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Wednesday 29th June – Hyde Park Summer Mile and Junior Half Mile

Report from Tom Lynch: The Hyde Park Summer Mile is a mile race run on a 2 lap triangular course in Hyde Park (Woodhouse Moor). The race is run in heats (based on a prediction of your own time) over the course of the evening, including a race walk heat, with the faster heats coming at the end – predicted at around 8:40-09:00 pm. I persuaded Tom Pomfrett to sign up, before we realised it was on the same night as the Otley bike race.

Due to quite a lot of rain in the day the course was pretty slippery in places despite mostly drying up, and this meant a fairly slippery starting straight and first corner making it feel quite hard to get going. I think Tom and I both felt that we had more to give on the right course, but it was nice to both get a decent PB, if only by default! I had thought I had broken five and half minutes but it turned out the timing clock display was a bit slow.

The race was well organised, with food (two types of chilli with accompaniments, and a cake and snack buffet) at the Packhorse after, just a shame it clashed with the bike race, the late finish meaning we missed all the action.

The winner of the race was Adam Stacey (U/A) in 04:48.5, the first woman was Hannah Oldroyd (Saltaire Striders) in 05:13.0. The winner of the walking race was Callum Wilkinson (Enfield and Haringey AC) in 06:08.5 (a new British junior record).

For Otley:

35th Tom Lynch – 05:33.6

48th Tom Pomfrett – 05:46.8,    Results for all the heats can be found here:

The junior race followed the second lap of the course to make a half mile race. I saw at least two Otley juniors in the race, who I think may have bagged 4th and 6th. At the time of writing the results are yet to come up for the junior race but can be found here:


Tuesday 28th June – Harrogate League Handicap and Presentation night

Another enjoyable race series, as always.  Well done to Rob Fearnley 1st back for Otley in the handicap.  Congratulations to Jamil, the Harrogate League champion for 2016 and also Phil Robinson taking the V70 title, good enough to take it doing just 2 races! Club photo, thanks to Gary Waite

Otley results:

H’Cap Pos Name Gross Time H’Cap Net time Net Time Pos
8 Rob Fearnley 01:03:06 20:00 43:05 134
30 Sara Elliott 01:04:14 23:30 40:42 103
42 Sara Richard 01:04:25 17:30 46:54 189
52 Daniel Mundet 01:04:34 21:00 43:32 139
54 Rogan Ashton 01:04:36 31:30 33:05 14
76 Gilly Wight 01:04:53 17:30 47:22 196
80 Joanna Hobson 01:04:56 19:00 45:55 178
85 Hannah Lupton 01:05:03 18:30 46:32 182
86 Michael Hastings 01:05:03 26:30 38:32 81
92 Eriks Zvaigzne 01:05:09 21:30 43:36 140
94 Tom Pomfrett 01:05:09 31:00 34:08 25
130 Liz Fawcett 01:05:34 21:00 44:32 155
144 Philip Robinson 01:05:44 21:00 44:42 159
148 Chris Brunold 01:05:46 22:30 43:15 136
164 Laura Hind 01:06:00 18:30 47:29 197
187 Kirsty Pomfrett 01:06:23 25:30 40:52 107
207 Tom Paget 01:06:40 30:30 36:08 51
221 Colin Best 01:07:02 20:30 46:29 181

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Saturday 25th June – Park Runs

Woodhouse Moor parkrun

A total of 346 runners took part.

View full results for Woodhouse Moor parkrun event #461


Position  ↓ Gender Position  ↓ parkrunner  ↓ Club  ↓ Run Time  ↓
1 1 John HOBBS Valley Striders AC 00:16:30
7 7 Robin OUTTERSIDES Otley AC 00:18:03
16 1 Treena JOHNSON Dewsbury Road Runners 00:19:10
91 80 Peter GOSLING Otley AC 00:24:14
225 164 Andrew Webster Otley AC 00:29:05
224 61 Alice WEBSTER Otley AC 00:29:05


Poole parkrun

A total of 593 runners took part.

View full results for Poole parkrun event #274


Position  ↓ Gender Position  ↓ parkrunner  ↓ Club  ↓ Run Time  ↓
1 1 Karl WELCH Bournemouth AC 00:16:34
8 1 Serena O’CONNOR Poole Runners 00:17:52
230 192 John Davis Otley AC 00:24:54


Fountains Abbey parkrun

A total of 300 runners took part.

View full results for Fountains Abbey parkrun event #119


Position  ↓ Gender Position  ↓ parkrunner  ↓ Club  ↓ Run Time  ↓
1 1 Ben PEASE Ripon Runners 00:16:54
24 1 Charlotte Evelyn WILTON Thirsk & Sowerby Harriers 00:20:48
101 82 Peter Andrew CROWDER Otley AC 00:25:00


Fell Foot parkrun, Newby Bridge

A total of 194 runners took part.

View full results for Fell Foot parkrun, Newby Bridge event #78


Position  ↓ Gender Position  ↓ parkrunner  ↓ Club  ↓ Run Time  ↓
1 1 Oliver GAJDOWSKI Ambleside AC 00:17:22
2 1 Sarah MCCORMACK Unattached 00:17:37
20 17 James Rawstron Otley AC 00:21:27


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Sunday June 26th – Staveley Stampede

Whilst the fell merchants were running the BMW, I took a softer option.  Staveley is a few miles north of Knaresborough, one of those little villages like Burton Leonard, Melmerby and Rainton which have put on 10k races over the years. This time I think I was the only Otley runner. The course was more off-road than on, gently undulating but no major hills, bogs, stiles or other obstacles. My legs were a bit weary after four days in the Scottish mountains, so glad to get round in an unremarkable but decent (for me) time. The whole event was very relaxed – small field, parking nearby, village hall facilities – so it can be recommended.


1 Tristian Learoyd 33:35 M Open New Marske Harriers

2. Gary Dunn 35:26 M40 Thirsk and Sowerby Harriers

3. Andrew Dobby 35:55 M40 Harrogate Harriers

80 Phil Robinson 52.43 M70 Otley AC

135 finished.


Sunday June 26th – Bradford Millennium Way Relay

Report by Andrew Robertshaw:

Start of Leg 3, Hannah and Sara

The Otley Dream Team enjoyed the day running on the paths of the Millennium Way around the edge of Bradford finishing in 23rd exactly half way up the field of 46 teams, well done to everyone.

Leg 1: 10.4 miles/1789ft – Bingley to Penistone Hill Country Park, Haworth.  A tough leg to opening leg with pretty much 7 miles up hill from the start and a couple of shorter steep climbs towards the end.  Laura Martin and Tamara Weatherhead ran well to finish 32nd in 1:50:06.

Leg 2: 9.4 miles/1287ft  Penistone Hill Country Park to Laycock.  Another toughie crossing the Worth valley and finishing with a long climb up from Goose Eye.  Sara Elliott and Hugh Pearson battled it out to bring Otley home in 27th with a leg time of 1:32:41.

Leg 3: 8 miles/811ft – Laycock to Silsden.  In theory the easiest leg of the day, but with another uphill finish to the top end of Silsden not that easy.  Hannah Lupton and Sara Richard enjoyed their run out finishing in 33rd with a leg time of 1:29:03.

Start of leg 4 Caron and Andrew W.

Gentle hill for Caron and Andrew

Leg 4: 8.5 miles/1269ft, Silsden to Ilkley via Addingham.  This leg is pretty much two climbs and two long descents.  The first climb, soon after the start is followed by a fast couple of miles down to the top end of Addingham, from there it’s a long climb up through the fields to Ilkley moor.  The last couple of miles is another gentle fast descent to the change over at Ilkley.

Andy Webster and Caron Ralph had a great run with a leg time of 1:35:44 finishing in 32nd.

Leg 5: 10.7 miles/1100ft, Ilkley to Bradford and Bingley Sport club.  Although the longest, with a net downhill of about 400ft more than makes up for the little bit of extra distance.  As with the previous couple of legs myself and Rogan Ashton set off in the mass start, with about 30 or so other teams.  After a steady start up to White Wells we gradually caught up a North Leeds Fell Runner team on the drag up from Burley Woodhead, running with them until we got to Weecher reservoir.  From that point on we didn’t see another team until the final 400m,  so Rogan’s reccie proved vital on a couple of points particular in Hirst Wood where there were several path options.  Rogan gave it his all to give us a time of 1:20:39, (although Rogan had at just under 1:20 which sounds much quicker 🙂 ), & 6th best on the leg and 23rd team at the finish.

Category winners & Otley:

Pos Team Name Category Leg Time
1 Wharfedale H. Mens A Open 05:33:26
2 Keighley & Craven A Vets 06:06:27
10 Accrington Mixed A Mixed 06:55:01
13 Bingley Ladies A Ladies 07:14:33
23 The Otley Dream Team Open 07:48:03

 Leg times:

Pos. on Leg (End of Leg) Runners Total Time Leg Time Fastest 

on Leg

Runners Time
Leg 1 32 Laura Martin, Tamara Weatherhead 01:50:06 Wharfedale H. Christian Holmes, Lee Athersmith 01:18:28
Leg 2 26 (27) Hugh Pearson, Sara Elliott 03:22:47  01:32:41 Wharfedale H. Sam Watson, Harry Holmes 01:03:24
Leg 3 38 (33) Hannah Lupton, Sara Richard 04:51:50 01:29:03 Wharfedale H. David Kirkham, Paul Crabtree 00:53:18
Leg 4 28 (32) Andy Webster, Caron Ralph 06:27:34 01:35:44 Wharfedale H. Jonny Bradshaw, James Hall 01:04:19
Leg 5 6 (23) Andrew Robertshaw, Rogan Ashton 07:48:03 01:20:29 Keighley & Craven A Will Smith, Adrian Thomas 01:13:36


Saturday June 25th – European aquathlon championships

Heeeere’s Howard:


I took Friday off to fly/drive down to the pleasant town of Chateauroux in mid France (Indre) for the European aquathlon championships on Saturday. The travelling took 12 hours which is not the best prep the day before a race. Anyway on the day I was up with the lark as usual and then had to pace myself through the day as the race did not start till 17.50. The weather was warm and sunny at a very pleasant 24 degrees which co-incidentally was the lake water in which we swam, due to really hot weather in the preceding week. That temperature meant the swim would be non-wetsuit which I hoped would be a good thing.

I had anticipated that I could make the podium in bronze position if I had a good race given the competition. There were two very good Frenchmen, whose swim times are minutes better than mine and a Brit and a German (who got the Silver medal in this event in Germany last year) and we three were all comparable on paper. They split the male swim wave in two because of the numbers which was a good thing as even then there seemed to be a huge number of people in a small width of start. The swim was 1000m, the first third or so to a yellow buoy across the lake, sharp right turn to a beach exit 200m away, run 10 m on a beach then back in the water (I don’t know why as it was a long way from any spectators) 200m to another yellow buoy, sharp left and to the boat ramp exit. We were in the water for the start and I felt OK so I hoped for a strong swim. At the gun the melee sped off and I struggled a bit to settle into a rhythm and could not blame the wetsuit this time. After a couple of minutes of mental and physical anguish I got into my stroke. I caught up and left a small number of people behind and expected to catch up some of the others in front. Although I felt I got into quite a strong rhythm I did not make up any water on people in front but I reckoned I was not losing much more time, although missing out on the advantage of drafting. I also decided that rather than waste effort in the swim I could exit fresher than the competition for the run.

When I got out of the water I was a bit disappointed to see very few people still swimming but on the tannoy I heard the name Hans Heinz Schumacher is just approaching transition. That was the German so I was not that far behind. ‘Got him’! I thought. The route to transition was about 300 yards across grass and then out onto two laps in a figure T of 5K All of it fairly flat. I got my running shoes on quickly and as there was no wetsuit to struggle out of got onto the run route in sharp order. About 400 yards in front was Herr Schumacher. I resisted the temptation to blast off in pursuit as a 24 degree air temperature in the hot June sun can still be quite deceptively taxing, ( I noticed a few heat exhaustion casualties at the end of the race).  I steadily got into my stride (I could feel last week’s half marathon in my thighs still) and when I next saw my rival I was 350 yards behind after 1K of running. Not going to catch up at that rate of gain so I dug a bit deeper to see if I could find another gear in there somewhere. The swim may have been a bit feeble but the running legs were in fine fettle and I soon found myself up on my toes feeling quite strong. As I closed the gap on the German I overtook the fellow Brit in the category which was a bonus. At 2K I went past Hans and he tucked in behind but I could sense the adrenaline shock (which is now rare but still exiting) in me and I pulled away easily. I finished the run at what felt like a great pace in a time of 20.07 for the 5k (short?). No sign in the race of the French guys because they had both exited the water literally minutes ahead of me ( my run time was comparable) but I had made the podium in Bronze. The one I expected to win had finished second by a couple of seconds even though he was on paper a slightly better athlete. It turned out the ‘winner’ was disqualified for not wearing his National kit. Seems a bit harsh but it was a European Championship and the rules are clear and, although it did not affect me, the other Frenchman, Monsieur Maubras, said he had not kicked hard at the finish as he had not recognised the kit of the person in front as the competition which I believe. Consequently I got the Silver! Photo grace a Madame Maubras. The lady is a Brit who won gold as they did the male and female age group medals together.


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Saturday 25th June – Eldwick Gala Fell Race

Report from Tom Pomfrett: Only one word is needed to describe the race at Eldwick Gala on Saturday – wet! I arrived 10 minutes before the start, just as the heavens opened, and fought against the stampede of people dressed for summer attempting to leave the Gala grounds in search of shelter.

After a quick chinwag with Antonio we lined up and started the mad dash downhill along what was quickly becoming half road, half stream. The first casualties began to fall as bodies hit the deck around me on the greasy surface, this was going to be fun!
The course is a straight out and back and I saw Jeremy and Antonio making good progress as I doubled back from the trig point and started the descent. I picked up a few places on the descent and was soon pulling up the final hill back to the finish.
This was a really fun race and I’d highly recommend it to anyone wanting to try their first fell race. The course is all runnable, there’s no navigation required and it’s nice and short.
The winner was Graham Askew of Bingley in 19:40, first lady was Sarah Pickering of Ilkley in 22:54.
For Otley:
6th Tom Pomfrett – 20:41
21st Jeremy Stewart – 23:05
70th Antonio Cardinale – 40:14


Thursday 23rd June – Beamsley Beacon Fell Race

Report from Graham Lake:

Gorgeous evening for the Beamsley Beacon BOFRA Fell Race. The race starts in the small north-east European village of Addingham outside the pub, and after the usual casual yet manic fell-race start along the road, you’re soon crossing the Wharfe and heading up towards the beacon, the climb getting gradually steeper and steeper the higher you get up. I started off steadily, so passed a few on the way up, getting to the beacon itself with some runners I usually expect to be well ahead, so knew I was doing ok.
Clothed in my new black vest I plummeted down the hill, getting a good line off the top avoiding the rocky path, and passed a couple of runners as I opened my stride out down the road. The infamous ‘ginnel’ was interesting; essentially a narrow sunken lane that doubles as a stream bed, with 10 foot high bramble/nettle/bracken covered sides. You can’t even see your footing for most of it. I managed to overtake Ben Shepherd from Ilkley on the last field descent, but that meant I had to keep the pace up for the flat section home which wasn’t much fun.

Due to a few navigation errors by some of the fasties, I managed to finish in 14th place which I was really chuffed with. Beers in the sun followed.

Winner was Ali Burns of Valley Striders in 36.47. (I assume a good number, including Adam Osborne, Sam Watson and Joe Baxter took wrong turnings, will check Strava out later!). First Lady was Rachel Pilling P&B – in 44.20.
For Otley:
14th Graham Lake – 40.28
39th Robin Outtersides – 43.59
73rd Stephen Boddy – 48.38
109th Bob Baker – 56.26
121st Don Buffham – 1.02.27

128 ran, well up on last few years, full results on Wharfedale H. website here.


Thursday 23rd June – Thruscross Handicap

Photo courtesy of Dominic

Photo courtesy of Dominic

Tom’s to the fore at the Thruscross Handicap, with 3 in the first 4, Tom Hannah taking the win overtaking David Cattanach in the final 100m.  Despite approaching 200 club handicaps Tom has now won just 8 of these the last being back in October 2011 at Esholt.  Tom Lynch recorded the fastest time of the night, just 5 seconds shy of Ben Cousen’s course record.  John was suffering with a sore achilles and wisely called it a day early on.

Tom Pomfrett retains a 14 point lead at the top of the Eric Smith Handicap Trophy on 82, ahead of David Cattanach 68 and John Armitstead 67.  See the full Handicap Table here.  There should be lots of points available at the July’s race, the Danefield Handicap, Thurs. 21st July.

Pos Name Time H’Cap Net Time Pts
1 Tom Hannah 1:04:20 13:00 51:20 19
2 David Cattanach 1:04:27 08:00 56:27 18
3 Tom Lynch 1:04:37 30:00 34:37 17
4 Tom Pomfrett 1:04:46 30:00 34:46 16
5 John Armitstead 1:04:58 26:00 38:58 15
6 Mike Hastings 1:05:02 25:00 40:02 14
7 James Rawstron 1:05:24 25:00 40:24 13
8 Louise Penny 1:05:45 09:00 56:45 12
9 Dominic Egan 1:06:32 19:00 47:32 11
10 Antonio Cardinale 1:06:36 00:00 1:06:36 10
11 Kirsty Pomfrett 1:06:43 24:00 42:43 9
12 Rogan Ashton 1:07:02 30:00 37:02 8
13 Matt Podd 1:07:45 22:00 45:45 7
14 Nicola Lee 1:07:50 24:00 43:50 6
15 Rob Fearnley 1:08:19 17:00 51:19 5
16 Laura Hind 1:10:32 16:00 54:32 4
17 Harry Bowness 1:11:41 16:00 55:41 3
18 Hannah Lupton 1:11:49 16:00 55:49 2
John Dade dnf


19th of June Pudsey 2.75k Fun Run

On Sunday as Jenson Brogden was enjoying the Barcelona sun on a school trip, Aston Brogden and Holly Davey took part in the Pudsey 10k Fun Run. Both Juniors had strong races and fast finishes. The race was won by Sophie Turner from Valley Striders in a time of 9.36.

Holley Davey                                10.13

Aston Brogden                             11.19


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