswick in March but got a reminder that my registration was ‘incomplete’ (that’s a first) last week so I entered again. When I went to pick up my number I was still not on ze list! Any way they gave me a number and I lined up at the start with I don’t know who or how many as the results are not out yet.

Howard at 7 miles near Catbells
Howard at 7 miles near Catbells

The forecast had been grim but the weather was pretty good for racing. Temperature cool but about right, the rain held off and the breeze was in the favourable direction of behind back along the lake to Keswick. I was chatting away well back from the start when the gun went off. Slow going for the first mile at 8.40 pace and the route snakes, climbs and descends to make for a challenging first five miles. I got a nice bit of encouragement from Kath and Jack somewhere close to the top (maybe a photo of me taken by Jack as proof I was there?). I had done a solid training week (no park run yesterday as was blocked in by the Tour de Yorkshire which was great to see) so was pleased to feel relatively strong all the way round. The view of the lake at about halfway made the trip and effort worthwhile and the remainder of the race was gradually less of a challenge as you headed back to the finish. I had anticipated between 1.35 and 1.38 and crossed the finish line in 1.38.47. Given the sluggish start, a satisfactory work-out. What’s next you ask (maybe) the European long distance duathlon championships in Copenhagen next Sunday. Tapering this week for that one!

The full set of results can be found here

2 thoughts on “Sunday 1st May – Keswick Half Marathon

  1. Good effort & report, as ever Howard, hope you are now sat back in your rocking chair, flat cap and slippers on smoking a pipe.

  2. 1:38 is a good result for this Keswick Half and also the course is not flat considering , all the best for Copenhagen duathlon championship next Sunday . Well done Howard , good report as well.

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