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Thursday 5th May – Ilkley Harrogate League

It was a perfect early summers evening for the first race of this year’s Harrogate League series.  Otley had a very strong team out with the  ten to count in the first 23 and a fantastic turnout of 47 runners.

Jamil flew round for the win,  followed by Scott about 20 seconds later.  Multiple league winner Ian was next in 8th followed by Robin one behind.   Without doing any of the calculations it looks like we finished a clear first in the ten to count team race.

On the Ladies side, Nicola lead Otley home, followed by Kirsty,  Sara Elliott, Mary & Caron.

Note that following are provisional results, full team results to follow.

Position Name Category Category Position Time
1 Jamil Parapia MSEN 1 26:16
2 Scott Harrington MSEN 2 26:40
8 Ian Fisher M45 2 28:10
9 Robin Outtersides MSEN 4 28:20
11 Zack Whitehead MSEN 5 28:42
13 Liam Dunne M40 4 29:01
15 Julian Mawson M45 4 29:09
17 Andrew Robertshaw M45 5 29:14
21 Tom Midgley MSEN 8 29:29
23 Graham Lake MSEN 9 29:59
38 Rogan Ashton M45 9 31:08
47 Shane Ewen MSEN 20 31:40
55 Tom Pomfrett MSEN 24 32:12
57 Gary Johnson MSEN 25 32:20
64 Tom Lynch MSEN 28 32:45
72 Tom Paget MSEN 31 33:18
75 Steven Robinson M40 13 33:23
93 Christian Hosker MSEN 36 34:15
104 John Armitstead M55 5 34:52
141 Stephen Boddy MSEN 46 36:35
148 Nicola Lee F35 7 36:47
149 Michael Pickard M45 26 36:47
159 Kirsty Pomfrett FSEN 5 37:24
168 Michael Hastings MSEN 51 37:43
170 Ian Broadbent M45 29 37:55
194 Sara Elliott F40 7 39:15
203 Matt Podd M55 13 39:23
207 Mary Hampshire F45 7 39:38
214 Hugh Pearson M50 18 39:52
234 Caron Ralph F45 11 40:56
238 Dominic Egan M45 42 41:11
242 Colin Best M60 8 41:19
246 Bethany Leitch FJUN 2 41:22
252 Serena Blackburn F50 10 41:43
262 Andrew Rayner M50 27 42:11
270 Daniel Mundet M40 30 42:27
283 Isla Hird FJUN 3 42:53
289 Laura Hind F35 17 43:32
301 Gilly Wight FSEN 18 44:02
305 Hannah Lupton F35 18 44:32
307 Sara Richard F45 19 44:49
314 Lisa Maughan F40 18 45:11
330 Sally White FSEN 22 46:50
333 Anna Murtough F40 21 46:58
340 Emma Thomson FSEN 24 48:15
342 Claire Hastings FSEN 25 48:37
372 Antonio Cardinale M65 8 53:00


Runners of the Month for April

Jimmy Sneath at the Fellsman


Photo courtesy of Woodentops

Rob at a Bunny run photo courtesy of Woodentops

Jim Sneath & Rob Fearnley were chosen as April’s runners of the month.  Jim for an epic run around the dales in the Fellsman.  Rob for running each of the Bunny runs, plus the Yorkshire Vets. race at Honley and improving with every race.   Well done both.

Also at the younger end of the club here’s a video of Aston Brogden’s recent win at the junior Great Ireland run





Wednesday 4th May – Race 1 John Carr 5k

Results:   1st Tom Adams, Ilkley H. 15:06,  1st Lady Claire Duck, Leeds C 16:50 and for Otley..

47th Paul Kaiser 18:12,  153rd Dominic Egan 21:16,  241st Andrew Rayner 24:10,  291st Angela Srivastava 26:48.

Full results on RaceBest here.

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Saturday 30th April – Monday 2nd May – Great Lakeland Three Day

Report from Tom Pomfrett:

The Great Lakeland Three Day is (unsurprisingly) a three day mountain marathon event in the Lake District. It’s a slightly different format to most mountain marathons in that competitors only need to carry basic kit and tents etc. are shipped from camp to camp, the idea being to have a long mountain journey rather than a suffer-fest of difficult navigation.

Kirsty and I divided and paired up with a couple of friends with Ali and I opting for the A course and Kirsty and Hannah the B course and we arrived on Friday evening with plenty of warm kit packed owing to the unseasonally terrible weather forecast. Ali and I started at 8.30am from Herdwick Croft at the northern tip of Bassenthwaite and made our way into the Skiddaw range via Ullock Pike and Lonscale fell before descending to Threlkeld. I was starting to suffer at this point trying to keep up with Ali and his unreasonable levels of fitness. From here we took the direct route up Clough Head (familiar to any Bob Graham enthusiast) and made our way through knee deep snow along the Helvellyn ridge contouring the peaks up to Raise. From here we continued down to Grisedale tarn and then further down the slippy descent to Grasmere and Camp 1.

TomKirsty_Lakeland3DayI was suffering pretty badly at camp and Ali’s knee injuries were playing up but we were delighted to find ourselves sitting in 6th place, managing the 42km/2000m ascent in 6h28. Kirsty and Hannah came in a couple of hours later after starting late, 69th in the B class in 8h11. It turned out Hannah had been struggling badly having not fully recovered from running the Cateran Trail a few weeks previously.

The next day I was stiff but feeling slightly more alive and given the terrible weather we decided to drop down to the B course. We walked the initial ascent in the rain with the girls but at the col they decided to drop down to the C course as Hannah was still finding the going tough. Ali and I continued on the B course, contouring around High Raise when I suddenly found myself in front for the first time all weekend rather than struggling to keep up. I turned round to find Ali grimacing badly, his knee having given up on him. After that we went into survival mode and worked our way back to the path down to Honister, catching up with Kirsty and Hannah, who was still suffering, on the way. After a cup of tea and soup in the Honister Cafe we all decided to call it a day and caught a lift back to camp 2 to confirm our DNFs.

Overall it was a mixed weekend. We were gutted not to finish but I was pleased with my performance on day 1. Next up Kirsty and I are teaming up for Saunders in an attempt to improve our DNF records!

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Sunday 1st May – Keswick Half Marathon

Report from Howard Jeffrey:

My slippers were stuck together with a couple of half sucked Werthers Originals (you know those ‘sweets’ invented for old people who can’t remember they had never heard of them when they were young) so I had to get out and do a hard half marathon again. I had entered Keswick in March but got a reminder that my registration was ‘incomplete’ (that’s a first) last week so I entered again. When I went to pick up my number I was still not on ze list! Any way they gave me a number and I lined up at the start with I don’t know who or how many as the results are not out yet.

Howard at 7 miles near Catbells

Howard at 7 miles near Catbells

The forecast had been grim but the weather was pretty good for racing. Temperature cool but about right, the rain held off and the breeze was in the favourable direction of behind back along the lake to Keswick. I was chatting away well back from the start when the gun went off. Slow going for the first mile at 8.40 pace and the route snakes, climbs and descends to make for a challenging first five miles. I got a nice bit of encouragement from Kath and Jack somewhere close to the top (maybe a photo of me taken by Jack as proof I was there?). I had done a solid training week (no park run yesterday as was blocked in by the Tour de Yorkshire which was great to see) so was pleased to feel relatively strong all the way round. The view of the lake at about halfway made the trip and effort worthwhile and the remainder of the race was gradually less of a challenge as you headed back to the finish. I had anticipated between 1.35 and 1.38 and crossed the finish line in 1.38.47. Given the sluggish start, a satisfactory work-out. What’s next you ask (maybe) the European long distance duathlon championships in Copenhagen next Sunday. Tapering this week for that one!

The full set of results can be found here


Sunday 1st May – Bluebell Trail Race

Report from Sara Elliott:

After enjoying the hills in Honley last week, I decided to enter the Bluebell Trail 10 (.3) mile race. It’s described as hilly and it certainly was.  I saw Jane Butler before the race and think we were the only black and whites there!!

A lovely mix of trails, footpaths, towpaths and roads through an area I didn’t know at all…thankfully with my navigation skills, there were plenty of enthusiastic marshals.
A bit of a long queue to get through a narrow gap in the wall at mile 1 was a little frustrating but from there on we were off…until we hit Trooper Lane hill!! It was pretty steep.
The biggest surprise for me however was the river crossing in the last 100 metres of the race. I’d assumed it was going to be a little paddle, not the near waist high wade with a rope to hang on to, which it turned out to be!! A final scramble up the banking with numb, shocked legs and we were at the finish line.

A super race, great goody bag (T-shirt, buff, Lion Bar and a banana!!) all for £11.

I can thoroughly recommend and it’s one I’ll do again.  Results to follow here.