Wednesday 18th May – Kildwick Fell Race

Wednesday 18th May – Kildwick Fell Race

Report from Andrew Robertshaw:

This is an excellent short, fast race a couple of miles down the Leeds Liverpool canal from my home town of Silsden.  So a perfect warm up and down along the canal, with a flat out 4 ish miles in between, passing the Pinnacle on Farnhill moor twice.

The race in some ways in similar to the Chevin Fell race, with a steep road section to start and finish with good off road paths in between,  the difference being the 800ft of ascent is split into two climbs.  A perfect course at for the fell racing novice.

Results: 1st Sam Watson, Wharfedale H. 1st Lady Carol Morgan, Nidd Valley 32:54,  I was 10th, 28:29,  Antonio Cardinale 116th 1:03:50  & it was also good to see the hoards of juniors, (over 100 racing in the various races).

3 thoughts on “Wednesday 18th May – Kildwick Fell Race

  1. I much prefer the Chevin Fell race because it is just a huge climb , then back to the finish , instead this one you have to do a massive climb , then down almost to the flat ground , and you lose out all the ascent that you have just done , then you have to start again another rocky climb that was slippery by a thunderstorm , then to make things worse the sweeper that I was following , a nice gentleman did a wrong turn in the woodland , just we could not find our way to the finish , it was bad . Andrew R. had a solid race , only two minutes away from the winner , 28:29 is a good result indeed .

  2. Well done to both of you. Not a good sign if the back marker is lost Antonio … glad you found your way back though!

  3. Shane yesterday I did the Charlesworth Chase and I was still at the back and soon in the front everybody disappeared , although I was alone I still enjoyed my climbing to the Simon seat because it was flagged or marked so I knew I was on the right direction . Instead at the Kildwick one although I had the sweeper with me there were not a single mark or any kind of flags , especially with dark sky ,heavy rain , inside the woodland , with two or three footpaths , we just did not know which one . But the sweeper was very polite and also the organizer and marshals at the start and at the big cross and at the wall style and on the narrow road ,all nice people .

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