Saturday 28th May – Ilkley Trail Race

Saturday 28th May – Ilkley Trail Race

Report from Graham Lake: On Saturday 28th May I decided to do the Ilkley Trail Race as I was going to miss a number of my favourite races due to being away at half term. It was perfect running weather, and a good turn out for the juniors before the main event. I didn’t really know the course, and only found out how far it was just before the start (about a mile too long for me!), but manfully lined up on the road with about 300 other keen runners.
The course has all the climb in the first half, and there’s a lovely section through some woods. I tried to start off fairly steady, but it was good to see ex-black and white Matt John chasing the ubiquitous Tom Adams up front.
The course really surprised me at how lovely the views are as you come off the moorland, and the running was all good after the dry spring we’ve had. I thought I’d catch a few on the descent, but it wasn’t that steep, and it didn’t really happen until the final blast out of the woods when I caught and passed the group of 4 who were just in front.
I was pleased with my position, results are as follows:
Winner Tom Adams in a course record of 38.44 (Matt John 2nd a couple of minutes back).
Ladies winner Hannah Oldroyd in 18th 45.55
14th Robin Outersides 45.20
21st Graham Lake 46.49
145th Andrew Webster 59.07
178th Hamish Ogilvie 1.01.43
257th Sara Richard 1.11.07
305th Antonio Cardinale 1.29.52

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  1. I liked your report from Ilkley Graham and your 46:49 is strong running and I agree with you when you say that you are pleased with your performance , because I would be indeed as well . Also Robin O. had a super race on Middleton Moors and his 45:20 is fast . Well done everybody .

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