Tuesday 31st May – Kirkstall Vets Race

Tuesday 31st May – Kirkstall Vets Race

Report from Robin Outtersides: This race was the next as part of the vets race series, a series I started a few years back taking care of a climb or two over in Pudsey with Liam Dunne. That day I fell over and ran with Shane Ewen.

This race was set in the idyllic backdrop of the Abbey, and consisted of a 6 mile run through the abbey grounds to start with, followed by a trail section, a saunter through Horsforth and then a fastish road section down Kirkstall Road to the finish.

The race started and immediately I settled into a steady rhythm with Will Kerr leading us out. The route was well marshalled and I was in 5th ish. Following “that guy with the bald head” ( standard procedure for a Vets race ) I started to enjoy the run. The race winded its way through a forest section that was I have a say a bit magical. I was not too bothered about position, which is standard excuse for not having run enough miles probably through the week. I continued on my merry way and soon hit Horsforth. A bridge section and a few bollards later, one which I negotiated with Cristiano Ronaldo-like ease, I ran towards the finish. Liam was in 4th at this point and a glimmering black and white dot in the distance. I ran past an Off Licence, without going in, past Burley Rugby Club and sprinted down the track to the finish. I saw a guy who looked like Jonathan Brownlee and imagined passing him ( guffaw! )

I completed my third vets race in 8th position and Liam finished in 3rd spot.  Billy Raynor was around and looked sickeningly healthy at the finish. The guy who won it was disqualified but he had won the week before. Will Kerr, Saltaire Strider’s talisman triumphed overall. The series moves on to Whitby on the weekend and there are a few more to come.

I would recommend this race and series to men and women who are of a certain age and want to compete. The prizes are generous and the food and atmosphere is supportive.

2 thoughts on “Tuesday 31st May – Kirkstall Vets Race

  1. Compliments to Liam D. for the 3rd position in this Kirkstall race with a super performance a podium well deserved . The last miles of this race reminds me of the old 10k on the A65 till the Abbey finish line . It made me chuckle your report Robin it is very funny to read and you race was good indeed , your 8th place is a good result after all imagining you to pass Jonathan B. not bad at all . Also Billy R. ran well .

  2. Well run fellas. Remember that well Robin. Especially well done Billy for racing two days on the trot (including ABC last night).

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