Tuesday 10th May: Jack Bloor fell race

Tuesday 10th May: Jack Bloor fell race

Report from Graham

Luckily the weather was a bit cooler than of late for the Jack Bloor Fell Race at Ilkley. This is a pure un-flagged fell race, but in reality the route choices between checkpoints are limited. However, I did go wrong last time out, so was glad I did a quick reccie the night before.

The route takes in two climbs, one steep one up to the Badgerstone, then after a nice downhill, a second longer climb right up to the moor trig point. I felt good on the first climb, trying to keep up with Andrew Robertshaw, but by the time the second climb came up I was losing ground, as I was to Sam Stell and Bob Addey; formerly of this parish. I hate the flagstones across the tops, and I got passed by 3 runners, but soon passed them again on the boggy descent to the checkpoint at the ruin (with the poetry postbox), taking a tumble on the way. I then had a plan in mind of some micro-route finding to the end, which largely worked; passing and re-passing a rival right to the end (although one P&B runner disappeared behind me and re-appeared a few places in front?!).There were a few juniors out too, including my two, but no results out yet.

Results for the Senior race are:
1st Jack Wood 39.26
1st Lady Sarah Hodgson 49.37

For Otley AC:
Andrew Robertshaw 14th 44.32, Graham Lake 27th 46.37, Tom Lynch 32nd 47.39, Robin Outtersides 34th 47.53, Tom Pomfrett 37th 48.16, Ross Armstrong 54th 50.15, Tom Paget 62nd 50.56, Caron Ralph 142nd 1.02.06, Hugh Pearson 147 1.02.35, Liz Fawcett 175 1.10.43

10 thoughts on “Tuesday 10th May: Jack Bloor fell race

  1. Thought it was quiet at the club last night. Well done all – a top turnout. Yes, it’s tricky route finding at the end, but some lovely descents apart from the boggy one.

  2. Nice report. I love the names of the landmarks on Ilkley Moor, all so evocative. I’ve been really self conscious of stinking of peat today despite two showers. Some excellent runs as ever, kudos to Robin who has run a 17min 5k, came top 30 in Leeds half and ran a fell race all in 4 days.

  3. I think Stephen’s result is missing, he’s down as U/A in 54:32. I wondered what I could smell today!

  4. The answer is straight to the stream after the finish 🙂 I had a battle with Ilkley junior Jack in the last mile again, like last Thurs. think my experience and “LK” helped me pip him on the finish line this time,.. just, or maybe it was Mr Woodhead calling me and old man in offering encouragement to Jack.
    I agree, regards Robin’s recent racing efforts, that start is never easy especially 2 days after a warm Half. Oh & well done to CR for a course pb..

  5. Think I’m still scrubbing ilkley moor peat off! Great race and a cracking descent to the finish. Well done all the black and whites and kudos to Robin for his consistent PB’s!

  6. Some good pics up on woodentops – especially of the battle between Andrew and Jack, very determined look on Andrew’s face coming off the knoll next to the tarn on the descent 😀

  7. I scrubbed my legs raw after the race. In hindsight the peaty smell might have been preferable! Had a great evening out, I’d forgotten how fun shorter fell races are.

  8. I was sorry to miss this one , because I had the slow group with Ilkley H. on Tuesday night . Andrew R. was flying over the moors, his 44:32 is just superb . Also Tom P. had a strong ran in 50:56 not bad at all , special mention to Robin O. for running with a tight jumper that looked like it was stopping him to go faster and still doing great. Liz F. run well in 1:10 and Compliments to Caron R. for the PB. done in 1:02 in this challenging fell race . Well done everyone .

  9. Also great to see Otley stalwart (and Dark Peak runner) Dave Tait back from injury, always cheerful and chatty

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