Sunday 22nd May – Windermere Marathon

Sunday 22nd May – Windermere Marathon

Report from Gemma!ScottWindermere3

ScottWindermere2Seen as I am unable to run let alone race I have decided to write a spectators report instead of runners report!

Scott had decided to enter Windermere marathon after a few people had recommended it to him! Having only ran Manchester marathon 6 weeks ago there wasn’t much time for additional long training runs (thank god as that means less household duties done!!) so he just kept ticking over!

It was an early start as Scott, the kids, Scott’s auntie and myself set off on the day over to the Lakes. Weather looked pretty good for running and with tree shade round the lake Scott was feeling positive when we dropped him off early at Brathay Hall which was just past Ambleside on the north shore of Lake Windermere. The route ScottWindermere1consists of an anti-clockwise loop of the lake taking in small villages on the west shore and more busy, touristy areas on the east. We managed to see Scott at approx miles 4, 7 and 11 while on the west side. He looked like he was buzzing and said he felt good following the lead car. He had overtaken the first place leader at approx 2.5miles and had been leading since. Zack and Racheal were following Scott on their bikes and was lovely to keep seeing them also supporting Scott!Scott_and_JossNaylor The peaceful Lake District villages were no more as us rowdy Otley lot drove through with car horns blaring, fog horns, clappers, screaming and shouting at Scott and other runners!!!! Well it did encourage them……right?!

As we hit the east shore unfortunately there were massive road closures so we had to leave Scott and take a 35mile detour to re-join him about 22miles. He was still leading and enjoying it. This was Scott’s main aim, to enjoy it as a PB was out due to the undulating nature of the course.

The finish was back at Brathay Hall. They had organised a family fun day so you don’t actually have to leave the grounds if you don’t want! There is all sorts going on including inflatables, games, barbecue, licenScottWindermerePrizesed bar etc! We only just made It back to the finish and parked up before Scott was finishing in 2:36:33 in first place!! There was other races also going on, the first half marathon and also the 10 in 10. (10x round Lake Windermere in 10 days, today being the final day! TOTAL respect!!) Scott won an array of prizes which he was chuffed to bits with! Also from Otley was Andrew Rayner (Billy) who finished 4:57:04 (well done!). Scott saw Billy at the start but unfortunately we didn’t see him finish despite looking out for him (sorry Billy!). There was a total of 526 finishers in the full marathon.

I am a very proud wife and the kids are very proud of their daddy as well!

7 thoughts on “Sunday 22nd May – Windermere Marathon

  1. A bad day at the office for me! Difficult course, warm conditions plus cramp, groin pain and butt pain kicking at 19-20 miles. Also battery died on my Tom Tom at same time so didn’t know how slow I was going or how far I hadn’t gone!!! Luckily some guy gave me a couple of Ibuprofen at abt 23.5 miles & when these kicked in I finished strongly but damage was done by then!

  2. Fantastic work from Scott and Billy! It’s great to be able to take a step back and enjoy the race not chasing PB’s and then u win it Scott! Andrew says that’s 3 OtleyAC members that have won it now so we must be doing something right! Maybe it’s the beer…

  3. Nice report Gemma and well done Scott. The photo’s all show you actually did look like you were enjoying it and I think the time is deceptively good given the topography.

    Billy toughed it to the finish. How are you now?

  4. I not too bad Howard. Thought I would be a wreck but surprisingly good. It was an uncomfortable journey home though!

  5. I am sad to hear that at the moment you are unable to run Gemma , I just loved your super report from Windermere, one of the best I ever red . Congratulations to Scott H. for the fantastic victory at the Windermere Marathon achieved in 2:36 , a great performance , a great time . Compliments to Billy R. for going till the finish line , although it was not a great running day for him , 4:57 still under the 5 hours …I wish.

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