Sunday 8th May: European Duathlon championships Copenhagen

Sunday 8th May: European Duathlon championships Copenhagen

Report from Howard:

Well, what could be better than a 10K run in the blistering heat… you guessed.. two 10k runs with a 60k bike ride in between! I had a great weekend in Copenhagen and put in a solid ‘long distance’ duathlon on a flat but scenic route on the Jutland peninsula. The race kicked off at 8.00 am with the elites, then the women then the age groupers with my group off at 8.30. It was already about 24 degrees in the sun and rising. Thankfully the wind held off because the two lap bike route went out across the flatlands and back along the seafront. There was a bit of a pong of rotting seaweed which the flies seemed to like but apart from those two minor inconveniences I felt like I had a good ride. I had run the first 10k with a view to being able to finish the second one after the bike without feeling as bad as last year. Despite the then high temperature and lack of zip due to Keswick half last Sunday I felt OK and both runs were through a lovely park. Graham, who you may recall from Clumber, where he beat me and Windsor, where I beat him, managed to hold me at bay by a minute. Never the less, I have prequalified for next year by being third GB finisher (out of three.. tee hee) and in the top ten for my age group. I like to race the Germans, wherever because they prepare well and I managed to beat a Herr Schumacher and with a name like that he should have been fast…. providing he avoided the obstacles. I watched the locals do a sprint distance in the afternoon and boy, was it hot. Glad our race was in the morning! I got a bit of a tan too.
Triathlon season starts with the British sprint championships next Saturday so hoping to use the races as a springboard into better race shape. Managed to sneak a bronze medal at the English standard duathlon championships a fortnight ago which is apparently in the post, only 10 secs behind silver 45 behind gold and 20 in front of fourth so a close race.

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  1. Congratulations indeed Howard for your bronze medal at the English Duathlon , and for all your hard work that you put in your training is well deserved . Your trip to Copenhagen was worth all around , because you enjoyed great weather , and great performances against your German rivals . I would say that you are already in good form to start the next British sprint championship . Well done Howard .

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