Saturday 11th June – English aquathlon championships

Saturday 11th June – English aquathlon championships

Report from Howard Jeffrey:

Today I competed in the English national age group aquathlon championships. What the heck’s that I hear you ask. Last year I did not know myself but discovered when I entered the Leeds sprint triathlon scheduled for Sunday 12th that it was on for today. 750 metre open water swim in Roundhay park lake which I have done a couple of times in other events and then 5K run, along effectively the Roundhay parkrun course but in reverse. Mass start at 12.30 for the men with the women 5 minutes after. The water was a balmy 18 degrees and was wearing my original Zoot suit (not the gangster type, google it but the wetsuit) because I have not had breathless experiences in it to date. None the less I let the others pull away for a few seconds before I got into a rhythm which was quick by my standards but relatively slow by national aquathlon standards. No bad experiences and I came out of the water near the back of the men’s wave but just in front of the first lady. There was quite a long drag up to the transition which allowed me to remove most of the suit and get warmed up for the run. Any-one that knows Roundhay will appreciate that it is a hilly and challenging course but I know it well and knew where it would suit me. That was around the little lake and down the carriage drive where I can get a head of steam downhill. I was breathing heavily coming into transition but by the time I got my running shoes on I was good to go. On the first lap of two I passed two of the age group rivals and on lap two another three and had a pretty good run in to the finish. The 5K took 22 minutes or so which at Roundhay park is OK. The results are up live and I had managed third so picked up a bronze medal which was the best I could have hoped for as the two in front were three minutes faster in the water.

As for the sprint tomorrow, I withdrew because, without going into detail, I was not happy with the logistics of the finish. I feared hanging around exhausted in the cold and damp which would not have been good for my troublesome chest and I have the European aquathlon championships in France in a fortnight. I am still a runner though, because next week is the Wakefield half marathon.

5 thoughts on “Saturday 11th June – English aquathlon championships

  1. Thanks, you were looking good too Phil. What did you do as I could not find you in the results.

  2. Seems I made the right call withdrawing from the sprint yesterday. See the facebook reports for the amateur race…OOOPS!!
    Was thus also able to watch the elite races (on the TV) and they were awesome.

  3. Congratulations Howard for winning the bronze medal , well deserved , to achieve 22 minutes for a 5k at Roundhay on a hilly course that is really challenging it is a performance indeed , considering as well that there was a swimming section before the 5k , well done Howard .

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