Thursday 16th April – Thirsk Harrogate League

Thursday 16th April – Thirsk Harrogate League

Report from the Hon. Handicapper:

The final counting race of the summer saw Jamil takes his second win & the Harrogate League title.  Not the most inspiring route but ideal for those with a liking for flat and fast courses.  Scott and Jamil made up the elite team with top ten finishes and Phil Robinson was first in his category.  Runner of the month Kirsty was first lady back for Otley  20 seconds or so ahead of Sara Elliott.  Just the handicap and prize presentation at Ripon left now and time for a bit of my own medicine 🙂 .

Pos Name Category Category position Club Gun Time
1 Jamil Parapia MSEN 1 Otley  AC 26:16
4 Scott Harrington MSEN 2 Otley  AC 27:05
8 Zack Whitehead MSEN 5 Otley  AC 27:55
13 Andrew Robertshaw MV45 4 Otley  AC 28:54
15 Sharon Barlow Hamilton FV35 1 Ripon R. 29:06
35 Tom Lynch MSEN 17 Otley  AC 30:56
45 Tom Pomfrett MSEN 20 Otley  AC 31:47
57 Tom Paget MSEN 27 Otley  AC 32:39
72 Steven Robinson MV40 12 Otley  AC 33:16
129 Michael Hastings MSEN 41 Otley  AC 36:14
151 Kirsty Pomfrett FSEN 9 Otley  AC 37:23
165 Sara Elliott FV40 6 Otley  AC 37:44
171 Matt Podd MV55 13 Otley  AC 38:05
200 Serena Blackburn FV50 6 Otley  AC 40:06
219 Philip Robinson MV70 1 Otley  AC 40:50
227 Chris Brunold FV50 10 Otley  AC 41:14
230 Liz Fawcett FV45 14 Otley  AC 41:27
233 Andrew Rayner MV50 27 Otley  AC 41:32
236 Rob Fearnley MSEN 51 Otley  AC 41:39
247 Colin Best MV60 9 Otley  AC 42:15
254 Joanna Hobson FV55 5 Otley  AC 42:44
255 Bethany Leitch FSEN 21 Otley  AC 42:46
261 Jackie Ackroyd FV55 7 Otley  AC 43:28
268 Laura Hind FV35 12 Otley  AC 43:45
270 Tom Hannah MV65 6 Otley  AC 43:47
274 Hannah Lupton FV35 13 Otley  AC 43:56
282 Sara Richard FV45 17 Otley  AC 44:29
289 Gilly Wight FSEN 26 Otley  AC 45:10

6 thoughts on “Thursday 16th April – Thirsk Harrogate League

  1. Good effort everyone – especially those at the front. Thanks for turning out for queen and country.

  2. Another top 10 finish for the consistent Zack !
    I hear the buffet was a let down this time.
    Well done everyone

  3. Well done everyone! I think everyone more interested in buffet scores rather than running times

  4. Congratulations to Jamil P. for winning the Thirsk race in a brilliant 26:16 , well done indeed . Joanna H. had a good ran in 42:44 and Kirsty P. had a super race in 37:23 that is fast , also Sara E. was not far she ran in 37:44. Phil R. had another great performance he ran in 40:50 lovely result, Hannah L. too ran well in this last race in 43:56 . Andrew R. was really strong on this one , his 28:54 is a very nice result . Well done to everyone .

  5. Awful route, hate flat and fast, but we all survived it and the thought of a splendid buffet kept me going….. Joanna is flying again, must up my game and stop letting her get away from me.

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